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ENTC condemns the barbaric crimes by the Saudis!

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November 12, 2013

ENTC condemns the barbaric crimes by the Saudis!

The Ethiopian National Transitional Council (ENTC) leadership and all its members are outraged by the current unspeakable crimes that are being committed on our Ethiopian brothers and sisters in Saudi Arabia. Our citizens are being brutally murdered, beaten and thrown to jail. In addition to this, we are particularly saddened by the outrageous and barbaric acts of organized youth gangs who  ingle out Ethiopians, beat and force out men from their homes and rape vulnerable Ethiopian women. ENTC strongly condemns these brutal actions by Saudi security forces and organized youth gangs and extends its heartfelt sorrow for the victims.

It is unfortunate for our people and our country that we have an unpatriotic regime that has been unsuccessful in providing the Ethiopian Youth with adequate job opportunities. Fertile land is being taken away from the people and handed over to the very people who are now committing these crimes on Ethiopians. The Ethiopian youth have therefore been “voting with their feet” and leaving Ethiopia to the Middle East, Africa and Europe by the masses in search of better economic future. Prior to the recent deterioration of relationships between the corrupt TPLF/EPRDF regime and the Saudi Government, thousands of Ethiopian women were recruited and shipped by TPLF affiliated business to work as maids in the Middle East.

It is one of the shining histories of Ethiopia, being the only country who had given asylum to the Prophet Mohammed in the dire times. The kind people of Ethiopia turned their faces to the birth place of the Prophet in their trying times and this is what they got. Islam is peace and the Holy Koran teaches kindness. These thugs and the Saudi government which is an accomplice to these heinous acts, surely do not have any humanity let alone to be religious.

ENTC not only strongly condemns the above brutalities but calls on all Ethiopians to assist our brothers and sisters in the Middle East. We demand that the TPLF/EPRDF regime immediately start helping those Ethiopians who want to return back to Ethiopia and provide easy access to any Ethiopian citizen that needs consular assistance. ENTC further demands that the Ethiopian Foreign Ministry to document abuses perpetrated against Ethiopians by Saudi security forces, organized youth gangs and abusive domestic worker employers and demand justice from the Saudis. The Council also urges Ethiopians abroad to contact their government and make them aware of the fearful situation Ethiopians live in the Middle East.

As such, the leadership council of the ENTC has conducted an emergency meeting and agreed on the following action plans to be executed as soon as possible:

  1. Work with other groups in coordinating and participating protests all over the world
  2. Following this press release, ENTC will write letters to the United Nations and other international organizations on the issue
  3.  ENTC is preparing a notification letter to the Saudi Arabia embassies around the world cautioning them of the dreadful consequences that these barbar

ENTC Leadership



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