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TPLF Monopolizing GOD: How can TPLF show mercy up on people if it does not show mercy up on God?

Belayneh Abate

mekele MeskelThe developmental (Limatawi) “patriarch “is inaugurating the tallest “cross” erected by self- proclaimed atheist- Alabamian communist party-TPLF. The Limatawi Patriarch himself was erected by the atheist TPLF and, hence, the erected inaugurates the erected.

The atheist TPLF has been bragging about its success of breaking the hip of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church and the Amara that hosts the True Cross.  In order to dwarf tourism and the religious and cultural celebration of the True Cross in Amara regions, TPLF erected the shiniest and tallest “cross” on its backyard as it erected the inefficient and amoral Aboy Mathias at the dome of the Tewahido Church.  According to Christianity, the Cross is the symbol of Christos and Christos is God. Therefore, it appears that TPLF is trying to monopolize God just like it has monopolized everything under the sun in the biblical land, Ethiopia.

The book of Micah (Mikias) teaches at 2:1-3 “Woe to those who scheme iniquity, Who work out evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it, For it is in the power of their hands. They covet fields and then seize them by violence, And houses, and take them away; They rob a man and his house, A man and his inheritance. Similarly, the book of Deuteronomy (Ze-Dagim) defines a cursed man at 27:17 as “Cursed is he who moves his neighbor’s boundary mark”

As the book of Mikias and Ze-Dagim teach, TPLF moved the natural and historical boundary marks of Amaras and took their most fertile lands in the region.  It greedily monopolized the power, the economy, the mass media, telecommunication, educational opportunities and the air Ethiopians breath. Because of these greedy monopolies and fertile land robbery, TPLF’s Barren Land, historically known for its failure to sustain its inhabitants, has been awarded for forestry and infrastructure while neglected arable lands of the country suffer from absence of infrastructure and recurrent droughts. These iniquity promoting awards demonstrate how the world has sunken in quagmire of injustice.

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Because the world has sunken in the quagmire of injustice,  we will see TPLF winning a trophy for erecting the tallest cross  made out of  stolen silver and robbed gold from the rest of Ethiopians. The cross made of stolen silver and gold knows that the rest of Ethiopians have been robbed, massacred, tortured, imprisoned, impoverished, sterilized, starved and evicted by TPLF for the last 43 years. Like the TPLF’s cross, every Ethiopian family knows that TPLF continues to rob the bedrooms, shelves, kitchens and wallets of Ethiopians’ living south of Tekezze River.

The tallest cross at the TPLF backyard is watching the starving, agonizing, and mourning, crying and tearing mothers from loss of their loved ones and absence of justice south of Tekezze. The TPLF cross is watching its builder, TPLF, massacring, torturing, harassing and evicting people south of Tekezze. The TPLF cross is listening Gion playing  a sorrow song with its Gold and Wax flute like Shepherded David because this biblical liver is glittering Tigre province like Chrimas Trees  while  Gojjam and Gondar provinces are darkening like stone age nights.  The TPLF cross is watching Tana  shrinking like summer ponds while TPLF’s rocky backyards are covered with lake size pools. However, the TPLF cross is not doing anything about this injustice proving itself that it is not the real cross.

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2If the TPLF cross was the real cross, it could have listened and addressed the sufferings of citizens south of the Tekezze River. Had it been the real cross, it could have protected the massacred Amaras, who devotedly paint the cross on their foreheads, necks, hands and everywhere on their skins. Had it been the real cross it could have protected the suffering Amara Christians, who hang the cross with matebs on their necks from Cradles to Graves. Had it been the real cross, it could have remembered the wolkaite Amaras slaughtered for the last 43 years.  Had it been the real cross, it could have noticed the massacred Agnwaks, Ogadens, Oromos, Sidamas, Konsoyans  and many other lives in the last 26 years. Had it been the real cross, it could have comforted the bereaving mothers, whose children have been massacred in Amba Giorgis, Gondar, Debertabor, Bahirdar, Dangila, Bure, Debre Markos, Ambo, Wolega, Woliso, Debre-Zeit, and Arsi and so on. Had it been the real cross, it could have fed the starved and healed the sick all over the country instead of decorating the TPLF’s backyards.

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The Glittering Cross at TPLF’s backyard again shows that TPLF will never stop stealing, robbing and owning anything including God.  This TPLF culture of stealing and robbing poses important question to the habitual fools and opportunists, who still believe TPLF will show mercy and give the country back to the people. How can TPLF show mercy up on people if it does not show mercy up on God?

The writer can be reached at abatebelai@yahoo.com


  1. The tplf-mafia cadres have no religion. They are simply stinky communists. They did what they did only to collect money from tourists. They did similar things to Muslims. Back in July they forced all Muslims who were on their way to Hajj to pass through Nejjashi Mosque in Tigrai thereby stripping Muslims off their money. The devil tplf-mafias cheating and looting has no moral boundary. Their action is similar to the NAZI officers who put on CROSSES on their necks and uniforms and yet destroyed millions of innocent lives without any hesitation. What devil-incarnate they are!

  2. Ha! Ha! you call your name Gojam! Ayi Agame

    Not only Ethiopians the whole world is looking how selfish, greed, racist and moron agames like you are.

    • you too

      you are racist as well

      you beter not spread your outcry here it is valuless you always mention the rest of the world to be your testimonies because you adhere europeans and others are your lords

    • dear friend you don’t know me

      you are trying to amke discriminattion among tribes in your statement, but you used to calim TPLF is making the same crime.what kind of unique skills or technology or identity Gojam or tigray do they have ? all are ethiopians and own the same great history not the history of killing with one another

      perhaps, you continue to narrate about the famous musicians as far as many people .but we do have more valuable and precious history than this that bind us together , unity and diversity of culture, which is a broad terminology comprising many things including technology sport and other things that might seem out of the elements of culture.

      people like you always name fasilides and zereayacob as a pride for shoa and amhara but they were killing their own society, subjects in the blanket of religion like catholics, blanketting their crime with selfish attitude with values and norms of religion.you too are still killing many for riches.

  3. Ok TPLF is doing what you said. But what are you doing to your people. You remind me of what people used to say in my high school days”ayseru ayaseru”

  4. The likes Hagos(Gojam, Fasilledes, ewnetu) do not care about this as long as their dry land is getting greener at the expense of others. Thieves

    በአማራ ምድር #በእቅድ ብቻ የቀሩ 35 የመንገድ ፕሮጀክቶች

    1. ከሀሙሲት-እስቴ- ሁለት ግዜ የዉጭ እርዳታ ተገኝቶለት ያልተሰራ ገንዘቡም የት እንደገባ ያልታወቀ በሚዲያ በተደጋጋሚ ተነግሮለት የቀረ
    2. ከደብረማርቆስ-በረቡዕ ገቢያ-ሞጣ፡ በተደጋጋሚ ቃል እየተገባና እየተለካ የቀር
    3. ከዳንግላ-ጃዊ፡ ቃል ተገብቶ የቀረ
    4. በኩታበር-ወገልጠና-በጌምድር ከዛሬ 20 አመት ጀምሮ ቃል ለህብረተሰቡ በየ 5 አመቱ እየተገባ የቀረ
    5. ከሞጣ-እስቴ-ደብረታቦር-እብናት፤ ከሶሰት አመት በፊት
    ተጀምሮ የቀረ
    6. ከደብረታቦር-ሐሙሲት-ስማዳ (በጉና ተራራ ምዕራባዊ
    በኩል) በ2002 ምርጫ ሥራ ተጀምሮ ምርጫዉ እንዳለቀ
    ሥራዉ የቆመ
    7. ከጋሸና-ላሊበላ ከሃያ ዓመት በኋላ የተጀመረ አሁን እጅግ
    ጥራቱ በወረደ መልኩ እየተሰራ ያለ
    8. ከቡሬ-ወለጋ ደረጃዉን የጠበቀ አስፓልት ከሶሰት አመት
    በፊት ይሰራል ተብሎ የነበረ
    9. ከኮምቦልቻ-ምስራቅ ጎጃም በተሰራ በ 3 ወሩ ፈራርሶ አሁን
    ለአገልግሎት የማይሆን
    10. ከመርሐ ቤቴ-አዲስ አበባ ደርጃዉን የጠበቀ መንገድ
    ይሰራል ተብሎ የቀረ አሁን አፈር እየደለደሉ የተዉት
    11. ከዳባት-ጸገዴ-ወልቃይት ይሰራል በሚል ከገበሬዉ
    ሙጭጭ ብለዉ በሬና ፍየሉን ከወሰዱ በኋላ የተሰወሩ፡፡ ዘንድሮ
    በግርግሩ ምክንያት ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ በጥቀምት ወር የመሠረት
    ድንጋይ አስቀምጠዋል
    12. ከጎንደር-ቆላድባና ከጎንደር ጎርጎራ ደረጃዉን የጠበቀ
    አስፓልት ከ 15 አመት በፊት ታቅዶ ያልተሰራ (ወደ ጎርጎራ
    ያለዉ ተበጣጥሶ ሽሮ ፈሰስ ስሪት ሰርተዉት መፍረስ ጀምሯል)
    13. ከጢቅ-ፈለገብርሃን በ 3 ዓመት መጠናቀቅ ሲገባዉ
    ከተጀመረ 9 አመት የሆነዉ
    14. ከደጀን-ጀማ ወንዝ መጠናቀቅ የነበረበት ከ 7 አመት በፊት
    ሲሆን እስካሁን በመንቀራፈፍ ላይ ይገኛል
    15. ከመቅደላ ወረዳ-ደቡብ ጎንደር-ጋይንት የሚያገናኝ
    መንገድ በሚሊኒየሙ በደመቀ መኮነን የመሰረት ድንጋይ
    ተጥሎለት ያልተጀመረ ወይም የቀረ
    16. ደሴ-ሮቢት ገብያ መስመር-ደሴ ከመናፈሻ-ከደሴ-አቃስታ፡
    ፡ ሁሉም ከዛሬ 7 አመት በፊት ተቆፍሮ ሳይሰራ የቀር
    17. ጣርማ በር-ሞላሌ-መሐል ሜዳ- ሊሰራ ገንዘብ
    ተመድቦለት ከ 3 ጊዜ በላይ የተሰረዘ
    18. ከባህር ዳር -ጢስ አባይ አስፓልት መንገድ የመሰረት
    ድንጋይ ተጥሎለት በጀት ተይዞለት ያልተሰራ
    19. ከደብረብርሃን-አዋሽ አና ከደብረብርሃን-አንኮበር አስፓልት
    መንገድ በጀት ተይዞለት የቀረ
    20. ባህር ዳር ላይ አዲስ የአባይ ድልድይ ከአሮጌዉ ድልድይ
    በስተደቡብ በኩል በጠቅላይ ሚኒሰትሩ ቃል ተገበቶ መና ሁኖ
    21. ከእብናት-አምደወርቅ ደረጃዉን የጠበቀ የጠጠር መንገድ
    ቃል ተገብቶና ተጀምሮ የቀረ
    22. ከአዲስ አበባ-ላሊበላ-ወልደያ-ደላንታ-ተንታ-አቃስታ-ቦረ
    ና-ወራሂመኑ-ጃማ-ዓለም ከተማ ፕሮጀክት ተቆራርጦ በየቦታዉ
    ተጅምሮ የቀረ
    23. ከጭልጋ-አይከል-ማሰሮ ደንብ-መሀል አርማጭሆ-አሸሬ-
    ሁመራ፡፡ በ1992 ጥናቱ አልቆ ለህዝብ በ 3 ዓመት እንሰራዋለን
    ብለዉ የመሰረት ድንጋይ ጥለዉ፤ አሁን ከብጥብጡ ወዲህ
    ለሁለተኛ ጊዜ የመሰረት ድንጋይ ተጥሉዋል
    24. ከደሴ-ሳይንት-ስማዳ-እስቴ-ባህርዳር ምርጫ በመጣ
    ቁጥር ለአካባቢዉ ሀዝብ ቃል እየተገባለት ያልተሰራ
    25. ወራኢሉ-ጉጅፍቱ-አለም ከተማ፡ ሁለት ግዜ የአስፓልት
    መንገድ ሊሰራ ተጀምሮ የቀረ
    26. የኮምቦልቻ-መካነሰላም-ግንደወይን አስፓልት የታጠፈ
    27. ከወገራ-በለሳ-ዋግምራ ቤት ሁሉ ተቀብቶ የቀረዉ መንገድ
    28. ከአዲስ ዘመን-በለሳ-ሐሙሲት
    29. ከደብረብርሃን-እነዋሪ አስፓልት ሊሰራ ተብሎ በጀት
    ተይዞለት የጠፋ
    30. ከባህርዳር-ድልሸት-ጨንታ፤ የአስፓልት መንገድ በጀት
    ተመድቦለት የቀረ
    31. ከላይ ጋይንት-ታች ጋይነት-አ.አ፤ደረጃዉን የጠበቀ መንገድ
    ይሰራል ተብሎ በየምራጫዉ ጊዜ ቃል የተገባ
    32. ከደንበጫ-ፈረስ ቤት-ደጋዳሞት
    33. ከባህርዳር-አዴት-ፈረስቤት-ደብረማርቆስ የመሰርት
    ድንጋይ ተጥሎለት የቀረ
    34. ከመተማ-አብርሃ ጅራ (ዘንድሮ ለሶስተኛ ጊዜ የመሰረት
    ድንጋይ ተጥሎለት ለሆነ ለትግሬ ካምፓኒ ተሰቷል)
    35. ከአዘዞ-ጎንደር (ይሄን መንገድ ጣሊያን እንደሰራዉ ነዉ
    በየጊዜዉ ብቻ አፈር ይሞሉታል)፡፡

    • why don’t you sit and eat what the generous europeans and americans gave you, the empty vacancy for you is to be asylum seeker and obtain refugee status for your claim to be a victim of TPLF.You stay there don’t interfere.It is our country.YOu claim to obtain nationality from these countries by abandoning your country.and then you also want to be a king and take the throne.You know what british says about you:beggars can’t be choosers, eat they alreday given you.it is because of your cliam that refugee status have been give for many of you and your family and relatives in overeseas.

      we have seen you while you are against to your fellow country men both in abroad and at home.Moreover, you have a problem to take postions within a n opposing party.so, how can people like you administer and lead awonderfulnation like ETHIOPIA.I don’t have time to write you more.your jealousy is itching , irritating and I simlpy should say the cancerous jealousy is eating you up as well .

    • TESHOME ,





  5. Tyrannical/terrorist TPLF/EPRDF are worst than atheist, they worship the devil. Over 95% of ethiopians are religious, either christian or muslim. Since mafia/criminal TPLF/EPRDF are 110% anti religion, they are 110% anti over 95% of ethiopians. LOVE OF MONEY IS THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL. TPLF/EPRDF love money a lot more than humans. For vast majority of religious ethiopians human life is priceless. In otherwards, not even hundred of trillions of dollars is worth a single human life. For devil worshiping TPLF/EPRDF, a human life is worth as little as $10 and no more than $100.

  6. “The TPLF cross is watching its builder, TPLF, massacring, torturing, harassing and evicting people south of Tekezze. The TPLF cross is listening Gion playing a sorrow song with its Gold and Wax flute like Shepherded David because this biblical liver is glittering Tigre province like Chrimas Trees while Gojjam and Gondar provinces are darkening like stone age nights. ”

    This generation of Ethiopians never anticipated that Some Tigreans had harboured so much hate… As a matter of fact Amhara for Tigreans mean all those who love Ethiopia regardless of their ethnic origin….





      BE A MAN

  7. we will continue to defend the democracy we have at home while you are bragging in overseas for asylum status we are paid for it and it is our life and job

  8. This people in the Habesha.com are only scumbags and do not have the slightest consideration not offend their audiences.
    They simply are insulting the integrity of their audiences conscience!!
    This site is just the collection of con-artists,con-oppositions,con-politicians who have no idea how to make even a false story plausible.
    Only one thing is clear,they have immeasurable hatred towards TPLF and they had to know the they never win or achieve any thing useful with hatred.
    The most important thing is these poisonous traitors in Diaspora are the most responsible ones for the disintegration of this country!
    However,they should know that the very ppl that are going to be slaves of their own evil deeds are these Neftegnas and their blind followers.
    For Tigray people both trans-mereb ppl,they are going to live in far better life after they insure their own independent Agazian Nation !
    Rip Haters!!

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