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Ethiopia: Man fatally shot, dozens wounded at packed Degahbour bar

(Ogaden) — Dozens of civilians were wounded yesterday afternoon in crowded Degahbour Bar after Ethiopian soldiers opened fire as confirmed by locals and our reporters on the ground.

Some locals said they heard crackling gunfire from Ethiopian soldiers, whom they described as laughing and drunk. “They were all drunk and shooting all over the place,” said one local resident who refused to provide his name for safety reason.

One of the seriously injured civilian is named Deeq Sheikh Ismail. He was taken to the local hospital where there are no medical Doctors or trained Nurse.

Locals attribute to this act as the ‘only’ way the Ethiopian army and its associated militias could retaliate against the recent heavy military losses they have sustained in the hands of the Ogaden National Liberation Army (ONLA) personnel.Ogaden Online Report

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