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Ethiopia remains susceptible to imported polio virus

By Pawlos Belete (Capital Newspaper) Though Ethiopia has remained polio free since April 2008, the country’s susceptibility to polio importation, particularly in border regions, remains a point of concern. The Minister of
November 2, 2012

Mental illness in the Ethiopian community

By Hiyawkal Gizachew In Ethiopia, counselors are seen as helpers for “crazy” people. When most people in Ethiopia are faced with a problem, they tend to talk to their family members, neighbors,
October 14, 2012

Teens and Preteens need shots too!

Vaccines keep healthy teens healthy. Did you know that your kids need shots when they begin their teen years? Starting at around 11 or 12 years old, kids need three vaccines. And
August 7, 2012

Mothers Day Special: የእናቶችን ሞት ለመቀነስ…

ከአልማዝ አያሌው ለሰው ልጆች ወልዶ እንደመሳም የሚያስደስት ነገር የለም። እንኳን በራሱ የወለደውን ሌሎች ሊስሙለት እንኳን ደስታቸው እጥፍ ነው። በተለይ ለእናቶች ለዘጠኝ ወራት የተጨነቁበትን፣ በምጥ ወቅት መከራ ያዩበትን ልጅ አሳድገው ለቁም ነገር ከማብቃት
May 9, 2012

Forgiveness and mental health (By Eyob B Kassa)

By Eyob B Kassa Is there a connection or association between forgiveness and mental health? The answer to this question depends on how you define forgiveness and mental heath. Traditionally, forgiveness
February 25, 2012
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