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Our urgent priority must be halt hate speech and incite genocide in Ethiopia -UN

October 12, 2023
Ethiopian Prime Minister Abiy hate speech

After the shocking statement of the minister of Education ,Berhanu Nega’s shocking report, the ongoing discussion  on failure of Ethiopian education is essential and necessary provided that we know first the most priority issue for Ethiopia is avoiding  the possible genocide foretold  by UN  experts  this week.

The  bottomline now  is that our nation Ethiopia is in a very critical juncture to collapse  as a nation never seen in Africa with such hate speech by Abiy’s regime propaganda campaign  that is worse than  all the consecutive anti- Ethiopian regimes. Like the saying of the wise monkey we should do first  what we should do መጀመሪያ መቀመጫዬ ይቅደም to focus mainly and only challenging this systematic  dangerous propaganda of ethnic cleansing campaign by Abiy Ahmed and his prosperity  party that is ignored by the west as usual  in Ethiopian issues since the time of the invasion of Fascist Italy at the start of WWII.
 Let us give priorities in the safeguarding of our Ethiopian people especially the Amhara  subject to annihilation by the fascist Abiy Ahmed and evil partners ethnic radical groups of  OLF,OLA and TPLF that Abiy and his  blinded cadres  are doing a campaign day and night to incite violence and bloodshed  by Oromo youth on Amhara people on those Amhara people who live in the Oromo region we hear this week the mob youth demonstration and  death  threatening slogans organized by Abiy’s prosperity party cadres.This reminds me Hutu militias  death threatening before Rwandan genocide that  was purposely organzed to wipe out Tutsis.
There is no doubt that the Ethiopian education system began falling from the academic standard long before the emergence of the ethnic politics  that was at the end of the emperor’s time when the ministers proposed Sector Review in 1973 that was not with the participation of the academic communities seniors  can witness more with further elaboration.
But as for now, our  top priority  should be how we save Ethiopia from this ruthless brutal selfish demonic dictator Abiy Ahmed whose ambition is nothing except his power greed on the  bloodshed of our own people both Amhara and Oromo that we must intervene in all means urgently .We can wisely discuss other national issues educational ,cultural,economical and other conflicting once we get assurance of the massacre on Amhara people stopped .
Let us know priorities in our Ethiopian context that is the most precious  life of our youth agitated and misled for another enddless civil war may be the castroptsrohic genocide of our century that is alrady began on Amhara people especially at Benshangul and Oromo regions.
The UN  agencies and  human right  groups are particularly concerned on what is going on in Ethiopia.and we  should  not  be deaf for this timely call to be part of the timely global effort  to save our own people in a timely manner instead  of  presenting other agendas for some a distraction agenda from the most essential urgent case of prevention genocide in Ethiopia. May the Lord bless Ethiopia and His mercy comes quick to her by  stretching her hands to Him  according to the promise.(Book of Psalm 68;31)
Pastor Degone Moretew

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