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TPLF Monopolizing GOD: How can TPLF show mercy up on people if it does not show mercy up on God?

Belayneh Abate

The developmental (Limatawi) “patriarch “is inaugurating the tallest “cross” erected by self- proclaimed atheist- Alabamian communist party-TPLF. The Limatawi Patriarch himself was erected by the atheist TPLF and, hence, the erected inaugurates the erected.

The atheist TPLF has been bragging about its success of breaking the hip of the Ethiopian Orthodox Tewahido church and the Amara that hosts the True Cross.  In order to dwarf tourism and the religious and cultural celebration of the True Cross in Amara regions, TPLF erected the shiniest and tallest “cross” on its backyard as it erected the inefficient and amoral Aboy Mathias at the dome of the Tewahido Church.  According to Christianity, the Cross is the symbol of Christos and Christos is God. Therefore, it appears that TPLF is trying to monopolize God just like it has monopolized everything under the sun in the biblical land, Ethiopia.

The book of Micah (Mikias) teaches at 2:1-3 “Woe to those who scheme iniquity, Who work out evil on their beds! When morning comes, they do it, For it is in the power of their hands. They covet fields and then seize them by violence, And houses, and take them away; They rob a man and his house, A man and his inheritance. Similarly, the book of Deuteronomy (Ze-Dagim) defines a cursed man at 27:17 as “Cursed is he who moves his neighbor’s boundary mark”

As the book of Mikias and Ze-Dagim teach, TPLF moved the natural and historical boundary marks of Amaras and took their most fertile lands in the region.  It greedily monopolized the power, the economy, the mass media, telecommunication, educational opportunities and the air Ethiopians breath. Because of these greedy monopolies and fertile land robbery, TPLF’s Barren Land, historically known for its failure to sustain its inhabitants, has been awarded for forestry and infrastructure while neglected arable lands of the country suffer from absence of infrastructure and recurrent droughts. These iniquity promoting awards demonstrate how the world has sunken in quagmire of injustice.

Because the world has sunken in the quagmire of injustice,  we will see TPLF winning a trophy for erecting the tallest cross  made out of  stolen silver and robbed gold from the rest of Ethiopians. The cross made of stolen silver and gold knows that the rest of Ethiopians have been robbed, massacred, tortured, imprisoned, impoverished, sterilized, starved and evicted by TPLF for the last 43 years. Like the TPLF’s cross, every Ethiopian family knows that TPLF continues to rob the bedrooms, shelves, kitchens and wallets of Ethiopians’ living south of Tekezze River.

The tallest cross at the TPLF backyard is watching the starving, agonizing, and mourning, crying and tearing mothers from loss of their loved ones and absence of justice south of Tekezze. The TPLF cross is watching its builder, TPLF, massacring, torturing, harassing and evicting people south of Tekezze. The TPLF cross is listening Gion playing  a sorrow song with its Gold and Wax flute like Shepherded David because this biblical liver is glittering Tigre province like Chrimas Trees  while  Gojjam and Gondar provinces are darkening like stone age nights.  The TPLF cross is watching Tana  shrinking like summer ponds while TPLF’s rocky backyards are covered with lake size pools. However, the TPLF cross is not doing anything about this injustice proving itself that it is not the real cross.

If the TPLF cross was the real cross, it could have listened and addressed the sufferings of citizens south of the Tekezze River. Had it been the real cross, it could have protected the massacred Amaras, who devotedly paint the cross on their foreheads, necks, hands and everywhere on their skins. Had it been the real cross it could have protected the suffering Amara Christians, who hang the cross with matebs on their necks from Cradles to Graves. Had it been the real cross, it could have remembered the wolkaite Amaras slaughtered for the last 43 years.  Had it been the real cross, it could have noticed the massacred Agnwaks, Ogadens, Oromos, Sidamas, Konsoyans  and many other lives in the last 26 years. Had it been the real cross, it could have comforted the bereaving mothers, whose children have been massacred in Amba Giorgis, Gondar, Debertabor, Bahirdar, Dangila, Bure, Debre Markos, Ambo, Wolega, Woliso, Debre-Zeit, and Arsi and so on. Had it been the real cross, it could have fed the starved and healed the sick all over the country instead of decorating the TPLF’s backyards.

The Glittering Cross at TPLF’s backyard again shows that TPLF will never stop stealing, robbing and owning anything including God.  This TPLF culture of stealing and robbing poses important question to the habitual fools and opportunists, who still believe TPLF will show mercy and give the country back to the people. How can TPLF show mercy up on people if it does not show mercy up on God?

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