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Is the transplantation that TPLF looking for is compatible?

June 24, 2016

Dr. Baaroo Keno Deressa

For the first time in the history of Oromo people struggle against the colonialism the current TPLF colonialist regime is panicked and disoriented. It is impossible for colonialist to survive, primarily because the system of colonialism needs some blood to suck.  Colonialist regime in general to be like an eagle, but now the TPLF colonialist regime more like a vulture. It used to be strong enough to go and suck anybody’s blood whether they were strong or not. But now it has become more cowardly, like the vulture, and it can only suck the blood of the helpless. For more than 100 years the Ethiopian empire colonialist ruler suck the blood of defenseless Oromo people and other nations of the Ethiopian empire.  Now the Oromo people get united to declare their right on this earth to be a human being, to be respected as a human being, to be free from all kinds of colonization and to build a democratic Republic of Oromia. To acquire those God given right the qube generation of gallant Oromo sons and daughters across Oromia confront with bare hands the well-equipped and organized TPLF military forces and paid and still paying grateful sacrifices. After that confrontation the TPLF regime get panicked by the reaction of the Oromo people and start to act like the vulture. The TPLF government thought that the Eritrean government is internationally condemned, sanction makes the Eritrean people economy weaker and it is a perfect time to act like vulture.


The TPLF government has invested millions of dollar and enormous human power in the form of military, security agents and diplomacy to slowdown the OROMO people movement for freedom. As I have already mentioned in my previous article that TPLF is critically sick and looking for transplantation. Unfortunately there were no matched organ were found to heal the TPLF disease in Ethiopian empire. The problem is in the course of learning the art of administering, TPLF have committed such a grave mistake, including risking the life of his fellow Tigrians. The flown blood of innocent Oromo people and other nations brought them insomnia. The Oromo people and other nations in Ethiopian empire find it difficult to forgive them. So the TPLF is now looking organ transplantation in Eritrea. The question is, is there any organ available with good compatibility? TPLF betray Eritrean people many times: (In Oromo: namni galfata nyaate akka aadutti du’a).

In medical terminology, organ transplantation is often the only treatment for end state organ failure, such as liver, kidney and heart failure. The procurement of organs for transplantation involves the removal of organs from the bodies of deceased persons. This removal must follow legal requirements, including the definition of death and consent. Immunosuppressive therapy after organ transplantation is paramount for long-term outcomes and prevention of organ rejection.

TPLF start war with Eritrea for several reasons. But not for conventional war, it is an attentional war (beginning of transplantation process) to attract the Eritrean people and government attention in order to get new protection like previous one to contend the emerging Oromo people force. To be clear I would like to mention some attentional point of TPLF:

  1. Fear of the future consequences of their choices and Tigray people fate if the force behind the united Oromo people control entire country (from behind the betrayed Eritrean people and from in front the wounded lion of Oromo people).
  2. To correct his behavior of blackmailing Eritrean people in the international arena and excuse his betrayal of Eritrean people and begging the Eritrean government to expel all rebel groups like OLF, ONLF and Ginbot-7…etc)
  3. To sign death-life/consent contract in order to get good transplantation (support) to maximize the effect of immune suppressive (to guarantee the continuation of Oromo people and other nations oppression).
  4. To divert the international attention and internal movement against the TPLF act of barbarism in Oromia.
  5. Searching extra partner to protect illegally collected millions of cash money and Gold.

To know about this war between TPLF and Eritrea, it is better to understand the basic underlying process. The TPLF was assisted and guided by Eritrean people to be competent and confident in order to solidify their current position. During those solid support of Eritrean people they pass through many difficulties and challenges. I am not going to enter into the details of all evidences. But to be clear enough let me mention the highlight:

  1. Mahbare gesgisti hizbi Tigray (phase of disorganized movements)
  2. Tegadilo harinet hizbi Tigray (phase of partially organized movements)
  3. Hizbawi wayyane harinet Tigray (TPLF) (phase of well-organized under support of Eritrean people)
  4. Marxist-Leninist League of Tigray (phase of internationally appearances)
  5. Artificial collection-EPRDF (TPLF, OPDO, ANDM, SEPDM….) (phase of power control under support of Eritrean people).

The Eritrean people raised the TPLF with biological breast milk without mixing artificial bottle milk. They helped them to thrive from Mahbare gesgisti hizbi Tigray to Artificial collection EPRDF Finfinnee palace. After they brought them to Finfinnee palace they assisted them to walk and run. Later on also they encourage them to crash the OLF force and control entire country. TPLF rewarded them with painful bite of their mother breast.

So, the dilemma of TPLF is in one side the act of betrayal to Eritrean people and in another side the act of barbarism against Oromo people and other nations of Ethiopian empire.

Between this dilemma there are hundreds of Tigreans origins who became millionaires overnight and some of them is still expanding their mafia practices to be billionaires while the Oromo’s and other nations are looking for daily bread and suffering in various prison camp without any criminal act. To keep these practices safe and intact TPLF redefine the meaning of democratic governance and travel to Eritrean for transplantation (extra protection).

The real definition of Democratic government is a form of government in which the supreme power is vested in the people and exercised by them either directly or through their elected agents;… a state of society characterized by nominal equality of rights and privileges.

TPLF definition of democracy is very simple, that is respect the rule of gun, to give you good example of rule of gun is enough to mention two traitors (Ambassador Dina Mufti and Ambassador Girma Birru those two claims to be an Oromo, denies the Human Rights Watch report over killings of more than 400 Oromo protesters by TPLF security forces because they are afraid to be killed by TPLF security forces). According to the TPLF rule of gun if you are not participate in their barbaric practices such as (killing and torturing innocent civilians, students, children and women, imprisoning and humiliating political opponents and intellectuals…etc) you will face severe punishment. I am not surprised with their way of thinking because those so called leaders of TPLF come to power from the bush straight to the palace without having any training in public administration (except the training they received in dadabit on how to kill their alleged enemies mostly Oromo people and other nation in Ethiopian empire). But what the TPLF leaders is still not understand is, to be head of a nation is totally different than dadabit way. Here people expect you to respect the rule of law i.e. that means citizens should not be killed arbitrarily, ill-treated (torturing) or kept in jail without charges or trial. TPLF leaders are blinded by ignorance and arrogance and oblivious of the future consequences of their choices. The Oromo people responded them with dedication and firm stand to accelerate their struggle for freedom to these desperate measures of the TPLF regime.

TPLF leaders I am so sorry to inform you that there is no compatible organ is/will found in Eritrea too, to offer you the adequate transplantation. According to Oromo quote” Tokko goyomun gadhmudha lama goyomun harumadha” In English “Ones cheated ignorance twice is stupidity”. So the Eritrean people are still memorizing the painful bite, the international coup funded and guided by TPLF and their occupied land Badame.

The good news for Eritrean people is stand with Oromo people. The Oromo people can/will offer eternal stability and prosperous to the Eritrean people. The Oromo people is 200% trustful (when we talk about trust, don’t mix up with OPDO, OPDO is mutilated, they have chromosomal abnormality). So it is time to redoubling the support and assistance to the Oromo people struggle for freedom and justice.

The goal of my people and me is always been the same, to be free in our country and free from brutality of the colonizers, free from the evil act of the Ethiopian empire ruler and live in peace. You can’t separate peace from freedom because no one can be at peace unless he has his freedom. Everybody would like to reach his objectives peacefully. If we could get our freedom and respect the will of our people by peaceful means, well and good. But I’m also a realist. The Oromo people are the forefront champion of peace and nonviolent nation in Ethiopian empire. But that course brought again and again death award before the war is started. When a person places the proper value on freedom, there is nothing in the globe that he will not do to acquire that freedom.

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