PM Abiy Ahmed New year Interview

Ethiopian MP Abiy Ahmed New year Interview

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  1. Abiy the leader of Oromuma & Onegawians says what? Talk is cheap no one believes a word this guy Abiy’s says. Put a picture of Jawar or Daud Ibsa and they are all the same. Good to know who to fight. Ethiopians (Afar, Gurage, Amhara, Gamo, Sidamo, Dawro, Walayita, Gambella, Somali,.. ) now that you know WHO WHERE and WHAT the problem is you know the solution. You fight fire with whatever will put it out permanently and forever. TPLF fell so will Oromuma and Oromuma will fall badly and in a shorter amount of time. Abiy is the leader of the Querro and culture of extreme violence, why do you think he did nothing to stop the butchering of Non-Oromos.. because he is part of the dangerous Aba Gada structure. The violence is his culture and nature.. He smiles and then knifes you in the back

    From Achamyeleh Tamiru
    የጥንቶቹ አባቶቻቸን “ነገርን ከስሩ፤ ውኃን ከጥሩ” እንደሚሉት፤ የነገርን ስር ዘለቅ ብሎ ወደ ውስጥ አጥልቆ በማሰብ የበሽታውን ምንነትና እንዴትነት ደፈር ብለን በመመርመር መድኀኒቱን ለመውሰድ ካልተዘጋጀን፤ ፍጅቱና የዘር ማጥፋቱ ስለሚቀጥል በየአደባባዩና በየመድረኩ የምናሰማውን ዋይታ አቁመን በወጉ እንኳን እንዲያርፉ ለማይደረጉ ወገኖቻችን ቀብር ብቻ መዘጋጀት ይኖርብናል። ….

  2. Strange to read Achamyeleh’s badly disguised calls for extreme ethnic violence which he justifies by wild claims about everybody else being dangerous and belonging to a culture of extreme violence! History teaches us that idiots and cowards can always justify violence and killings, it takes a brave man to stand up for peace and coexistance.

  3. Why this p/m can’t answer the question without going around the bush? He always add Bulshit examples. Is he underestimating his listeners? Does he think that he’s smart by adding unnecessary examples on every question? Please answer the question!

  4. Happy New Year,
    Today is also the Egyptian new year. This is the start of year 6262. The twelve months are all based on the Nile flooding and planting cycle. The Egyptian called the Nile “Haby” very close to the pronunciation of “Abāy”.

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