PM Abiy Ahmed issues warning to fugitive Tigray leaders

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The Globe
March 19, 2021

Ethiopia’s prime minister issued a “final notice” Friday to the fugitive leaders of the country’s embattled Tigray region, saying they should surrender peacefully to avoid “severe punishment” and prevent the “misery of their people.”

At the same time, Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed urged the untold hundreds of thousands of ethnic Tigrayans who have fled their communities over the past four months of fighting to return to their homes within a week and resume “normal lives.” Abiy’s notice alleges that some civilians took up arms, perhaps under threat of force, but said they “are not the main culprits.”

The new warning came as people described seeing a larger presence of Ethiopian forces on the way to the place that Tigrayans have used to flee the region, the border crossing into the remote town of Hamdayet in Sudan. Ethiopian and allied forces for months have allegedly blocked people from crossing, though more than 60,000 have made it into Sudan.

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Abiy’s new statement does not say what exactly will happen if Tigray’s fugitive political and military leaders do not turn themselves in. It reminds them to “do their part by learning from the devastation and damage so far” and preventing further bloodshed.

No one knows how many thousands of civilians or combatants have been killed since months of political tensions between Abiy’s government and the Tigray leaders who once dominated Ethiopia’s government exploded in November into war. The region remains largely cut off from the world, with few journalists allowed in, and only now are steps being taken to allow the United Nations human rights office into Tigray to help investigate allegations of atrocities.

Meanwhile, civilians have suffered. Witnesses in Hamdayet and elsewhere have told The Associated Press of widespread killing and looting by soldiers from neighbouring Eritrea, a long-time Tigray enemy which is accused of teaming up with Ethiopia in the conflict. Ethiopia’s government has denied their presence.

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Witnesses also have described being stripped of possessions and forced from their homes by forces from the neighbouring Amhara region, another ally of the Ethiopian government in the war.

For the refugees in Hamdayet, there is little hope of going home or even having one to return to, no matter what the prime minister is now urging.

“There is no point in going back,” 58-year-old Belaynesh Beyene told the AP as her children and grandson sheltered in a makeshift house of rough straw to keep out the dust.

Their home in the Tigray region’s Dansha community has been taken over by members of an Amhara youth militia, she said, and when she spoke with friends this week, they said they were leaving too, weary of the death threats against Tigrayans.

Ethiopia’s government has bristled at allegations of ethnic cleansing, including by the United States government, and denied them. But witnesses and humanitarian workers have described scenes where Ethiopian federal authorities are hardly present or stand by, watching, as Tigrayans are targeted.

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To make her way to Sudan safely, Belaynesh said, she hid her ethnic Tigrayan identity by speaking Amharic.

“I don’t know why they’re doing this,” she said of Ethiopia and its allies. “It’s a nightmare.”


  1. I don’t think they will heed the government’s call to surrender in light of all of these encouragements they have been getting from outside. They will meet their sad endings sooner if not later. By now the government must have a good lead where these fugitives are holed up. It is downright dirty shame that their supporters and well funded running dogs are egging them to continue into their inevitable demise from their comfy homes here among us. They should instead have their kin and kit that will be in the receiving side of the brunt of the destruction. It may be a bitter pillow to swallow but their dream of founding a separate republic is dead. There will never be a Republic of Tigray! There will never be a Republic of Amhara or Oromia either!!! The same goes for every ethnic group!!!!

  2. I bet you TPLF and those civilians in Tigray who are supporting TPLF in anyway are shivering with fear because the Ethiopian military’s Commander In Chief gave this warning while he is currently mobilizing highly skilled elites from all parts of the Ethiopian Forces while deputizing many Information Technology experts to assist with the technological aspects of this war required to capture or bombard all of the TPLF. Many volunteer Information Technology experts from diaspora had already went there and joined this mission. With ground and air support not even a small insect will be outside their radar within Tigray from nowon, whether the TPLF are hidden underground or not, this technologically savvy Ethiopian elites will pinpoint each and every living thing with the heat sensory detectors , unless the TPLF are hiding in meat deep freezer, there is nomore hiding.

  3. ዳንኤል አስረስ &&&&&& Ittu Aba Farda (sick minded married to neftegna old woman)
    ግባና አተላህን ተጋተዉ ደነዝ ምንታመጣለህ ምኒሊክ እባጭና በጨብጥ ነዉ የወሰደልን አንተን ደግሞ ያንተን መጥፊያ ጠንቋዮችን እንጠይቃለን እስከዚያው ተበሳበስ ነፍሰበላ

    ግባና አተላህን ተጋተዉ ደነዝ ምንታመጣለህ ምኒሊክ እባጭና በጨብጥ ነዉ የወሰደልን አንተን ደግሞ ያንተን መጥፊያ ጠንቋዮችን እንጠይቃለን እስከዚያው ተበሳበስ ነፍሰበላ በንግሊዦኞ መጣፍ ጀመር ክ አይ ቀንመሀይም የአንተ ጦቢያ የአማራ ብቻ ጮቤ መርገጫ ናት ንግስና ላይመለስ ተሰናብቷል ባለፈዉ የጅምላ ጭፍጨፋ ተፅናና በሰዉ መሞት ጮቤ ርገጥ እኛ ብዙ ጀግኞች አሉን አንዱ ቢሞት ሌላዉ ይተካል እናንተን የሚቀበል ሕዝብ የለም አይሰጡ ስም እየሰጣቹህ ንፁሓን ሕፃናት እናቶች አባቶች፥ካህናትን ከመግደል ወደ ጦር ሜዳ ወጥታቹህ ከጀግኖች ጋር ተዋጉ ተረታተረት ትወዱ የለ ወንዶች ናወደ ጭ ዉጣ ይዋጣልን ነዉ የሚባለዉ ከመንደር ውሥጥ ዘረጥዘረጥ እያሉ ንፁሓንንመግደል የፈሪነት እና የተሥፋ መቁረጥ ምልክት ና መገለጫ ነዉ፥ዘረጥራጦች፥በሁሉም በኩል ተከበሻል ወጥመድ እንደተሠራበት የእርሻ ዉሥጥ አዉሬ እናንተን ብሎ ክርሥትያኖች ቤተክርስቲያናትን ልታቃጥሉ ቤተክርስቲያናችን ዉሥጥ ሲፀልዩ የነበሩ ለመግደል ቅርሥ ለማጥፋት ወደ አረብ ሀገራት እጃችሁን ዘረጋቹህ(እጃችሁ ተምጦቆ ነዉ እንዴ ወደ ኣምላክ ያልዘረጋችሁት፧ የእናንተ ኢትዮጵያ የሰይጣን ሀገር ወይስ የእግዚአብሔር አሥራት፧ ምንን በሥም ይደግፉ ይሉ ነበር አቶ በሸሻ ትግራይ ሄደዉ አረፉ አሉኝ ነፍስ ይማር

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