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TOP 15 Ethiopia News Media ranking

 American world web traffic analyst Alexa.com.
Mareeg.com-among the top 15 Ethiopian News Media below are ranked by the American world web traffic analyst Alexa.com.  Their global ranking score is indicated in (parenthesis.)
This ranking is only for Ethiopian NEWS source websites. Some of these news media agencies have different ranking on their social media presence.(mostly Facebook).
Most of them are based in the West (diaspora) and usually face government censorship or temporary blockages during political instability in Ethiopia. For example, Nazret.com and Ecadforum were blocked in 2005 & 2010 during the Ethiopian elections. Meanwhile, OromiaMedia (OMN), Satenaw and ESAT have been temporarily blocked since the 2015 nationwide Oromo/Amhara protests.
Top 15 Ethiopian News (global rank)
1.EthiopianReporter (20k Worldwide)
2.FanaBC.com (21k)
3.Zehabesha.com (47k)
4.Ethsat.com -ESAT (49k)
5.Aigaforum.com (58k)
6.Ecadforum/ ECADF (63k)
7.EBC.et (96k)
8.Satenaw.com (112k)
9.Addisfortune.net (133k)
10.Addisstandard (143k)
11.Oromiamedia.org-OMN (152k)
12.Ethiomedia (169k)
13.Nazret.com (241k)
14.Ethioforum.org (244k)
15.Opride.com (250k)
Top 5 Ethiopian News ranking based on Social Media following
1.Zehabesha.com 1.2 million followers
2.ESAT 916,000 followers
3.FanaBC 786,000
4.OromiaMedia- OMN 576,000
5.Ecadforum 574,000
At times, famous Ethiopian personalities are leading sources of news information, particularly with the case of Oromo activist Jawar Mohammed.
Top 5 Ethiopian personalities based on followers
1.Jawar Mohammed (1.3mil followers)
2.Teddy Afro (1.1 million followers)
3.Tirunesh Dibaba (1 million)
4.Tedros Adhanom (966,000)
5.Meseret Defar (678,000)
Source- Mareeg media
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  1. I cannot say much about the authenticity of the information used to create the ranking. However, there is something sinister and weird in the way the presenter compiled the data. It does not make any sense whatsoever to talk about ranking and then go from least to most visited sites. To begin with, we are told “Top 15”, and we expect Opride.com to be on top so on. Now with 250k opride is 15th. Also, if one starts from the lowest, how can you decide the cut of point? Surely there are sites that fall below the Reporter which is now 1st (well, last) with 20k. The oversight on part of whoever compiled this info should have been checked and corrected by the editor. We do not throw up any crap as it arrived. Sorry, this is not good enough!

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