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Oromia re-elects Shimeles Abdisa as regional president, elects Sa’ada Abdulrahman new speaker, deputy speaker

September 25, 2021
Addis Stanadad

photo5942881312320895475Today, the Oromia regional council (Caffee in Afaan Oromoo) held the 5th and final session of the 5th regional council where a new proclamation finalizing final agendas from the previous regional council.

During the session, a new proclamation was approved by the vote of all the members of Caffee where thirty-four of the 49 bureaus organized in the region are to avoid overlapping of names, procedures and responsibilities. In addition a new regional militia force was established.  In the session, the former state transport office has been reduced to an agency. It was also decided to establish a new office for irrigation and pastoral issues.

Later in the afternoon, the First session of the 6th regional council today where it elected the new regional president, speaker and deputy speaker of Caffee.

Sa’ada Abdulrahman elected as new speaker of Oromia Regional Council (Caffee in Afaan Oromoo). Photo: Screenshot

Elected members of 6th Caffee were sworn in by incumbent President of the Oromia Supreme Court Ghazali Abbaasimal and elected Sa’ada Abdulrahman as the new speaker of Caffee replacing Lomi Bado and Elias Umata as the deputy speaker replacing Mahbouba Adam. Both were sworn in by the President of Oromia Supreme Court Ghazali Abbaasimal.

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The 6th regional council also reelected Shimles Abdisa as President of Oromia National Regional State. It is to be remembered that the ruling Prosperity party (PP) won all contested seats (513 out of 537) in Oromia regional council.



  1. This is not news let alone a surprise ay all! The political recycling of EPRDF will continue as long as the people are not fortunate enough to create and develop a political force that would be defined and characterized by a genuine and feasible democratic way of doing things; and be able to shorten the deadly politics of ethnocentrism! Yes, whether we like it or not , the people we will remain under the same if not the worst political system of TPLF?EPRDF but dominated by one of its faction (ODP/ oromuma).

  2. Congratulation sir! Now you have to watch your language very, very carefully. No more loose lips moving at random. You are now put to task to prove doubters and detractors that my Oromos are even more generous and magnanimous where they are in their majority. You are now even more entrusted with the capability to make Oromia as an example to others that they will be welcome and will be ingratiated with the right to live and work in peace. When bigots go on rampage with their arsonist crime you will be expected to turn your fire hose high to douse it off. Don’t forget the fact even for a minute that my Oromos are most magnanimous and safe haven to every resident when and where ever they are in their majority. No mother should wail, no spouse should cry rivers and no father should be seen in crushing grief because their loved ones were cut down by mobs incited by smart aleck bigots. You regional government seems to need better housekeeping. You may need to clean it up of any individuals gripped with hatred for others just because they are not like them. God Speed!!!!

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