Ethiopia to test GERD’s electricity generation capacity


Close to 79 percent of the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD) has been accomplished and the dam would conduct preliminary energy generating trial this year, according to GERD project management.

In connection with 10th anniversary of the commencement of the GERD , the GERD project Manager Kifle Horo said the Dam, which is 1,780 meters high and expected to generate 15,695 GWh annually, would start pre-operational energy generation pilot this year.

Kifle noted that over 91 percent of the civil works, 54 percent of hydro-steel structure and 53 percent of the electro-mechanical progresses have been completed.

“The dam is expected to reverse the long standing problem of low access to basic services due to shortage of energy supply the country has been encountering,” he said.

Kifle added that the dam can also serve for fishery, tourism, sediment trap, reduce evaporation, regulates fluctuation of water volume, energy uplift, and creating economic integration among African countries.

“Besides, the dam has environmental relevance by reducing the carbon emission by replacing thermal power plants.

The filling mechanism can be adjusted to seasonality and delay of filling during depending on hydrological condition of the year. ”

Preliminary energy generation trial and second dam filling are the two decisive momentous to be completed in 2021, it was learnt.

Engineer Sileshi Bekele (Ph.D), stressed that Ethiopia tributes about 77 billion cubic meter of water to the Nile river annually being Tekeze and Abay rivers the major contributors.

Sileshi added that Ethiopia as a landlocked country should make use of its domestic rivers to well exploit the water trade potential with a view to getting rid of rain-fed agriculture.

Prof. Yakob Arsano, on his part, stressed that Ethiopia resides the right to rule over its natural resource so long as it is in line with the international law.

The GERD is a developmental project to quench Ethiopia’s piled up electricity supply thirst and should not be perceived as a cause for conflict, he noted.


Source: Ethiopian Herald


  1. Ya-akhi el-Sisi! You want something binding attached to the dam? I just found an excellent solution. I was at a hardware store the other day looking for a rope strong enough to bind some protruding branches on one the mature trees in my backyard. I came across some binding ropes made of strands of carbon steel, tungsten and titanium. I am thinking about sending the ones made of tungsten and titanium to that fire spitting patriot Obbo Dr. Sileshi bin Bekele so he can use to bind the dam and also the river itself. He knows what to do with it. All he will have to do is drop the rope from the top of the dam to the ground floor. Binding done!!! He has Allah given deed on the river in his hand and all he has to is bind it with a tungsten and titanium rope. See how easy it is? This way el-Sisi will not be losing the river forever!

    Meanwhile, I call upon all those powers who have armed el-Sisi to the teeth for unjustifiable reasons to refrain their orphan in Al-Qahirah from using their F-16’s, Mirages and SU-35’s on those innocent black folks for using their Allah given property to lift themselves out of abject poverty. They should also remember that Egyptian rulers have a history of using band chemical weapons when they are embarrassed on the battlefields. They had that on their own kin and kit in Yemen in the 1960’s. There should not be blinking at this fact!!!!

  2. Good news folks!China confirmed to the Ethiopian diplomats that China will assist Ethiopia by sending Chinese military troops on the ground along with Chinese fighter jets on the sky to defend GERD if Egypt or Sudan decide to attack GERD. China had claimed to have an invested on GERD and will not let it get blown up by anyone without a fight, even if Ethiopia chooses not to take military action China is willing to take all the military action, that way the Chinese military doesn’t have to do joint military operation with Ethiopia.

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