Ethiopian Muslims nothing to do with Al-Shabab or Al-Qaida

Kirubel Tadesse of AP and TPLF Propagand go hand in hand
by Dulla

In reporting about the recent conviction of Al Shabeb agents, Kirubel connects protests by Ethiopian Muslims with Al Shabab and Al Qaida. He claims that “The verdicts come amid signs of increasing militancy in the East African nation”. Then talks about Ethiopian Muslims as part of this militancy instead of victims of the regime.

Kirubel Tadesse should be ashamed of himself in implicating domestic Muslims grievances with Al Shabab directly or indirectly. Al Shabab is a Somali based organization with different and radical agenda, clearly collaborating with terrorist organization like Al Qaida. The Ethiopian Muslims have nothing to do with Al Shabab or Al Qaida. Ethiopians Muslims, as well as Christians decry Al Shabab and Al Qaida.

Kirubel writing from Addis Abeba is acting as a surrogate reporter for the Ethiopian regime to implicate indirectly that the Ethiopian Muslims are in collusion or share a similar views with other terrorist organizations. Shame on AP for not editing and throwing out such garbage in the thrash.

Kirubel should may be in the pockets of the Ethiopian regime, as he has continued to spit government views instead of reporting facts or representing AP. AP should make a note that the recent protest in Ethiopia has nothing to do with Al Shabab or Al Qaida. To connect legitimate grievances of Ethiopian Muslims with the likes of Shabab and Al Qaida is criminal and blasphemous journalism.

AP and Kirubel Tadesse should apologize to the Ethiopian Muslims and to the Ethiopian people for these blasphemous and erroneous reports. He claims that the recent protest in Arsi, in other parts of Oromia, Amhara region, in Addis and other regions are connected Muslim upheavals in the region similar to those in Somalia.

Unless revoked, this will encourage and entitle the Ethiopian regime to use maximum and deadly force to eradicate any legitimate opposition in Ethiopia. If Ethiopians tolerates this kind of distortion and lies, the U.S. may even join the regime to send it drones to kill Ethiopians, as it has done in other countries to kill those branded as terrorists. As most people in Ethiopia and around world know, the only known terrorist organization in Ethiopia is TPLF and the ruling party.

AP should immediately admonish Kirubel Tadesse and apologize to the Ethiopian people, especially to Ethiopian Muslims whose life is on the line.

Please write to AP and send your comments to repudiate this kind of yellow and erroneous reporting.

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