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The Ethiopian Diaspora: A cash cow of TPLF?

August 26, 2014

By Yilma Bekele
What are the ways the Diaspora help the TPLF Government to rule with an iron fist and abuse our people and country? The Diaspora money is cash with no strings attached. The Diaspora is a major player in the condominium building process on land leased from Woyane owners. The Diaspora is a sure market for Ethiopian Airlines. The Diasporas contribution lubricates the Woyane cash need – the lease scam is used to corrupt the civil servant, the building frenzy keep EFFORT floating and Ethiopian Airlines is a Woyane taxi and cash cow with plenty of fringe benefits doled out by TPLF based on ones’ ethnic origin.
Today the Diaspora can dine on injera that’s is made in Ethiopia and flown packed in plastic to the USA. It is no surprise to see Ethiopian owned dining and entertainment establishments here in the US stock their bars with Woyane controlled brewery and its Woyane supply chain, cook our food with spices from home imported by Woyane business men (always in the background) and swear by butter and grain brought in container ships all facilitated by the ruling group in one way or another. They export those basic necessities to amass dollars that in turn finds its way out of the country to be deposited in savings or buy Real Estate with cash all over the world, especially here in the US. We have the list.

This behavior is definitely not good or end good for all involved. How we got into this is part of our history. We are not the first one to fall on hard times nor will we be the last. Right now our concern is how to climb out of the deep hole we have dug for ourselves. We totally do not want to insistently dwell on the past and relive our mistakes or endlessly recount the many ways Woyane’ are evil. No sir we want to about talk what we can do in response.
The last few years activists and community organizers allocated plenty of time, cash and other resources to closely work with politicians, community leaders and other decision-makers in the West to bring change at home. We are proud to make Human Rights high on the agenda whenever Ethiopia is talked about in the halls of the US Congress and European Union. Our country will always remember all those brave Ethiopians that stood with their people despite the odds against us.
Our effort has shown promise at times but it is becoming obvious that it never is a game changer. It is our problem and we are the only ones that can solve it to our satisfaction. When solution is imposed or incubated by outsiders it never lasts long and one is back to the drawing board within a short time. Logic dictates that we devise a way to do the job ourselves. Once outsiders see that we are trying I am sure they will be happy to help because no one is loved and worshipped more than a winner.
The solution to our problem is all around us. We learn from those that fought for freedom before us. I know it is our second time around but I wouldn’t mention that if I were you. The American Revolution started by dumping English tea in Boston harbor. The colonies were refusing to pay taxes without consent and the rest is history. That is what we are doing now: fighting to be free once again, and finishing the job that started over fifty years ago.
The answer is very simple in the face of it but very difficult in the implementation. Normally humans act based on selfish interests. But there are times due to circumstances we act in ways that is hurtful not only to others but ourselves. That is what is happening in Ethiopia. We the children that were lucky to leave our home and build a good life outside at times do things that end up hurting those we love while empowering the evil doers. I am sure some do it because that is what they are, morally bankrupt and weak. On the other hand, there are a lot that given the fact would not hesitate to do what is morally right.
We have to strive to empower our people. The relentless war waged against our core values by the Woyane regime is toxic but we have shown resilience. That is exactly the reason there are no credible grassroots organizations based on ethnicity or religion in our home land. The ones we see today (OPDO, ANDM blah blah) are the brain child of Woyane and the laughing stock of our nation.
That is the wonderful foundation we are given the opportunity to build on. Surely devising a way and convincing our people to act in self-interest is not beyond our capacity, or is it?
The culture of being held accountable and behaving in a responsible manner towards each other is what we have to foster. Being aware Woyane to be the root cause of our problem, we have to have the strength and conviction to take the next logical action – avoid all dealings with Woyane. It is consciously staying away from all situations that would force us to deal with the regime or its agents unless it is of utmost importance. Marginalization of Woyane, their supporters and their products is one of the most potent weapons we possess.
Should we form an Organization, a Committee or a Chapter to organize this momentous undertakings? May be. My experience in such matters is not encouraging. However, it is a good idea to come out with different ways of reaching the stake holders. Educating the people is the key to the campaign. We are able to undertake the task of education when we stop our voracious appetite to hear the evil Woyane tales and fables. Enough said.
It is not about the West. It is not about TPLF Woyane. It is all about each and every one of us. How could they have respect for us when we tolerate the abuse of our people? A few knowingly or out of ignorance participate in this feeding frenzy. (See how easy it is to get diverted?) I forgot it is not about them. The question I should answer is if I am following the program of loving Ethiopia and avoiding Woyane and associates? No more; no less. It is not about my neighbor; it is about me.
What we are about to do is proven to work. Gandhi used it against the British, Martin Luther King Jr. against segregationists, South Africans thru ANC urged all foreigners to divest from their country and today it is widely used to force Corporations change their behavior when it gets out of line.
Indians went without salt during the salt boycott and endured, Black Americans walked miles to avoid taking the bus and won, manufacturing companies closed or reduced work hours and Black South Africans lost wages and today they enjoy freedom. To discuss whether our action will hurt our people is insane. Human life and dignity is not something to bargain with. No one is willing to serve as a slave no matter the pay. We will not serve Woyane rule under any circumstances or negotiate about servitude.
Surely going without injera, not drinking Woyane beer, not taking Ethiopian Air Lines, not building on stolen land, not sending money using Woyane agents is a sacrifice we should bear with dignity on behalf of freedom and equality. Here is a wonderful quote ‘To achieve goals you’ve never achieved before, you need to start doing things you’ve never done before’. Avoiding Woyane is a good place to start.

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