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Belay Zeleke was an Ethiopian patriot, military leader, and politician. He played a significant role in Ethiopian history during the Italian invasion of Ethiopia in the 1930s. Zeleke was born in 1896 in the Gojjam region of Ethiopia. He joined the resistance against the Italian occupation, leading a guerrilla campaign against the invaders.

Zeleke became known for his bravery and strategic prowess in organizing resistance movements. He operated mainly in the northwestern part of Ethiopia, where he led numerous successful attacks against Italian forces. His efforts inspired many Ethiopians to join the resistance against the occupation.

Although Zeleke’s forces inflicted heavy casualties on the Italian army, they were eventually overwhelmed by the superior firepower and resources of the invaders. Zeleke was captured by the Italians and executed in 1936.

Despite his capture and execution, Belay Zeleke remains a symbol of Ethiopian resistance against foreign aggression and occupation. He is remembered as a hero in Ethiopian history, and his legacy continues to inspire generations of Ethiopians.

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