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Report shows Ethiopian civil war more lethal than Ukraine war

July 22, 2023



  1. The bloodshed continues and and has a very likely potential to be worse than these numbers in the upcoming near future primarily because of the current Shanae government that is incompetent, ineffective, maleficent, inhuman , ethnic based and ruthless. Oromuma, Abiy and co must not only go be be held accountable for the current atrocities that are being perpetrated by Oromo Shane, government Shane, Adanech, shimeles… The entire structure needs to be shaken up and a new leadership take over. Journalists must be set free without any preconditions and the kangaroo court be dismissed. Amhara land should continue to resist and continue to form a coalition to separate from Tigre, Oromo and others that are anti-Amhara.

  2. Let’s hope and pray that others have taken a lesson or two from this senseless and destructive war started by reckless and stupid individuals. Does that country have always to go through such bloodletting to gain trust for each other? The cardinal question is what did those noble of Tigray gain from the bloodiest war in their modern history? None whatsoever! In fact they lost everything. Literally everything. Those of you who were fanning the raging war from your comfy homes here among us, you must be ashamed of yourselves. The people you claim to be madly in love with have lost everything they had. Your ridiculous stubbornness and arrogance have been the harbinger for such tragedy that could have been avoided. In your twisted mind you think you are by far more intelligent than anyone else. Shameless, shameless, shameless!!!!

    But the rest of us who still hold those Ethiopians close to our hearts without favoring one ethnic group over the others, I call upon you to pitch in the last red penny in our pockets to help those broken people in their trying time. You will be blessed.

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