This is not a hard nut to crack

By Haile-Gebriel Endeshaw

Days back the Ethiopian Prime Minister, Abiy Ahmed has made official that his country would not allow any other country to interfere in its internal affairs. What he tried to expound to the outside world is that Ethiopia can handle its current domestic problem. To say it in a plain language the policing or peace enforcement measure his government is taking in the northern part of the country, is not beyond its capacity. The Ethiopian government will soon give the final ending without the interference of any third party. Period!

After all, this ancient country has ample experiences of giving due punishment to truant mad dogs that are trotting all over the country. It is not hidden from the international community that Woyane, aka TPLF, is responsible for our decent in to the current chaos. Many were killed and sent to prison only for reflecting different political views and taking different political positions. Many were tortured, amputated, mutilated, sodomised and raped in prison cells. Many lost their jobs and were deprived of their rights to work in any governmental and non-governmental offices. Ethiopian women in Amhara region have become victims of forced sterilization. Many lost their loved ones and forced to flee their country. This has happened for the last three decades during the racist TPLF regime. TPLF has caused many ethnic motivated conflicts among the peace-loving people of this country.  We are talking about this group, which perpetrated ethnic cleansing in different corners of the country like Loqie of Sidama, Gambela, Tepi, Arbagugu, Bedeno, Weter, Shashemene, Maicadra, Humera… Here innocent Ethiopians were mowed by machete, knives, daggers, axes and shovels. The mass graves being discovered currently in various parts of this country show how dangerous this group was. Ethiopians were condemned to live in abject poverty, racial segregation and ethnic conflicts during the racist TPLF-led governance.

TPLF is a notorious group and known not for its democracy, love and genuine governance. Rather it has become famous for its corruption, financial misappropriation, racial segregation, and all the evil deeds this country has experienced over the last 30 years. Not hidden from the international community that this rebel group has long been accused of igniting massacres perpetrated across the country. If we all need to see peace and stability better serve in this country; we should allow the incumbent government to do away with TPLF.

The international community should not ask for pardon for a shrewd group that stabbed from the back the national defense force. Can anyone imagine this? Such devilish act must be the first of its kind in this planet. I have never heard about a regional special force that fired looted missile in to towns. This is what happened in this country. Then, should the Ethiopian government sit with folded hands until this group annihilate the entire nation from the face of the earth? No way! You don’t tell us what you will never dare to do in your country.

Now is the time Ethiopia should take decisive measure against this group. Members of TPLF who have defied the law of this country, no matter who they are or how high their positions, should receive their due punishment. Yes, we are now ready to put the leash on the mad truant dogs before they sting the entire nation. Many Ethiopians believe that the rebel group must not be allowed to reinstate its hegemony over this country.

Amidst all this, the UN Security Council called a meeting to discuss the situation in our country. Can the Council say a single convincing word to show why it has decided to call this meeting? Did Ethiopia ask for any support from that big international conglomerate? I don’t think so!

The surprising thing is that this same UN Security Council invited Ethiopia many times to send its soldiers to some war-torn countries to ensure peace and security. Soldiers drawn from UN member states are the ones who can do things in a responsible manner. If UNSC had not had any confidence on Ethiopian soldiers, it could not have given the big responsibility of peacekeeping mission in Congo, Korea, Somalia, Liberia and South Sudan. It is on these disciplined soldiers the UN is expressing concern.

No need to tell you all here again that the TPLF soldiers fired at the Ethiopian defense force from the back while it was on mission in the northern part of the country. Moreover, it (TPLF) kidnapped high military officials and killed many others in a hall where they were dinning. Members of TPLF’s special force disarmed, poisoned and killed their fellow soldiers of the defense force. Littered on the ground, near military camps, were the nude dead bodies of the soldiers slaughtered by the TPLF group. Can member states of the UNSC believe this? Did they realize that they are asking the incumbent government to sit and negotiate with such group, which killed and kidnapped soldiers of the national defense force? Did the super powers Britain, France and Germany, think twice before they put pressure on UNSC to call the so-called meeting?

Surprisingly history witnesses that the UNSC which needs Ethiopia’s support for peace keeping mission in some war-torn countries did not show any concern during those internal problems witnessed in France, Britain, Turkey, Russia and Spain. UNSC did not call such meetings while France was taking military measure against the opposition movement of Basque and Corsica. Did this UN Security Council say a word of concern while Belgium took military measures against Flanders? It did not show any concern while Spain punished Catalan Rebel Force. We heard no single word from our UNSC when Russia waged war against Chechen Republic. Turkey was flogging Kurds severely without any country or UNSC saying a word against the action. Did UNSC say anything while Italy attacked Veneto long years back?

Britain and France were reportedly used their veto power to put pressure on UNSC so that it could call this meeting. However, I will have to assure these countries that the problem Ethiopia facing now is not a hard nut to crack. We all here are quite confident that everything will soon go back to normal. Then after, peace and stability will restore and we turn our face to rehabilitate compatriots who fled their villages.

One more thing… I do not ask any sovereign countries to tell me what measures their governments will take if certain local elements within their countries fire missiles or rockets by looting from their respective national defense forces. Do you expect Ethiopia to sing in a crooning manner for TPLF, which looted mass-killing armaments from the national defense force? This is a big sovereign and independent country, which honors the rights and independence of other countries. We need others to do the same. We do not allow any country, be it super power, to poke its nose in to our affairs. I implore you all, with due honor… Please allow us to flog the crazy rogues before they push the entire nation in to an abyss of misery. Boom!

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