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Ethiopian Government Says TPLF Killed Over 100 Young Residents of Seized City

November 1, 2021
The Ethiopian government said on Monday that rebels from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) killed more than 100 young people living in the northern city of Kombolcha, captured by the insurgents on past weekend.
“The terrorist group TPLF has summarily executed more than 100 youth residents of Kombolcha in areas it has infiltrated. The international community should not turn blind eye to such atrocities,” Ethiopia’s government communication service said on Twitter.
The north of the African country has been engulfed by an internal conflict for almost a year. In November 2020, the authorities blamed the TPLF dominating the political landscape of Ethiopia for almost three decades for attacking a military base. The government forces launched a counter-operation, supported by neighboring Eritrea.
In spring 2021, Ethiopia announced the withdrawal of Eritrean troops from the Tigray region. In June, the rebels seized the administrative centre of Tigray, Mekelle, prompting the government to declare a ceasefire. However, the insurgents later said that they stepped up offensive and established control of a major part of the south of Tigray.


  1. Thus is a very painful political stupidity of the so called Prosperity ruling elites ! After all the the devastating civil war from Rays and Kobo all the the way down to Kombolcha, they are counting dead bodies innocent citizens and broadcast it as good news! Terribly stupid and brutal!!!

  2. Time to Organize for own safety and Protection!!!
    Alas, enough is enough, PM Abiy is not who he says he is but the collaborator of OLF, OLA and Tigre terrorist group of Amhara murderers.
    PM Abiy and Prosperity party have become the announcer of Amhara massacre project executed by the Tigre and Oromo terrorists instead of the protector of their people who they claim to lead. The leadership of PM Abiy has not transparency, loyalty and leadership skills especially when it comes Amhara people. In fact his action speaks very loud if one looked how relax PM Abiy was in his recent usual boring, undisturbed, unalarmed and speech regarding Dessie tragic news.
    It is inevitable that the situation will get worse for Amharas unless they ignore who ever tells them to rest their trust on the government and start to organize themselves. It is already late but better than too late to start to organize and to fight back who comes to slaughter them and assure their own safety, freedom and pride. Amharas are not known as timid and running away from attackers. Tigre or Oromo terrorists are not different humans the only difference is they are organized and attack in groups. So it is easy to do the same or even better.

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