Ethiopia: When terrorist became judges and the innocent turn in to terrorist

thiopians V.S. Woyane

The defendants are guilty on one count only; they proved the TPLF led regime posed as Ethiopian government is illegitimate and corrupt. The Judges that deliver the guilty verdict are hired gun. If truth telling makes them terrorists so we all are terrorists. The regime should stop its crud jock on the lives of the people and surrender peacefully while it can.
by Teshome Debalke

The causality of the illegitimate and increasingly desperate regime and its kangaroo court is mounting. While the guilty parties are roaming the streets the innocent are charged, convicted and sent to jail.

TPLF rotten foundation is crumbling on its own weight. Infested in atrocities and corruption it is gambling on the lives of Ethiopians to get by. Until the regime voluntarily or involuntary surrenders crimes it perpetuate on Ethiopians are the sole responsibility of the tyrant and his executioners.

The drama of the desperate dictator and the synchronized trumpet of its stooges shouldn’t surprise anyone. Short of surrendering, it is their way of crying for help-knowing they don’t have much choice but to commit more crimes to cover up the previous crimes.

The 24 brave Ethiopians condemned this week by TPLF’s kangaroo court masquerading as legitimate House of Justice is not new to shock anyone, especially the messenger boys that conspire to carry out their daily order at will. For those that misunderstood the nature of tyranny expect more surprises to come, whishing away isn’t going to do any good.

In the latest drama, Endeshaw Adane, the lead judge handed the tyrant’s wishes on the innocent. In his own little bubble he was delivering justice under a banner of Ethiopian ‘Federal Constitution’, translated to mean TPLF’s wish list. When adults wear costumes and swear to uphold the wishes of tyranny in a cover of ‘The Constitution’ it is a sign we need to convert the universities that produce them in to prisons. Beyond the verdict, the unforgivable crime against the people is making a mockery of the institution of justice and living to see the next day.

Endehaw’s own words speak volume how an out of control cadre posed as a judge is parroting his boss’s script as ordered to do so; he said;

There is no way other than democratic elections to attain power in the country, and what they said is clearly against the constitution,

The script word by word came straight out of his boss, Melse Zenawi. It conformed the ‘Federal’ ‘Judge’ is a cadre dispensing his wishes to please his boss. His official duty to interpret the ‘Law’ on its merit based on the evidence went out the window. Instead, the mindless cadre started wondering around in a fishing expedition to find anything by sticking his nose where it doesn’t belong. Before we know it, he will throw his black rob and turn in to an Election Commissioner to tell us Woyane won by 99.6% and the remainder (04%) are all terrorist, including his 24 victims. It is a classic example of how tyranny can make a willing person to be walking dynamite and the innocent terrorist. He reversed the definition and the role of terrorism in a service of tyranny against the innocent. If this is not aiding and abiding terrorism we don’t know what is.

The falsely convicted are regular folks that rattled the tyrant nest to make him and his stooges sleepless. Their only offense was rightly telling the regime it is illegitimate and terrorizing the people and needs to go peacefully. Their chosen weapon was a ballpoint pen. If there was normality in tyranny they would have gotten prizes and praises for being brave to tell the truth. But, their superb job of showing the tyrant he is a chicken with no leg to stand on landed them in jail.

If Woyane stooges don’t get it-after 21 years of one man rule, they might as well come out of the closet and declare they are mindless zombies instead of judges, prosecutors, professors, reporters…and. The rest of the hoopla is noting more than a background noise and delaying tactics aimed to silence and terrorize Ethiopians from telling the regime for what it is until it surrenders.

The stooges finally reached the crossroad they have been avoiding for too long; The People’s Court. The People Verses Woyane stooges, the charge, ‘conspiracy to subvert the people’s freedom’. Pleading guilty would be the best way out of the mess they put themselves in.

The exercise of dressing up handpicked cadres and dressing them a black robe to legitimize a tyrant’s rule is not new. Even though the stooges don’t understand their amateur drama wouldn’t qualify for school play like many dramas the tyrants use to stay alive to keep us busy and guessing. What is odd in this particular exercise of futility is wearing black robs instead of military fatigue or head hoods to show their true identity.

We don’t know why they even try to fake it. They know their tyrant makes the rules, prosecutes, convicts and jails. The one-in-all regime goes beyond to rams his kangaroo court’s verdict in our ears and threatened us to accept it or else… while the stooges sing halleluiah.

The same crude jock happens in the Election Board, the Parliament, the Press Agencies, and the Security Agencies etc. All the performances with the same scripts coming from the tyrant’s headquarter are simply to legitimize an illegitimate regime by all means necessary. How come it is hard for the noisy cadres to accept we all know and letting them know we know is not a crime but, the law?

Increasingly, the stooges are confused and don’t know what to make of the unpredictable behavior of the regime and the consequences. They did everything they could to help get it where it is including committing the highest possible treason to reach a point-of-no-return. They came to a point of what to do with the embarrassingly spiteful, atrocious and corrupt regime they propped it up to be. The old edict, ‘here is the monster you created to face it’ came home to roost.

While the dying tyrant is gasping for air, let’s watch for his frantic stooges carefully before they do something out of desperation as we witnessed in the kangaroo court this week.

However, many Ethiopians still believe the regime is another tyranny, may be a little more or less corrupt and atrocious than others doing its things. Not really, watching its behavior overtime the delusional regime display a behavior consistent with psychopathic tendency to believe what it does is the absolute right. Therefore, alike ordinary tyranny that expects obedience to its cruel rule, Woyane expect more; legitimacy it never had and will never earn by force-a bad combination with far more consequences.

To-be-or-not-to-be a tyrant’s stooge is a tough decision to make. Those that picked the dishonorable occupation disgraced their families, friends, the people and the country on the top of being accomplice to crimes.

The era of tyranny is over, let’s get used to it. The stooges will be better-off accepting the reality and taking responsibility sooner than later. They would do themselves a favor if they can salvage the little; if any dignity left in them out of the beating they endured serving tyranny for too long.

Ethiopians should not agonize over what happened to the heroic leaders sent to Woyane’s dungeons. We should celebrate them for their heroic sacrifice to free us from tyranny and do the minimum expected of us to free them from the comfort of our retreats.

As they say, talk is cheap and freedom is not free.

This article is dedicated to all our modern day heroes in Woyane’s dungeons and beyond. If it wasn’t for you tyranny would have buried our people’s sprint under the concert it is erecting. Whatever happens, your deed would carry us where we need to be.

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