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Prof PLO Lumumba on the Past, Present and Future of Pan Africanism


Prof PLO Lumumba on the Past, Present and Future of Pan Africanism.

1 thought on “Prof PLO Lumumba on the Past, Present and Future of Pan Africanism”

  1. There has been much criticism by Africans, regarding Prof PLO Lumumba believes, vision and concepts in the African context. These say what he teaches is outdated and backward but, is that really true? Whatever one may think, the fact is ,the Professor reminds us and consistently drives home the vital and all important message of African unity is strength and African problems ultimately requires African solutions. That is very easy to say, but much more difficult to achieve! Can Africans do it? Will Africans do it? Africans must do it!

    Africa made spectacular gains after World War two, with Ethiopia’s example and leadership, Pan-Africanism was born and the spirit of unity prevailed. Such did the events of early postmodern African history demonstrated to all the world, that the spirit of African unity do and will yield progress in all fields of endeavour. Today who and where is our true African Leaders, Prophets and Educators at home or abroad? To build the progress and unity that Africa desires, presents us with a mighty challenge, working in cooperation with the interdependent world community. May God the Almighty grant us unity in cooperation and understanding. On a positive note, I include the quotation below from the “Conquering Lion of Judah”.

    “..Africa will no longer be the ‘unknown continent’, for it’s human and material resources are beyond measure, and this great continent now stands on the verge of an economic, political and cultural development which, when realized, will be without parallel in history..” HSI

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