Jawar Mohammed – A mission of Inciting Hate and Genocide


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  1. Jawar,
    You are an extremist who is bent on fueling tension among peaceful Ethiopians. No doubt that your latest scandalous remarks have gotten you running like a wet puppy in desperate search for way-out-of-this but you know, you have done the self-inflicting damage on yourself and you should blame none other than your own naïve and markedly foolish way of thinking which has also become a defining factor as to who you are as an Ethiopian.

    No amount of PR can fix the damage that you have caused in the hearts and minds of peace-loving Ethiopians and the chance of making a come-back fore you in the foreseeable future is practically zero. You are a worthless extremist who cannot think outside the box of the perceived “oromo/muslim cause” which I wish I knew what it meas.

    Your corrupt psych as a pseudo intellectual, representing a minority muslim oromo community resonates more “dikala” than the biracial upbringing ironically, which you are attempting to fit in to the quagmire that you are in, in a bid to save yourself from backlash. Oh yeah, a “Lutheran wife?” Let me put it this way: She is rather someone who cannot discern light from darkness and worse, blind enough to marry a Muslim extremist who encourage violence against Christians.
    What part of the video has been “doctored?” It’s clear as daylight that you have been heard chanting “Ethiopia, out of Oromia” You are pathological liar and therefore without shame, tried to explain what you said during the event was totally different than the way people perceived. Are you telling us that when someone makes a statement in the Oromo language, people may perceive it with multiple connotations? If that’s the case, your weak argument defies logic. A certain word in a given language may carry multiple meanings but not a whole statement such as the one you said in the meeting of extremists. BS!

    What I found hilarious is when you wrote “Oromos are masters of coexistance with their neighbors. They are also firerce warriors in defense of their sovereignty” Quite frankly, I failed to understand as to what event in history you are referencing by the above statement. Are not the Oromos the subjects of the current regime who are being ruled without mere resistance just in the exact way a mule would serve its owner? What is it so different about the Oromos than the rest of their peers in the country? The term “Oromia” has been crafted by the narrow nationalists in order to compartmentalize the diverse tribes of Oromos and thereby strengthen their divisive doctrine of “ethnic federalism” No time in history were the Oromos more recognized as today at the hands of the EPRDF regime? They even have opted to make a foreign script as their medium of written communication instead of using the existing one used by the rest of the nation, which I think is a gross denial and a pathetic way of portraying themselves as “unique” people than others. You have been misled in to denying that the geez script has more relevance than the latin script that you are using but you know, the only reason you did this is because you hate the Amhara. Tell us what does your “Oromo cause” constitute. You guys took up Arms and carried out armed confrontation but you failed because guns don’t fight but guts.

    In light of the idiotic things you said in the video, I concluded that no amount of schooling can change an Oromo. An Oromo is an Oromo indeed! and finally, let me underscore this: I don’t care if you demonstrate with your like-minded extremists in front of the white house with your funny-looking tribal attire and chant “Ethiopia out of Oromia” you will never live to see Ethiopia abandoning Oromia. Perhaps, the reverse is true. You are now shunned by Ethiopians. You are finished!

    • Dear “Rule of Law”
      I don’t blame you for hurling insults on the great Oromo people. It is not your fault. Your name callings are not new. We have heard it before. However, I have a piece of advice for fellow Oromos. If you try to collaborate with the Nefegna relics not only you will be diminished to the lowest level but also you make us insulted by these brainless idiots. As an Oromo you must understand their Physiological warfare and stand against it in unison. If you go to their meeting and open you mouth like Jawar did in the past you will get the same thing and make our 40 million people insulted.

      look at what this person says Oromos are Oromos whether they are educated or not. What about the Neftegnas? Do they get transformed into something else when educated? What a nonsense.

      • Dear Aboma,
        I understand and share your feelings. But when u see such strange comments u should always be careful. You do not who exactly “Rule of Law” could be. Ethiopian? (if so- which- Amhara?Oromo?Tigray?Somali? ….). He/she could also be from another country – Eritrean?/Sudanese?/Keneyan?/Egypt? ……. We do not know!!!! So if u do not know the person’s identity (in this case ‘rule of law’), do nor rush to assign him some tag (Neftegna) rather attack his/her ideas only.

      • Aboma and Okay,

        I retract my statement in which I offended the entire oromo community. Due to the grave error Jawar has made, I was carried away and went astray to express my resentment on Jawar’s secessionist and genocidal statement. Nonetheless, I shouldn’t have generalized all oromos because of this bad apple. I know the people of Oromo are people of distinct culture and bright people within the Ethiopian society and it is with utmost humility and regret that I extend my apology to my Oromo brothers and sisters for this unintended error. Don’t blame the Amhara or “neftegna” as you would like to call them. I am a Tigrea whose dream is seeing a united and democratic Ethiopia where citizens are treated not by merit of which ethnic background they came from but by the mere fact that they are Ethiopians regardless of their ethnic and religious affiliation.

        Let me tell you an encounter that I had with fellow Oromos some time in the past. It was in August 1998 and I was making transit in Charlotte NC Airport on my way to a meeting in Atlanta. I was sitting in the terminal lounge waiting for my flight and I sow from distance these group of eight or nine people with distinct appearance that resembled that of Ethiopians’ and as they were about to pass by, I determined that they were Ethiopians and unable to hold my excitement for seeing that many Ethiopians in a place where I couldn’t even see a single black person worker or passenger. I then got up from my seat and approached the group stretching my hand saying “Selam”

        You will never guess what their reaction was. They were not pleased to talk to me let alone shame my hand. A bit perplexed with their behavior, I said “I am from Ethiopia, I thought you looked just like Ethiopians and that’s why I approached you.” One of them said “we are from the south” and I go…. “you mean southern Ethiopia?” he said “yes” I am sure you are guessing that the whole conversation was in English. I asked “what language do you speak?” and he said “Oromomifa.” And I said, “okay.” As much as they treated me with contempt and refused to shake my hand without even knowing me first hand, I didn’t blame the “Oromos” collectively. I rather blamed the minority regime and its divisive policies for what some Oromos have become. I didn’t believe the group represented all Oromos back then and I still don’t believe that Jawar the extrimist, represents any one but himself.

    • Dear ” Rule of Law”,
      1) Are you Ethiopian?
      2) Are you insulting Jawar or the Oromo people?
      In my opinion, Jawar and the likes can’t represent the Oromo people. They are wandering from country to country in Europe and US and they do not know what exactly the poor people needs. There are millions of Oromos who do not know Jawar’ existence. Probably the some facebook/twitter/… people know Jawar but how many Oromos(Ethiopians in General) use Internet? u can imagine it.

      so Jawar is just an individual (1/30 million). U can say what ever u want to Jawar but not to the big denominator (~30million).

      • Dear Okay,

        You are asking logical questions. Please do not expect logical answers from this person. This person is the enemy of Ethiopians Unity. He/she provokes neutral Oromos to take side and defend themselves against these wolves like it

      • Jawar is an intellengent guy who represents the views of majority of the Oromo people. Whether you like it or not, it’s your problem. As he said, the Oromo strugle for freedom will continue… The Great Oromo People are so deterimind to fight against the rules of colonism. All neftegna (Habesh), narrow minded people will be defeated. It is a matter of time… Oromia shall be free!

    • SHAME on you men as you sure that your name is jowar..You know what the reality is This world live under one roof ,we have heard before all this different edited video.The American Gov know more than well JAWAR MOHAMED. Shame on you think twice like a man .You don’t want to swallow the reality and recongnize OROMO AS OROMO NATION.WE ARE OROMO FIRST

  2. Yes, We have to report Jawar’s actions to the university he is attending now. Amazing, a man who came from an area near Arba Gugu, a man who witnessed the deaths of many innocent children by fanatic oromos, and a man who saw first hand the slaughtering of pregnant women is again standing here to preach Fundamentalism. Here he is, living in America. We have to report him, we have enough evidences. He must face justice for his actions. The massacred children are calling from Bedeno, Arba Gugu, Asebot, Gura Ferda and Benihsinagul reminding us to take action when a culprit is found in own backyard.


  3. Simply, Jawar could be responsible for the future blood shade of brothers and sisters of Ethiopian Muslims and Christians alike that have lived in peace and harmony by infusing hate and bitterness to the young and modarate thinking minds of Oromos. What Jawar betting on is the ignorance of Ethiopians. I got news for you Mr Jawar! the last tweety plus years under TPLF has thought us Ethiopians , through pain, one underling thing, divided we fall and united we stand.

    • Please stop talking nonsense because we have never been united to begin with.
      It’s not only Jawar will but the will of majority of the oromos who want freedom. For Amharas the truth hurt and as oromo we can’t do anything but to tell the truth.

    • You guys sound stooped what is JAWAR going to do? JAWAR is simply saying he is Oromo and we as Oromos have been killed and tortured since they took over this country. And he said to free people of Oromia that includes all living in it. And he is going to start blood shed between Christians and Muslims. Kkk did you know Oromo have Christians a millions of them? Also did you know his wife is Christian? What are you talking about is none sence and get it right heaters.

  4. http://www.gulelepost.com/2013/07/20/jawar-mophammeds-clarification-on-minnesota-specch/

    Jawar Mohammed’s
    Clarification on
    Minnesota Speech
    In recent weeks, several video clips from
    my speeches at various events have been
    systematically edited to present a
    narrative that portrays me in the worst
    moral and political light. The latest of
    these doctored videos are pieced together
    to create the impression that I was
    advocating violence against Christians in
    Ethiopia. Needless to say, this is a
    calculated and horrendous political
    strategy so commonplace in the
    Ethiopian political landscape. Let me say
    as clearly as I can: I find such views so
    revolting and so repugnant that it has no
    place in any civil political discourse.
    Whatever motivated those who engaged
    in EPRDF style character assassination,
    this past week has given us an
    impeccable evidence about the state of
    our media and the place of truth, and
    journalistic ethics in their operations. It
    is also ironic that many of the
    individuals and groups engaged in this
    propaganda are the same people who
    went a long way to disparage me as
    ’naïve’, ‘spineless’, and ‘passivist’ for
    writing and speaking about nonviolence.
    Given the sensitivity of the issue and the
    malicious manner in which these videos
    were edited and presented, I want to
    take this opportunity to explain the
    context in which that particular speech
    was delivered.
    On May 25, 2013, I was invited to speak
    at a town hall gathering organized by
    Risala International, a consortium of
    three Minnesota-based mosques. There
    were several prominent spiritual and
    secular leaders from various
    communities in North America. Present
    were also representatives from the
    Minnesota delegation to the U.S.
    congress. Based on my own observation
    and the organizers account, the audience
    consisted of Muslim Oromos, non-
    Muslim Oromos, non-Oromo Muslims,
    and Ethiopians of other faiths.
    As I do with every invitation, I asked the
    organizers to give me a specific topic to
    address, a language of their preference,
    and format of the presentation. In this
    case, the organizers asked me to analyze
    whether the Oromo struggle and ongoing
    Muslim protests for religious freedom
    are complementary or contradictory. I
    prepared my presentation in Afan
    Oromo, however, after learning there
    were attendees who do not understand
    the Oromo language, I ended my
    comments with a rather condensed
    summary in Amharic. Given the
    moderator was flying the ‘times up’ sign
    on my face, I did not have the privilege
    of explaining my point in details
    It was at the end of that comment that I
    made a statement which led to a
    controversy and used by interested
    group to advance their own political
    agenda. I said where I grew up, where
    Muslims make up majority, there is a
    broad consensus that people would stand
    up and fight; and the saying goes, they
    would fight with what is traditionally
    known as Menca in Afaan Oromo. Here I
    was trying to underscore the point that
    even if politically powerless, being
    numerical majority brings about a sense
    of collective security which leads people
    to confront the abusive state head on
    forcefully. Hence, this serves as a
    restraining factor against those who seek
    to undermine their dignity. In contrast,
    where the politically oppressed is also
    numerically outnumbered, the sense of
    vulnerability might lead to submission to
    injustice; consequently enabling the
    oppressive system to violate their rights
    with no fear of repercussion.
    Every normative community has its own
    unique way of assigning and discerning
    meaning in a text or utterance. The
    expression I used is a sarcastic
    expression used for a humorous effect.
    Although it did not occur to me at the
    time, sarcasm, like satire and irony,
    works precisely on the slippage between
    what is said and what is meant. It is
    often joked among Oromos that Manca is
    a weapon of pride in Hararghe, as
    Shimala (a stick) is in Shawa, Eboo (a
    spear) is among the Arsi, Togorri for
    Karrayyuu and so on. These cultural
    expressions make meaning only within
    the cultural geography in which they are
    uttered. I suspect that the majority of the
    participants attending the consortium
    understood that the expression is
    intended not as a statement of fact but
    as sarcastic expression that signifies
    almost the opposite of what it seems to
    say. However, when several versions of
    the video—some of it doctored to
    generate the political effects needed by
    my detractors—several friends,
    colleagues, and other individuals who
    did not understand this cultural context
    expressed their disappointment, hurt,
    and even a rage. I fully regret these
    unintended consequences and the lack of
    foresight on my part.
    I understand that a lot of Ethiopians
    disagree with my views and I welcome
    all constructive debates and criticisms.
    However, taking my statements out of
    context and juxtaposing unrelated events
    for mere character assassination is not
    only malicious but also an outdated
    political tactic. In this era of heightened
    instant communication lies have a shelf
    life of minutes before being countered
    by facts. But during that short lifespan,
    they could cause serious harm, not so
    much to their targeted subject, but more
    so to the unsuspecting general public.
    If it is of any help, those who want to
    mislead the public should know that I am
    a product of an interfaith marriage. My
    father was a Muslim and my mother was
    from an Orthodox Christian background.
    Moreover, my wife is a Lutheran. I do
    not advocate religious freedom and
    interfaith understanding and tolerance
    because it is fad of the time. I was raised
    with and live by those values.
    Now let me return to the real issue at
    stake. I would like to remind all that the
    defamation campaigns, including the
    distortion of this video followed the Al
    Jazeera program that focused on the
    plight of the Oromo people, in which I
    was a panelist. The frenzy has now gone
    beyond defamation and verbal threat.
    Abdi Fite, a young Oromo journalist was
    recently ambushed in Washington DC,
    physically attacked and threatened with
    knife to his throat. This attack happened
    following a video Abdi released sharing
    his perspective on being an Oromo.
    Those who are trying to silence the
    Oromo voice through physical and
    symbolic violence should reflect on
    history and revise their strategy. My
    reading of history is that targeting
    Oromo individuals have not yielded the
    intended result of destroying the struggle
    of Oromo People.
    The Oromo people have a just cause that
    no amount of violence nor distortion can
    delegitimize. The Oromo nation has
    produced and continue to produce sons
    and daughters that pick up and carry the
    flag when one comrade falls. For those
    who are still attempting to recycle the
    old divide and destroy tactic, be sure
    that Oromos have a time tested culture
    and system that cherishes its diversity
    and promotes pluralism. Oromos are
    masters of coexistence with their
    neighbors. They are also fierce warriors
    in defense of their sovereignty. The just
    Oromo struggle is about restoring dignity
    to a people who have been ruthlessly
    denigrated, and violently subjugated. It
    is a struggle that gives back to the people
    their right to self determination in its
    fullest sense. This sacred goal must be
    achieved no matter the cost.

  5. Jawar is one of the most hated person in Ethiopian community. He is finished, done he is worthless extremist who is confussed about where he came from. He was born and raised with a lot of conffussion.and a lot of hate toward everybody.I
    have doubt even if he knows who his father is. We all should ignore this worthless
    man cause it is even not worth talking about him. The Oromo people should ignore him and distance from him

    • Jawar didn’t ask to be loved by Amharas community. The oromo community loves him and he know that. The Amharasn Era is over and you can’t ride on Oromos back anymore.

      • @oda
        I have no Idea where you got this misconception The oromo community
        does not support this idiot. Every body hate Jawar and trying to distance themself. Do not worry about Amhara people worry about Woyane that
        put you in Jail every day.

  6. Jawar is an intellectual Nazi. Apart from living in comfort in one of America’s city, what did he produce to advance the Oromo/Muslim cause? Did he feed the entire nation? What did he do for the prisoners of conscious who are languishing in prison owned by a bunch of warlord bandas tplfites kality prison? What technology did he innovate to simplify the daily life of the Oromo/Muslim people that he proudly proclaim to represent? His vision for our bruised and bitten country is misery, war, conflict, hate, and death. Dear fellow Ethiopians, do you see any different between the late tplf champion vision and Jawad’s. The late tplf champion worked day and night to disintegrate our beloved country, yet he himself was the victim of decomposition through death. It is my firm believe that Jawad would not succeed where the dead champion failed. Why? Here is the answer “Ethiopia itself will quickly stretch out its hands to God” Psalms 68:31.

  7. If one person by the name Jawar can rattle so many “zebihere Ethiopians”; then we are for a rude awakening. Either you are unsure of yourselves or have no ground in the ethos of the people of ethiopia.
    Lets stop condemning and work towards solutions.

  8. well said Thank you!
    Abebe Gelaw and Mesfin Negashe must stop cover up! I saw they deleted my comment from ‘Ecadf’ on abebe Gelaw ‘s two contradicted opinions on jawar mencha hate & crime act. journalist won’t decide in citizen’s life. Jawar influenced south Africa Oromo muslim extremists. watch and learn more…
    http://www.ethiotube.net video/26926 Oromia first suporting Graziani statue to be eract
    and preach to destabilize Ethiopia and christians .this video also mentioned Jawarianism in east africa supported by Egyptian Imam and arab countries.

    • ከጀዋር በላይ መፍራት ያለብህ አበበ ገላውን ነው:: የሱ አስተሳሰብ ደግሞ ከብሄርተኝነትም በጠበበ መልኩ ቡድናዊ አስተሳሰብ ያለው ስንኩል ነው:: በህይወቴ ሾኪንግ የሆነ ፖለቲካል መንከረባበት ያየሁበት ዘግናኝና አደገኛ ሰው ጃዋር ነው:: አበበ ገላው ግን በጓደኛነትና በቲፎዞነት የተተበተ ጉጅሌያም ሰው በመሆኑ፡ ይህንን አገር አጥፊ ክህደትና የወንጀል ድርጊት “የምላስ ወለምታ ስለሆነ እንለፈው” እያለ ሊያዘናጋን ይፈልጋል:: በቡድን ከሚያምነው አስመሳይ ሰው ይልቅ ብሄርተኛው በስንት ጣሙ!

  9. We should Report this genocide preaching muslim extremist to the state department. Inciting genocide/hate speech is punishable by law in the USA. They will deport this animal.

  10. Jawar Muhammed is entitled to his opinion about his standing towards the Oromo people struggle. Ethiopia in general has a history of ethnic division within its major or minor tribes by using the balance of power through centuries. This balance of power must be dealt with many parties, that holds all the people of Ethiopia. We came from different walk of life, and all kind ethnic experience that leave us isolated by the harsh treatment of injustice. Now, are we going to use ethnic hate or racism to cycle our mind? Can we see the broader understanding of humanity before ethnicity? Our colonizers used the divide and rule for their survival of power superiority, and now, we follow their footstep. It is not about Jawar, or Meles, or Mengistu, or Haile, it is about changing our mind that conditioned us for ever with slave mentality. What is freedom? Freedom is to be free from all kind of sickness that we inherited from our past and present animosity, ignorance, arrogance, dictatorial mentality, etc… that destroyed our fabric of daily life. Instead of learning from each other, we tend to use violence as a way of dealing our in patience. What is the benefit of character assassination? I think it is fear the push us apart, hate the blind our mind.
    I am not advocating for any body, or any political power but, i am saying let us listen to each other. I may have something important idea, but that does not mean I know everything.

  11. Produced and directed by MORESH in collaboration with ETV.
    MORESH next time make the presenter speak Amharic, you should have thought your daughter Amharic. She acted like a Briton.

    God Bless Jawar Mohhamed!!

  12. I told you the consequences when you campaign on him as you are starting fighting with millions Oromoos. Even still you are in danger zone. Instead of that I think reconciliation is better. America is the country governing by law. You do nothing. Still you are damaging many things. Instead of damaging many things cool down Don’t be emotional. If we accept individual right what wrong with you when somebody say for Oromoo is first. You can say Ethiopia fist.

  13. Abyssinian elites are going crazy. Why should they care if Oromos want to establish Islamic state or Pente State or Orthodox state or Waaqeefata state? It is nobody’s business but Oromos.

  14. To all neftegna’s who commented above

    We don’t u report him what u r saying? so we can see who is winner and loser.
    Never intimidate him we r after him,
    Please all neftegnas go back to Gonder and Gojem,no more land for u ,if u start we start from wallaga to kill ur people period,so go ahead.

  15. Are you trying to do the same on Jawwar what exactly TPLF is doing on you? How many times TPLF has accused you of inciting in Ethiopia. No one cares about your empty rhetoric and false accusation. But for sure you are speeding up the death of your ethiopianisim.

  16. I agree with fekadu moreda, we have handful evidence to take him court due to his preaching against Christians. It’s is not tolerant able by any measurement the law will punish such kind of stupid radical Oromo Islam.

  17. Hey everybody, the era of working for Habesha and want to be Amhara is over and be sure that Oromos and other oppressed nations can speak for themselves, yes I am Oromo first. I remmeber, at school during Derg time even kids from Amhara nation call themselves I am Amhara and everybody wish to be Amahara; so who is the source of it? Amhara’s were on power for over 100 years and came up with those all problems and even try their best to fuel up the fire by TPLF. You are talking about the Genocide but Genocides were already their by reducing Oromo from 10 million to 5 million by your “hero king Menelik”. You call this person “Emiyie Menelik (my Mom)”. But this Person cut the breast of our Oromo mothers and we see this person as devil cos his work was devilish. Do you know why the world hate Hitler? The answer is easy; he killed over 6 million Jewish people and others and his did was devilish and that is why every human being hate him. The same is true when you came to your Menelik; he did even worse to Oromos cos he cut the breast and hand of brave Oromos and hung to their neck. You praise this satan but we curse him, that is our main difference. I condemn every violation against humanity and I oppose the statues for both Graziani and Menelik. However, the statue for Graziani is in Italy while for your Menelik is on the blood and skeletons of Oromos and Grazianl killed thousands while your Menelik killed millions, soooo? Try to swallow the truth even though it is bitter before blaming Jawar. Please don’t be greedy, try to see what you did to others before blaming others! Oromos equally deserve freedom and justice!!! Freedom for oppressed people!

    • Here is one koble dingay anetafi. Ignorant, tplf is eating you up now. Focus on that in staed of what may or may not happen over 100 years ago. What Hitler did was documented for the judgement of history. What evidence do you have Emiye Menelik did what you wrote to your folks? You have read a book written by shabiya and woyanne. You do not know Oromos, and Oromos do not know you. I certainly do not know you. I am one of Oromo. By the way ” There is substantial evidence that Menelik was Oromo. Eat that!

      • GO DOWN WITH YOUR NEFTENYA MINLIK! Numerous intellectual Oromos written about the evil dude (minlik) who slaughtered the Oromo people. Despite his attempt to destroy Oromo identity, his policy failed.

  18. Then what! whatever genocide what has happened to the Amhara invaders in oromia , the Oromo ppl are not responsible. we didn’t go to Gojjam or Gondor. You’ve taken our hospitality for granted. If you don’t stop provoking us , I am telling you, we will cut your empty head off and send you back to your dry land.

    • The people ofta kaffa, wolyta, dawro, yem and others that are massacared and driven out of their land such as jimma by oromos would feel differently.

  19. jawwar and hajji nejjib preach and teach hate and genocied on purpose.
    thank you paltalk-christan muslim discussion room for soultion.room ive learned all its hidden agendas !!!!!!!!!

  20. This video is made by TPLF agents, clearly resembles “Jihadawi Harekats and Akeldama.

    if any one believes that’s from the opposition, just fooling himself.


  21. Dear All,

    Gudfella. while we all are uproaring on Jawwar, Haile G/Silassie, whom we have proud on him vowed to fight back us. Now another shocking news emerged. Please, let us do something about this guy. It is more shocking than Jawwar. I am sure this guy is more dangerous than Jawwar as he has a lot of fortune. He can even establish his cell in the diaspora easily.

  22. Dereje and Fekadu,

    Why don’t you go ahead report him with all your evidence. You know you guys and Weyane are one and the same. Oromia shall be free!!

    • qanqee,I am proud ejole Oromo,but at the same time proud Ethiopian,which the majority Oromos shares except those jihadist and narrow minded people like you.The Wold is becoming one while you try to divide us.Your libration this and that will never materialize.

      • yaa saree, odoo waa siin jadhan beekte sila wanta sii keenan hin nyaatu turee , jadhee Oromo. my friend open your eyes, homy. you playing the game for the wrong team.

  23. “Jihadawi Harakat part 2” or “Akeldama part 2” yishalal? gobez, ye tesetew title altesmamagnim bebekule,…kikikikikikiki. You can Vomit if you like, I am Oromo First period!

    • Hello, Gooban
      You can be anything you like first, but you never ever be Ethiopian second. Ethiopia is always first for her children not second. You are still free not to be Ethiopian in any form. You know, nationality is a matter of choice not obligation.

  24. In the past, Oromian struggle was limited to Oromiyaa only. Now, it is shaking the fake identity ‘Ethiopiyawinet’ at global stage. That is Abysinians are crying day and night both in diaspora and at home. Down with Ethiopia First, which was already with Mengistu Hailemariam who fled to Harare.

  25. What Jawar said was blessing in disguise. The real color of Neftegnas is coming out day by day since. Who would have thought a slip of the tongue by an Oromo would bring every Oromophobe from its hole to hurl every insult in the dictionary on the great Oromo people. Never and ever we Oromos would trust these Amara suprematists. TPLF is way better oh my

  26. i m very impressed by the concerted effort made by a particular group to denounce this man who is openly expressing himself and for he openly called himself as oromo first .why we rush to paint him as someone very danger to the unity of ethiopia .as well know ethiopians are a divided people and it will be a futile attempt to forcefully bring these people believe our cause .we need to remember we are living in a 21 century and trying to impose our ideology on others has failed miserably despite all the atrocities that we committed against those people .if one feels threatened and mistreated ,how can we expect to regard ethiopia as his mother land .so inorder to avoid this imminent danger that is haunting us , we need to respect these people and put our selves in their shoes and feel their pain .

    • I share your view bilen, unity can’t be accomplished by force and I am afraid some people are miscalculating the resentment our southern brothers have against a unitary state. We should correct past mistakes and abandon a unitary ideology since it can’t work in our multi ethnic country.

  27. Another geragn mohamed preaching against peace loving christian ethiopians. We are not your enemy but your brother and sister. Our enemy is ignorance and poverty. We can’t achieve anything by killing eachother. Please, stop inciting violence!

  28. Can we know the name of this girl and where she is at? Remember what happened to Abdi? She may be too small to have commited the crime. Any one out here who is MAN enough to admit to it. Come on MAN.

    • hey boy, let me correct your language and say, nothing happened to Abdi. he faked the incident to unite the Oromo community in Washington DC. and, if you want to mess with Jawar or any other Oromo nationalist in Washington DC area or beyond, i dear you to try and you will find out whats going to happen. we have oromo use here in washington DC who defend oromo intelectuals who walk around DC, what makes you think, we would sit down if Habesha people attacked Abdi or jawar.

  29. Habeshas have lost the battle again. The minority ‘Ethiopia first’ abyssinians still live in the era of stone age. It’s pity!

  30. I agree with yohannis comment.this video is made by TPLF agent.to divide diaspora among ethnic and religious line and to weaken the peaceful Ethiopian muslim struggle at home.so please be wise and analyse before criticising each other.infact Jawar made a mistake and should apologise for it.

  31. I am oromo first and then ethiopian. whats wrong with that? This is 21 century and everyone is entitled to call themselves whatever they wanted to be called. As a human being let alone east africans we should respect each other and live side by side as friends, neighbors, and fellow country men. Jawar have the right to say whatever he wants to say. So stop waisting your time to condemn his free speech. Every ethiopian ethnic group should proud of themselves and call them self first their ethnic name and then ethiopian. With respect our differences should make us stronger not weaker as you guys are suggesting. SO is should be like these: family first, ethnicity second, and country third.

  32. Who the hell is this girl to call our hero Jaal. Jaarra AbbaaGadaa butcher? Did she forget the real butcher and blood sucker Minilik? Why she still mask her face;You see how she is ashamed of her own words. Let me speak out clearly. I am Instructor in Ambo University, though I am International student in Europe for time bieng. I fully support Jawar on his tremendous work for freedom of Oromo and other oppressed nations in Ethiopian Empire.This is rubbish collection of words out of context. Jawar’s views are the truth we all know. The one making this rubbish collection will face justice soon. Let’s scratch deep into who is she. No doubt she is one of hatred Habeshas spreading hate speech violating US Law. We Love Jawar whatever you say, we will collect Petition to demolish Minilik statue in Addis; he is as equally as important as memory of the Fascist Field Marshal Rodolfo Graziani statue for us. Don’t forget that we still out number you; whatsoever petition you start, you are looser. Your day is ending and our day is shining. Long live Jawar Long live Oromia!

  33. Why do these Amharas afraid and attack this young Oromo ? ?

    The Amharas fears of oromos is not something new, the past 100years the Amhara dominated governments had committed unspeakable heinous crime these three tribes (Oromos,Tigres and Eritreans),
    Now the oromos developed to see their true enemy, decided to stad up against their historical oppressors/ Amharas, in process the Amharas filled with fear since the Amharas have so much historical crime they committed against oromos, included forcing oromos to speak Amharas language, stealing oromos land to reward the Amhara tribe, do much crime which most Amharas not aware the amharas governments committed against oromos for the past 100 years.


  35. Bravo ZE-HABASHA. I believe 100% this Iawar and Oromo phobia propaganda is perfectly working for Oromos advantage. We will be united than ever before to stand against Habashas agenda of dividing oromo and destroying Oromia. This propaganda will tell the confused oromos whom the Habashas are and how both habasha group are the same. I am happy you Habashas are doing this and the response and feedback from the OPDO at home is extremely positive. I simply say it is blessing in disguise. Continue producing such movies as Woyyane has been doing for the last 22 years in futile.

    Who cares for the dead fish. Ethiopia is dead.

  36. I am Oromo of Christian Shewa I love Jawahr. Touch Jawahr and you touch me.
    Umaa has nothing to do with arab, look for another trick LOSER.

    She said exaggerating, your empire which u love your jail speak afaan Oromo. Time will come when you pay for what you all did to my people.

  37. Hi the editors of Zehabasha, I am wrting this to tell you how you stand out next to TPLF in destroying the ethiopia you are crying for. I dont agree with Jawar but I believe as a young polititian Jawar can be turned around if handled and advised by a amature person who has the intest of our country and people at heart.
    But nothing can be done t5o turn around your derty mentalitity that is far beyond remeady for you are an other exstrimist groups set out to destroy the unity you wish for. It is not lost on any body that y6ou are an out let for extrimist Amahara groups like Moresh Wegene and others in the clock of unity. Let me tel you this fact do what ever you can do employ any propaganda machine you can ever dream of, you can never be able to do any thing in Ethiopia an for you can only able if other ethiopians enable you but since every community has known you for what you are,
    rest asured to remain disabled for ever as no one will ever be willing to enable you anymore.
    Jawar need to be advised to tone down his Islamist rehtorics but Oromos will stand withy him at any cost. Your problem is obvious: you can not stand any Oromo individual who is as briliant as Jawar and many more are in the piple line as they are being educateed in the west and America. Please Amharas try to accept fact and be ready to work with educated Oromos without seeking to denigrate them by whatever excuse you can lay your hands on.
    If notforget your trusth for power and accpt Woyane rule for a while until the muslims get the chance to cick you in the ass, god for Oromos they can get along well with Muslims.


    Mr Jawar’s demand may sound legitimate when spoken against the amharas and demand but immortal one/ deportation of Amharas from every Oromo regions. Of course such anti Amhara sentiment in Oromos camp is not something new, in the past OLF already tried to deport Amharas and OLF also genocided thousands of innocent Amharas in Wollega region.

  39. first of all I had great respect for Jawrar ,he is respected by the diaspora and by the oromo people, His political consciousness and analysis far beyond his age.how ever,his recent televised speech with Aljazzera baffled many of us,We are compelling to raise so many questions about him and his political agenda.Why he did such kinds of speech at this time,what is his aim,To whom benefit to the woyane or the historical enemy of the country like Egypt,We have so many un answer questions.we must looked at carefully and appropriately his hatred speech,from my point of view,the Woyane government getting weaker and weaker and at the verge of collapse after the death of the bastard ,sadist and evil leader meles zenawi. In the mean time,peaceful demonstration among the muslim Ethiopians and the main opposition political parties has been intensified in different parts of the country.on the other hand,If it is true, Recently the foreign powers have been started and broken their silence and start speak up the release of all political prisoners , journalists and the improvements of human rights in Ethiopia.All this situation is a real danger to woyane .so ,Jawar who may be working with woyane as undercover agent to save or at least to extend the age of woyane like lidetu ayalew and Ayele chamiso and others.
    I have never denied .there had been inequality, oppression and exploitation and still exist among the people of Ethiopia,your hatred speech could never bring peace , stability,reconciliation ,development and the national unity of the country.your speech will bring bloodshed,massacre,un trust,poverty , an endless war and the extension of the brutal regime of woyane .let me give you an example the un equality of people.42% of the total land in Gambella region has been sold or given to the foreign countries under the name of investment .the indigenous inhabitants of the Gambella region forced to relocate in desert area or compelled to live like a wild animal in the forest.on the other hand,look at the woyane leaders and supported have bought a large amount of land in Addis Ababa and built the sky scrapers in the city and gather a lot of money with the blood and life of the poor Ethiopians.Jawra did you get your share from this money?.Ethiopians we don’t need extremist,narrowist and racist individual.Jawar please stop such hatred speech and avoid to support the divide and rule woyane ideology

  40. Dear All Oromo and Jawar Haters,

    You should know that the following is inevitable to be happened.
    1 – TPLF has been remained on its plan to create the self great Tigrian Nation, self rule nation.
    2 – OLF also is coming to implement its schedule
    3 – ONLF is also fighting for the same and the rest of nation and nationality are also going to use any opportunity to choose
    Therefore, would you please provide us with your proposal for Gondar and Gojam.

  41. this is what is a reality yes we are Oromo none else yes we are saying Oromia. Let me say a little about so called Ethiopia or Ethiopia of habeas. Which this site is a case of major division. What are you talking about? If you think Ethiopia is a god given name. Who named that country Ethiopia? What does it mean? Is this name came from Oromo, Amhara, Tigrey or any other tribes? Don’t really care but it is for you to answer it for your self. I on the other hand born and raised in Oromia region with a lots of tribes. I witnessed my family members killed by the Ethiopia lovers those are Amhara and Tigrey. I don’t mean the civilians who i grew up with cause we are all Oromia citizens. I can careless what they are as long as they respect my wish and let me fight my battle against ruthless and terrorist regimes.

    i kept wondering when you show video of dead once. Who really did it? Are you sure Oromo did it? You are nothing but a lier. One of those dead once are my family i know who killed him. When you show Oromo who died for just speaking his mind for what they doing he was shot infant of the whole town. Then thrown in that Hinquftu. Yet you are showing it as the Oromo killed him. Those who worked on this site and those who did editing of the video like a 5th graders. Shame on you and you will be held responsible for what you are doing. I will sue you for playing with my familes dead body video and telling falls information like you are speaking for Oromo. Those are Oromo bodies you are showing. And that was done by TPLF and used by TPLF for their propaganda. Yet we know the truth fool those with no information we have all eye witness for who did it. All i can say is JAWAR we are with you all the way. If they say all this for those words you said that I AM OROMO FIRST. can creat all this hate imagine JAWAR under their governing? They would have cut him in to pieces. That is the habeas mentality and Zehabesha site owners.

  42. First of all the Oromo needs no any political support from neftenya, and olf is our shield,life and power through its leader ship we declare the independent state of Oromia.With regard to Jawar, he had blessing night,by which he was deep rooted in the heart of every Oromo. One day by any means we shall revenge what Menilik did to our grand parents and we shall clear our land from barbaric invasion. Long live OLF…a night mare to racisim…

  43. “Talba binchacha ba and mukacha.” iyalachiwu titarritu alnaberam inde? Kenante yebeleta tagey siletegenye taleksalechihu. Yenante firacha lesu tinkare mehonun atirisu. Oromiya netsa tiwetalech, Lezih hulu rasechihun mezegajet alebachihu.
    Jewar beAl jeziraa bicha sayihon be “UN” filafit yeOromon hizb chigir yinageral. Leleksom tezegaju.
    45 miliyon hizb (oromowoch) kegonu nachew.

  44. Stop insulting Jawar and Oromo nation
    Jawar is right. We all support Jawar
    Victory to Jawar
    Victory to Oromo nation
    Freedom to Oromia
    Distruction to Oromo enamies.

  45. What kind of compromise can be made with people who donot accept releaty trying to be smart with their grand Father minilk who let them visit our holy land .his oblies should go and built in bale and used for teaching How hè commit genocide on our parent. This is the history that any body can give a comment strarting from born child narration from our olders and that we came to learn in school. Thuis is not something new to cry and to be crazy for Habesha when issue About oromo is raised , you need remady go to your preist and get babtized with watere other wise the oromophobia devilism Will not release you . What ever You say we oromos are one and the Same & ethiopianism is christian Brith certificate for us. We do you nothing wrong rather you. We are now advancing our culture language economy our éducation at speed to creatie conducive environment for you as well . It is up Habesha to propagate may be for a decade to be kicked bcs it is your behavier to act Same way as totday. Forcast when z time Will betwist is not a dream it is gonna be in Tangible action.

  46. which rule of law are you talking about? In fact you are entitled to your opnion. But compared to Jawar’s analysis your’s is non-sense. You totally missed the point.For an outsider with no idea about how Ethiopian Empire is built and how things are working right now, may seem fine.Don’t try to tell us..things you don’t really know.

  47. All of u pls don’t advocate hater. We Ethiopians are one and don’t like such ethnicity. I’m an Ethiopian from Ahmara mother and Oromo father and there are so many like me so though u preach such negative, we are still one
    Ethiopia first!!!

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