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Eritrea: Earthquake Witnessed in Asmara and Massawa Cities

Asmara — An earthquake measuring 5 Richter scale was today witnessed in Asmara and Massawa cities at 12:04:23 PM local time.

Reports indicated that the tremor had its cores at the distances of 67 Km. north-east Asmara and 18 Km. north-west of Massawa port city, and that its depth was gauged as 10 Km.

Experts described the current incident as the one with greater intensity when compared with a similar experience registered in the year 2002 although no harm was reported. They further made remarks pertaining to the cautionary measures nationals should take in case of such instance.

In this connection, similar quakes reportedly occurred in Chile, Turkey, Argentina, Albania, Indonesia, Fox Islands, Aleutian Islands, Dominique, Southern Italy, Greece, Bolivia, Solomon Islands and Taiwan respectively.


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