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End the Generational and Generations’ Mistakes and Urgently Unite Ethiopia!

All those that joined the conference agreed and declared   after 30 years of ethnic fracture  that Ethiopia   suffered must  be no more and end

No more ethnic division
The TPLF constitution must be  abolished

Declaration of no more imposition of Ethnic divide and rule colonialism against Ethiopian unity, Agency, identity  and liberty

First:  let us finally close the ethnic division chapter that recklessly has made the people that should live peacefully to be always in conflict.

Second: let all those who are in politics to come together to create the one and one Ethiopia   united and freed from the generation old ethnic fracturing by the politics borrowed from  1884-85 Berlin Conference colonial divide and rule scramble for Africa.

Third let us all learn about Ethiopianism and why Ethiopia must never be under ethnic division when the world values Ethiopia as the spiritual public good feeder to the world.

Fourth: Let all Ethiopians learn and know Ethiopia is also the pride of Africa serving as the example in making Africa independent by making Addis Ababa the African capital city with the Africa Union headquarters  being now from 58 years!.

Fifth: Let us all learn to value our values, value Ethiopia’s rich history, value the spiritual heritage, the knowledge heritage and the struggle heritage by learning from the Great Adwa Great African victory.

Sixth: Let us also value the rich lessons from the Adwa African victory over World Empire. Adwa Great African victory lives to strengthen Pan-Africanism and the African Renaissance for our time and the future. The Africa Union, all the current African states, the entire African Diaspora and even all those nations across the world that have been colonized are welcome to participate and contribute and spread vast education and awareness to reach every African child, woman and man across the world that unity matters and division must end forever.

Prof Mammo Muchie

Where there is hate, may love replace it, where there is conflict, may reconciliation beat it, where there is bitterness, let forgiveness prevail to remove it. Let us go for the great Ethiopia that is always united to make her prosperous well-being anchored, green, smart, inventive, innovative, creative, entrepreneurial, talented and loving and God fearing one people moving along the path of a life-journey full of curiosity, sense of wonder, intelligence, education, wisdom, knowledge and happiness. Let us remove the division vice and go for unity virtue.



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