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Thief of the Year !!

by Eduardo Byrono

In socialist Cuba, stealing from public, spending state funds for personal motive, using government office to practice corruption by any means is considered treason and carries a death penalty.

EFFORT: Africa's Largest Corruption Empire
EFFORT: Africa’s Largest Corruption Empire

So I hope the coming Ethiopian government will set up such law to sue and punish high profile criminals, like Azeb Mesfin and her team, as soon as the cloud, which has been hovering on the top of us gets cleared one of this days.
She is a compulsive thief whom Ethiopians should hold accountable.

She has been ransacking the whole country all year long. She is the main figure behind the killing of peaceful protesters across the country at the moment. And I just can’t wait to see her in orange jumpsuit and in chains sooner than later.

I will applaud that day.

Don’t even doubt that, she will definitely fall on the arms of justice and pay a fitting price for her crimes.Trust me, it is only a matter of time. Even the mighty Roman empire has Collapsed 3 times.

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  1. Just to add Few more people to your main figures behind the killing of peaceful protesters across the country at the moment and the god fathers of all the corruptions:

    Sebhat Nega
    Abay tsehaye
    Seyum Mesfin
    Bereket Simon
    Arlkebe oqubai
    Berhane gebrekristos
    Abay Weldu

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