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My Special Personal Message to the People of Addis Ababa for June 23, 2018

By  Al Mariam
June 21, 2018

To all of my readers, friends, supporters and  young people in Addis Ababa and to all of my Ethiopian brothers and sisters:

Al Mariam
Prof. Al Mariam

For the first time ever, I write to all of you directly to ask a special favor.

I need someone to stand in and stand up for me at Mesqel Square on June 23, 2018 and represent me in showing my full and unqualified support for Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed.

I wish I could be there to join all of my brothers and sisters who will be out showing their support for PM Abiy Ahmed and his extraordinary leadership. But at this time, I am not able to do so.

I have been your voice for thirteen long years.

I have delivered your message of suffering and abuse to the world every week, without missing a single week, for thirteen years.

Now I am asking you to be my voice for one day on June 23, 2018.

I need each and every one of you, who have read my articles and heard my interviews defending Ethiopian human rights, demanding the release of political prisoners and fighting and speaking truth to those who have abused their power for well over a quarter of a century, to represent me personally at Mesqel Square on June 23, 2018 and deliver my message to Abiy Ahmed.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that I support him and his vision of peace, reconciliation and love (or in a single word ETHIOPIAWINET) in Ethiopia fully and without reservation.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that I will work with him, however long it takes, to end once and for all time the politics of hate and division in Ethiopia.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that I will take that long walk to freedom with him on the two roads Mandela named for us: Goodness and Forgiveness.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that I share fully his fundamental belief that our unity in our humanity (Ethiopiawinet) and plurality overwhelms our enmity in our ethnicity.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that though “they shall come out against our people one way, they will surely flee before us seven ways.”

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that we will wage peace and reconciliation with him in every neighborhood, hamlet, village, town, city and region of Ethiopia. We will wage peace and reconciliation with all our might and with all the strength God has given us.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me to come follow us as we go forward together in our united strength as ONE people of Ethiopia.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that truth crushed to earth in Ethiopia shall rise again.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me what Kwame Nkrumah said in 1963 at the inauguration of the Organization of African States, “Ethiopia Shall Rise.”

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that Ethiopia shall rise and shine forever like the morning sun over the African continent.

I ask you to tell Abiy Ahmed for me that we are ready to build that shining city upon a hill called “The Beloved Ethiopia” where justice, equality, human rights and the rule of law shall roll down like water and righteousness like a mighty stream.

And don’t forget to tell Abiy Ahmed, we love him and love conquers all!

Please, please be my voice on June 23, 2018 at Mesqel Square!




  1. I fully pledge to go and put my voice up in support of democracy, freedom, dignity,…Ethiopiawinet!
    We are indepted to you, for speaking truth to the powers, revealing our agony and hardship for those whole years. I personally can not thank you enough. Please continue the good work. We just started a dream…we have to press on to fulfill it.

  2. Count me in on this one dear professor. I have said this many times before and I am gonna say it again. This is it!! This young PM is the last chance. If he fails then hate and violence mongers will have a field day to do whatever they want. The whole country and its innocent citizens will be tossed down into the abyss. He has been doing the right thing and hitting the right cord with everybody. In a single phrase he has ‘disarmed’ those who have been throwing temper tantrum to yank away territories as their personal fiefdoms. He did that without firing a single shot. Those who made a good career out of lamenting about this or that should think about updating their resumes. I have said this many times before. Your dream of one day yanking away one harmonious people from equally harmonious neighbors is going to remain just that: a pipe dream. That ain’t gonna happen. Never!!!

    So I am with you on this one dear professor!!! Preach on, brother, preach!!!!

  3. We will do that. But I live next to where you teach, 12 miles, in Fontana, and read and learn from all the articles that you write every week, Sir. Keep on fighting professor. Thank you for all that you do for the peoples of Ethiopia for their basic social, political and human rights.

  4. Go and work with him, Sir. How many times you have tell us this?

    You know Abiy has been working for the killing Machinary, TPLF. Were you looking for an Oromo TPLF?

  5. My appreciation on you Pesistent struggle for justice freedom and human right in those days n years.

    Pro what is next and what would you do for your country to lift it people ftlrom backward underdeveloped status to better life n country ? I mean your contribution matter a lot than ordinary people like us….A
    Thank you for the good work …All the best …

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