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Organ Trafficking and Migrants from Africa – By Dawit W Giorgis


Transnational crime is the most lucrative illegal business on earth. Transn629ational crimes are motivated by the incredibly huge amount of money they can generate which range from US$1.6 trillion and $2.2 trillion per year—for the 11 crimes identified by Global Financial Integrity 2017 report. These crimes finance terrorism and corruption across the globe. Transnational crimes destroy local economies, undermine all international and domestic laws, destabilize nations and threaten the safety and security of people.

Despite intense and concerted scrutiny and efforts to compel governments and the private sector to adhere to domestic and international laws and promote more transparency, transnational crimes particularly the 11 mentioned below have thrived to an unprecedented level. They succeed because they collude with government and private sector officials. These are real problems that threaten global security more than any other.

Table X1. The Retail Value of Transnational Crime

Transnational Crime Estimated Annual Value (US$)

Drug trafficking $426 billion to $652 billion Small Arms & Light Weapons trafficking $1.7 billion to $3.5 billion Human trafficking $150.2 billion
Organ trafficking $840 million to $1.7 billion
Trafficking in Cultural Property $1.2 billion to $1.6 billion
Counterfeiting $923 billion to $1.13 trillion
Illegal Wildlife Trade $5 billion to $23 billion
IUU Fishing $15.5 billion to $36.4 billion
Illegal logging $52 billion to $157 billion
Illegal mining $12 billion to $48 billion
Crude Oil Theft $5.2 billion to $11.9 billion

Total $1.6 trillion to $2.2 trillion

‘Global Financial Integrity Report 2017’

This article is about migrants and organ trafficking, listed fourth in the above table, a crime against humanity, against the poor and the helpless, against those who, through no fault of their own, have been pushed out of their country, lost and confused, who needed compassion but face murder and mutilation almost routinely. These are innocent Africans seeking freedom and justice, who have trekked across impregnable harsh deserts and environments for months and reached the coast of the Mediterranean only to be confronted by brutal traffickers who give them the choice of their ‘pound of flesh’ or their lives. In many cases they are not even given these choices but simply murdered and their organs taken in a well-organized scheme that includes brokers, traffickers, physicians, hospitals, shippers and end users.

The slaughtering of innocent young aspiring migrant Ethiopian Christians by ISIS was shocking but not shocking enough to force the international community to address the brutalization of African migrants particularly in Egypt, Libya and the coasts of Europe. It is shocking indeed that the free world pays little or no attention to these heinous crimes of human trafficking and worse, killing and mutilation of migrants to get their organs. The free world is more concerned about the migration rather than the crimes committed against the migrants.

Border walls and legal barriers are being constructed across Europe, America and the Middle East to prevent migrants particularly those from Africa and some Middle Eastern countries ravaged by war, poverty and injustice, from ever reaching the coasts of Europe and border posts of America. But there are no boundaries for trafficking their organs. Organs of immigrants murdered or mutilated move freely and swiftly across national boundaries to save the lives of the rich in Europe, US and in the Middle East. “ Many do not want them within European borders, but they do seem to want their organs.” 1
Egypt the Major Transit Hub for Organ Traffickers

Around the thousands of migrants waiting to sail to Europe are those who are stalking them to get their organs on behalf of the sick in Europe, America, and Middle East. Some manage to enter Europe in exchange of their organs but for some only their organs are allowed to enter ad their bodies decay in the deserts of Africa and in the Mediterranean Sea.

Egypt and Libya are in the spotlight as the primary countries, which are the transit points for migrants traveling to Europe. The organ traffickers “operate openly and freely because they feed on the despair of the most vulnerable,” 2 with total impunity. Egypt, at a crossroads between the Middle East and North Africa and the


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