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Eviction of innocent peoples from their home is a crime against humanity – (OLF Press Release)

April 12, 2012

OLF Press Release | April 11, 2012

The Oromo Liberation front strongly believes that any members of nations, nationalities, and people of Ethiopia have the inalienable rights to live in all parts of Ethiopia without any fear of eviction or expulsion.

The Oromo Liberation front advocates that in Ethiopia, governed by true federal system all Ethiopian citizens have inviolable constitutional rights to live in any federal states in Ethiopia. The Oromo Liberation Front strongly condemns the current eviction of innocent children, women, and elders of Amhara ethnic members from Southern nations, nationalities and peoples’ region by TPLF agents.

This wayyane’s secret and coded arrangements expulsion of innocent people is intended solely to extend their economic and political power by sowing the seeds of hate and fear amongst Ethiopian population must be condemned and exposed. Committing egregious crimes against Ethiopian people has been the actions of TPLF since it took the power in Ethiopia. Ethnic cleansing against Anuak people in Gambela; mass eviction & killing in ogaden, Afars, Sidama and oromia regions; Wayyanne instigated conflict between Gumize people and Oromo in Western Oromia which costs the lives of more than 500 people; wayyanee’s continuous interference in religion affairs and its sinister motive to start conflict between Christian and Muslim Ethiopians who have been living together peacefully for century. These are the few crimes committed by TPLF regime should be remembered when we talk about wayyane’s evil action against any member of Ethiopian society

The Oromo Liberation Front believes the current eviction of Ahamara people from the place they have lived for many years is not the wish of southern nations and nationalities, but it’s the evil plan of TPLF to create chaos and enmity among Ethiopia peoples.

The Eviction of innocent children, women and elders from the place they were born, grew up and build families because of their ethnicity is not only unacceptable crime against humanity, but it is the most evil action one should not tolerate in the 21st Century.

The Oromo liberation front holds TPLF regime responsible for all inhuman, social unrest and cruelty of its sinister action against Ethiopian people. For this reason wayyanne regime should be condemned by all peace loving people around the world.

The motive behind the wayyanne regime’s eviction of the Amahara people from the place they have lived, which they have the rights to live in, is wayyanne’s long plan to create enmity amongst Ethiopia people, and while the Ethiopian people fight among themselves, TPLF plans to stay in power for ever.

Therefore, this evil plan should be exposed and all Ethiopian nations and nationalities should work together to remove Wayyanne regime from power.

OLF Chairman
G.Kemal Gelchu

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