Four Kenyans killed in raid near Ethiopia border

ISIOLO, Kenya (Reuters) – At least four people have been killed by suspected Ethiopian raiders at a remote Kenyan village on the border with Ethiopia, police and the local member of parliament said on Sunday.

The regional police commander for Kenya’s Eastern province, Marcus Ochola, blamed the killings in Adi village in Moyale district on fighting between the Garre and Oromia communities inside Ethiopia, which “spilled into our country.”

“We are in touch with officials on the other side, Ethiopia. We have asked them to help contain this crisis, stop the killing which started inside Ethiopia,” Ochola told Reuters.

Officials on the Ethiopian side were not immediately available for comment.

MohamMud Ali, the member of parliament for Moyale, said five people had been killed in the raid and seven were missing.

“The government, security officials and administrators in Moyale have failed to do their work… I am afraid the killing will continue unless urgent actions are taken to protect and prevent further attacks and killings,” Ali told Reuters.

Police boss Ochola said security officers had had a hard time reaching the area because heavy rains had made local roads almost impassable.

Residents of Moyale said that dozens of people had been killed in clashes between the Garre and Oromia communities on the Ethiopian side of the border in the past two weeks.

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