Former Ethiopian pres Col Mengistu is alive and well…

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The Horn Times News 25 April 2013

(Getahune Bekele- South Africa)

“He is fit like fiddle and in perfect health. Never been to any hospital recently and no doctor has diagnosed him with heart condition.” The former ruler’s son-in-law who extensively travels between Johannesburg and Harare told the Horn Times in Pretoria asking for his name not to be published for security reasons.

“At his age he is very mobile and remains a physical fitness enthusiast.
I don’t know the person behind such campaign against the old man who is leading a very quiet and modest life with his wife Woubanchi Bishaw and granddaughter, Helina in foreign land.” The son-in-law who is married to Mengistu’s relative added.
His former body guard who is also a resident of Harare simply laughed off any rumor of illness let alone death when contacted by the Horn Times.
“The old man is no longer smoking. I have never seen him drinking either. The last time he got seriously ill was way back in 1998 where he declined to go to Cuba for treatment and travelled to South Africa to see a specialist. Since he has been healthy and strong.” The ex body guard said.
Another close associate of the former leader and a well known business man in Harare whose name and physical address is known to the Horn Times said he met the elderly couple over the weekend (20 April) and again on Tuesday 23 April. According to the business man, the 75 year old Mengistu is not even aware of the news of his death going viral on the net and various social media sites.

Described as part of the generation of US educated African leaders with the likes of Charles Taylor who later ruthlessly turned on the US and became an avowed enemies of imperialism, millions remember the firebrand communist Mengistu H.mariam among other things for verbal exchanges he had with the late US president Ronald Reagan in early 80s .
Mengistu, the man who imposed doctrinaire Stalinist Marxist ideology on Ethiopia, publicly belittled and humiliated Reagan by repeatedly referring to him as “Mr. Reagan”, an insult both the president and the state department find it difficult to stomach after the fiery Reagan accused him of taking Ethiopia from being Africa’s bread basket to a miserable hungry nation.
Although Mengistu tried to mend relations with the west after the collapse of communism through his moderate Prime Minister Tesfaye Dinka, both the Arab world and westerners hasten his down fall by arming and financing secessionist groups such as the rapacious Tigre People Liberation Front, TPLF.
His 17 years of chaotic and bloody rule was ended in May 1991 when he ultimately fled to Zimbabwe.
However, the false news of his death which was widely disseminated by his enemies didn’t draw celebrations as they expected, even from the victims of his red terror campaign and victims of collectivization, nationalization and brutal repression.
Here are some of the comments made by Ethiopians around the world
from all walks of life… on face book…

Kalid Ibnu Welid-“Long live Mengistu.”
Mesi Tesfaye-“Chastised when alive and praised when departed, oh man.”
Bilisuma Fikiralem Ethiopiawit-“Mengistu and woyanne are not the same at all. Mengistu, if it is true that you are dead, rest in peace.”
Eshetu Zemach-“F***k Mengistu”
Tata Messi-“I love Mengistu.”
Dave Wase-“Even though he was a dictator, Mengistu is still my hero. Is the woyanne any better because they detain secretly and massacre under the guise of democracy? Mengistu’s open practice of killing was better. Death to woyannes!”


  1. Long live Mengistu. He is the best Nationalist Leader. And God loves him because he was fighting for the truth. He is going to live longer and see all the woyannes kill each other.

  2. mengistu was a leeader for 17 yrs. like it or not he was the top executive. but to post a very bad word, like this Eshetu Zemach above, is a sign of low education and probably comes from a “demo” JeLe’. anyway, glad pres. mengistu is well and in good health.

  3. Menguistu’s era had never been chaotic nor bloody or repressive as stated above. Mengistu is the only man in the Ethiopian history who stood for the poor peasants and daily labourers. It was during his regime poor peasants been entitled to own their own farm land and poor urban residents felt proud as a citizen and been granted a previlage of having their own shelter which later both parties has been evicted by the brutal,racist and inhuman TPLF regime from their farms and residences respectivelly.

    I wish for Colonel Mengistu centuries old life and healthy life.

  4. Mengistu is a mass murdere who had killed one generation in the name of one Ethiopia rhetoric. He deserves a speedy trial when the right time comes and hung in public as same as the weyane evil criminal members, not a sympathy or support. Appparently, there are some gullible and naïve Ethiopians who are simply driven by emotion and become a blind sympathizers of Mengistu as same as the blind sympathizers of Meles zenawi. But we all have to understand that the struggle against tyranny is not to replace one notorious murderer dictator with another murderer dictator in stead to bring a basic democracy , freedom and justice that servers everyone equal where every single citizens can be treated equally, therefore those who are singing an empty song as if Mengistu was a country lover are not different from weyane supporters who sings that meles is a great leader, and yet we should fight all types of dictatorship and yet MENGISTU = MELES = HITLER, not because they are different physically but they are all mass murderers ….i hate to hear the stupid argument among some Ethiopians trying to put Mengistu as a better person than meles and vise verse, instead the truth is that both are mass murderers who should pay the price for the evil crimes that they committed against humanity. Moreover, I see this labeling dirty game not only from weyane side where all the evil weyane members and their blind supporters label everyone who opposes their crimes as either a Derg, Shabia, Neftegna and so on…the same dirty labeling game is being used by some arrogant so called oppostions who labels everyone who oppose Mengistu as EPRP and weyane …but the truth is that we oppose not their personality but their evil crimes….we Ethiopians are tired of those who uses a dirty game to advance their crimes…

    • Rosa, I agree with you that Mengistu was a killer. But, I am afraid your equation Mengistu=Meles is overstated. Despite the atrocities he committed, Megistu was a patriot who loved his country, unlike Legesse(Meles who was nothing more than a shameless and ruthless traitor.

  5. Ladies and gentlemen, we Ethiopians have been fooled by the enemies of Ethiopia, i.e. our enemies. They Hate Col. Mengistu not due to what hapened in Ethiopia during his rule, rather than they were scared of the developent of nationalism.

    To day it the dirty bloody band the tplf/tigres eho spread the false information. The bunches of the tplf/tigre are always liars. They are not humans.

    However we wish good health to the Colonel.

  6. Getahun bekele-ante tinbatam gala-min ebak tashikabitalek? for me mengistu and meles are the same-yehonk korokonda! yihe turura barya shankila yeminaminte dekala is the enemy of Amhara as much as meles seytanawi! wisha neger nehe-just because you hate weyane like i do, you adore the blood sucker dictator? shame on you-bishik never! @ mekedm-ye hone deneze dingay raw-i think you are one of his killing machine-enaten lib dat!

  7. Who care whether he is alive or dead! He will die one day and God will punish him forever.
    Ye Ethiopian Hizb Dem Yeteta Aremene.

  8. Who care whether he is alive or dead! He will die one day and God will punish him forever.
    Ye Ethiopian Hizb Dem Yeteta Aremene.

    I consider he is already DEAD and useless.

  9. It seems to me we are ignoring that he is the root cause of the situation in our country. What is all the buss about him. His hands are also stained with blood. What we are witnessing now is the psycological effect of the red terror he inflicted upon the people and Stalinistic leadership made the people docile, fearful and submissive to these banda leaders. He ordered the killing of all those educated individuals including his military colleagues to stay in power. If he did not come into the picture then and did not so such mess who knows what would have been the fruit of “meret le arashu and ekulene le hulum” struggle-may be a real democracy? One should not forget what he did . He made the country brain drain too. He should have been tried in the World Court. But he will answer when he face his Creator. No one is immune of that. Mengistu operated like Stalin but Melese and his cadres are operating in the coutry as colonizers and as Hitler by engaing in ethnic cleansing of those who truly believe in Ethioopiawinet. Such henious crime will not accomplish their agenda but will destroy them permanently. Death to those who are engaged in destroying Ethiopia and her beloved innocent people. One more thing in my opinion we should be focusing on the children (the future of Ethiopia)who are being destroyed in Gura Ferda , Gigiga, and Benshanguil plus the land grab by China, Arabs, India(we should pay attenton what kind of crime they are doing to their young women in their coutry-rapping five yrs old child. these so called investors are bringing their own crimnals as laborers for road construction and farming etc). Wayne is destroying the fabric of our traditional life from the core. These investors are allowed to mistreat our people. These and other issues of our country worries me not Mengistu. He lived long without paying for his crime.

  10. Mengistu is a mass murdere who killed and slaughter over 100 thousand people.

    He is no better than Nazi Meles.Both have not done anything for their country.
    I know Meles is not around “Thanks God ” but, Some one has to bring Mengistu
    and hung him naked in Addis. I hope it will be soon

  11. Usualy I ignore tagadelties and tegadalaies, devils and she devils of Tigre because I despise them both as people and as individuals. These hunger stricken and parasite infested, stinking Agames threatening to rape my 72 year old mother and posting that evil desire on the internet only exposes their savageness and sheer brutality. The TPLF cadre who gave his name as Saint must be among those who grow up on the hills of Adwa chewing bomb shrapnel due to extreme hunger and bone crashing poverty like the dead cannibal Meles Zenawi.
    His comment also exposes why Mekele and Adwa are called the rape capitals of east Africa. But I didn’t know that TPLF cadres are raping 72 year old non Tigres or as he put it the Gallas, a derogatory term used by the ruling minority Tigres to humiliate the mighty Oromos.
    I beg all Ethiopians both at home and abroad who see the comment made by
    saint to be witnesses.
    Behold, because her son is a dissident writer, a 72 year old mother is openly threaten with rape by a TPLF cadre.

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