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Harari Revival Movement Condemns the Irresponsible Action of Security Forces that Caused the Death of Hundreds of People at Irrecha Festival


HRM Condemns the Irresponsible Action of Security Forces that Caused the Death of Hundreds of People at Irrecha Festival

Press Release from Harari Revival Movement: Oct 4, 2016

Our thoughts are with the victims of Irrecha Festival. We extend our heartfelt condolences in to the families who lost their loved ones particular and to worldwide Oromo Community and Ethiopians in general. The tragic death of hundreds people who were celebrating Irracha, a cultural thanks giving festival, shows gross negligence for human life by the current TPLF/EPRDF government of Ethiopia.

HRM condemns in the strongest terms possible the irresponsible action of security forces that caused the death of hundreds of people at Bishoftu. Actually, this is not the first violent action by security forces against peaceful demonstrators who took the street to oppose corruption, injustices, oppression, land grab … et al. Since 2005, in more than two dozen demonstrations held for various reasons such against rigged election, land grab etc, tremendous number of people from different part of the country are killed and imprisoned.

The use of excessive and deadly force on people, who are peacefully demonstrating to express their God given right, is an inherent characteristic of detectors and fascist regimes. Indeed, the violent actions of TPLF/EPRDF security forces that caused the death of hundreds of peaceful demonstrators at Bishoftu, is testimonial to regime’s repressiveness and brutality.

To bring democracy, justice, and rule of law, the people of Ethiopia have no choice but keep the straggle toward the freedom alive. HRM urges all political parties, activists, and civic organizations to work to gather to free the people of Ethiopia from this tyrant regime.

Harari Revival Movement
Central Command (in cooperation with worldwide reginal command centers)


  1. ብየ ነበር…
    አይመችም ሰውን በዘር ማሰለፍ
    አሸንዳን በርችት
    እሬቻን በጥይት መቀበል
    በጎሳና በዘር እየለዩ እሳትን መለኮስ
    ብየ ነበር
    ሃገር ሃገር አትሆንም ተሰምራ በክልል
    መስሎን እንጂ የመጠቅን የሰለጠን
    የክልላችን አለቆች፤ እኛው በእኛው ተዳዳሪዎች
    የራሳችን እድል በራሳችን ወሳኞች
    ያፈራነውን ፍሬ ቀማሾች
    በቋንቋችን የኮራን
    የክልል ሰንደቃችን ከፍ ያረግን
    በልተን ለበላተኛ የምናካፍል
    በእጃችን የቀረውን ስናይ
    የተቸረን ፍርፋሪ እንጂ
    ያመረትነው ምርት አይደለም።
    እፎይ ብለን በዘራችን በቋንቋንች ስንኩራራ
    ቀኑ መሽቶ ነግቶልን ብንነቃ
    አገኘነው የዘር አሰላለፋችንን
    ሆኖ የልጆች ጫዋታ
    ያደረ እንጀራ ቁርስርስ
    የቆመ ነገር ፍርስርስ።
    እኔስ ብየ ነበር አይጠቅመንም
    ብሄራዊነት የለሌው ሰልፋችን
    ካለፈ ታሪክ ለማይማር
    እንደ ወያኔ ላለ ግራዚያኒ
    መጠቀሚያ መገልገያ
    የግዛት ዘመናቸው ማራዘሚያ
    ብልሃታቸው እኛኑ መከፋፈል በዘር በጎሳ ማሰለፍ
    ማተራመስ፤ የዘር ቁማር መጫወት።
    ሲጨንቃቸው ጊዜ ሲጨልምባቸው
    አሁን ደግሞ ይሉናል
    ጥልቅ ተሃድሶ ያሻናል
    የህዝብ ድምጽ ሰምተናል
    እስራቱ፤ ግድያው፤ አፈናና ዘርፊያው ይቀጥላል
    በማለት ቁማር ይጫወቱብናል።
    ግን በየ ነበር…. ሲፈራርሱ
    ሃገሪቱን ከላይ እስከ ታች በእሳት ሲለኩሱ
    ያለ የሌለውን ይዘው ሲኮበልሉ
    እኛም እንደ እነርሱ ያዘው ጥለፈው
    ከማለት እንድንቆጠብ፤
    የርስ በርስ ደም ማፋሰስ እንዲቆም
    አሁን ነው ጊዜው ህዝባችን የምንመክረው
    ራሱን እንዲከላከል፤ ወዳጅ ጠላቱን ለይቶ
    እሳትን በእሳት ፈትኖ
    ደም አፍሳሽን ተጋፍጦ
    የዛሬውን ገራፊ
    ህዝባችንን አስለቃሽ
    በተራው እንዲያለቅስ
    የቢሾፍቱው ብሄራዊ ሃዘናችን
    ህቡእና ግልጽ የሆነ አመጻችን
    አመድ እንዲያደርግ የዘርና የጎሳ አሰላለፋችን
    ብየ ነበር አይጠቅመንም የተናጠል ሩጫ
    ህብር ያልሆነ ፍርጥጫ፤
    ያደርገናል መሳቂያ
    ለጠላቶቻችን ማላገጫ
    ለስልጣን ጥመኞች መሰንበቻ።
    ተስፋ በወቅቱ
    መስከረም 26 2009

  2. We do not give a damn whatever the Hareri and other minority groups who have been instruments of Tigre TPLF apartheid regime to erode our long time history in the name of federalism.

    Specially Amharas have been constantly exposed for every kind of social prejudice even with minority Hareri for the last 25 yrs. But now ethinic groups like Hareri, Somalie, Wolayeta and others will pay back the price very soon.

    Amhara people of Wollo, Gondar and Gojjam including North Shoa has nothing to loss from departing unity if they come to a decision of self contained administration.

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