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Tigrai Online’s hatemonger Mikael Abai unmasked – By Abebe Gellaw

Many have wondered who the publisher behind the divisive and hatemongering website called Tigrai Online is. In fact, it is important for anyone who ventures into the publishing business to have an established identity so that people would be able to hold him or her accountable for what he or she does. So the question has been legitimate.
Addis Voice can now reveal that the supremacist hatemonger hiding behind computer screens and spreading the tyranny and venoms of the Tigrai People’s Liberation Front (TPLF). He is none other than Mikael Abai, a resident of Denver, Colorado. Mikael Abai is a devout foot soldier of the TPLF, the ethno-fascist tyrannical group that is robbing, abusing, killing, jailing and torturing Ethiopians.
Like Aiga Forum’s Isayas Abaye, the supremacist Mikael Abai has one narration. “Ethiopia is progressing under the TPLF. Democracy and freedom is abundant but those who complain are ungrateful to TPLF’s “martyrs” of liberation. There are no human rights violations, but only criminals and terrorists are jailed and punished. Corruption? What corruption? There is none! Some junior officials are the culprits, not the high priests of the TPLF. Anyone who writes and speaks out against the brutal tyranny of the TPLF must be out of his senses….
“Amnesty International, Human Rights Watch, the Oakland Institute, the Committee to Protest Journalists, the U.S. State Department, Genocide Watch…are all liars and racists that cannot see the reality on the ground. Those journalists, activists and dissidents in jails or in exile are all terrorists and criminals. Ethiopian Muslims that demand respect for religious rights are extremists and fanatic followers of Osama Bin Laden. Everyone must keep quite.” Such are the naked lies and propaganda that the supremacist hatemongers at Aiga Forum and Tigrai Online are trying to feed their online customers daily.
The lead article Mikael Abai posted this week is titled: “The Danger of Multi-Party Democracy and Free Elections in Plural [sic] Societies.” The message is that Ethiopia is not ready for democracy yet. That is fair enough. The author is none other than the serial plagiarist Tesfaye Habisso, whose plagiarism was exposed as bad as TPLF’s 99.6 percent election fraud. Mikael’s Tigrai Online serves as a clearing house for TPLF’s lies and propaganda and bogus writers like Habisso. In fact, the writers that grace the pages of Tigrai Online rarely use their real names, save the Tesfaye Habisso and a few others. The majority don’t even have the confidence to stand up defend what they spublish in public.

Mikael and Isayas Abaye are currently preoccupied with three visible tasks. The first and the most important one is still selling the late dictator Meles Zenawi as the “great visionary” leader. His brutality and ruthless must have been his angelic qualities. The second task is campaigning against Congressman Christopher Chris. They are asking Tigrians to sign a ridiculous petition demanding the Honorable Congressman to stop the “anti-Ethiopian” bill that never exists.
“Honorable Congressman,” the petition says. “Democracy and human rights in Ethiopia, or anywhere else, can only be nurtured and strengthened through constructive dialogue between political parties, civil society and the participation of all citizens of the country. It cannot be imposed by violence and terrorism, nor [sic] by imposition from outside,” it says in a bid to deceptively teach the Congressman on issues he is very familiar with.
The third campaign is selling another hatemonger called Gebrekidan Desta, who is trying to distort history in a bid to justify the “superiority” and domination of the TPLF on the rest of Ethiopia.
We will have more to say on these TPLF’s purveyors of tyranny and criminality. Stay tuned!

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