Egypt & Ethiopia: The war of two morons – By Abebe Gellaw

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Abebe Gellaw
Abebe Gellaw

By Abebe Gellaw

Just like the proverbial bald men fighting over a comb, two unpopular regimes in Cairo and Addis Ababa have lately ended up being ridiculed and jeered across the world for their absurdities. With that melodrama, the long standing loveless relationships between Egypt and Ethiopia have hit rock bottom. It appears that the root cause of the recent debacles by the two beleaguered regimes appears to have little to do with water security but the maddening internal crises that both wanted to divert attention from.
The comedy was started by none other than the foolhardy TPLF that sent out its poodle Demeke Mekonen and the Eritrean-born Amhara leader “Bereket Simon” (aka Comical Simon) to openly declare a top “secret” undertaking. On the occasion of the 22nd anniversary of the fall of a brutal military junta and the rise of TPLF’s apartheid, Comical Simon and his colleagues came up with the most absurd idea that triggered an absurd war of words. Following a carelessly crafted bravado, the officials declared that the TPLF regime had “diverted” the Nile. But it turns out that the bravado was far from the truth and extremely misleading. The blazing propaganda claimed that Abay was now totally harnessed and diverted from its natural course. And yet, given the sensitivity of the Nile waters, the unnecessary spin was a total madness.

The news in English released by state-run media outlets and distributed globally reads: “The diversion of the course of Abay (Nile) River was successfully undertaken on Tuesday to make way for the construction of the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD).

“Speaking at the a ceremony held at Guba, site of the GERD in Benishangul Gumuz State, President of the GERD Construction Public Coordination Council and Deputy Prime Minister Demeke Mekonnin said the diversion of the River has been successfully done to utilize the resource for national interest…. Demeke said the government would remain focused to realize the vision of the late Great leader Meles Zenawi and martyrs, thereby promoting the Ethiopian Renaissance.” (ERTA May 28, 2013)

Ethiopia, being the major source of the Nile that generates 85 percent the total water flow, has every right to utilize its water. The monopoly that Egypt and Sudan exercise over the Nile is based on archaic myths and an unacceptable colonial era fraud committed by Britain to water its cotton plantations. Ethiopia was not part of the fraudulent arrangement. It is clearly not only unacceptable but also unsustainable. Nonetheless, TPLF’s bravado of declaring “the successful diversion of Abay” is quite obviously a moronic act.

One could notice that the clumsy spin doctor Comical Simon and his collaborators attained nothing but notoriety that defies the norms of modern diplomacy and international relations. On May 30, Comical Simon even appeared on Al Jazeera, which also happily amplified the TPLF-generated news. “The River Nile has been a source of life for millions over the centuries. Now Ethiopia is diverting water to build a giant dam pushing those downstream who depend on the river to wonder when and whether this issue can be resolved peacefully,” David Foster, the presenter of Inside Story, said adding emphatically that the issue can lead to “death on the Nile.”

Foster exaggerated the dam’s impact using data from the Egyptian misinformation campaign.  He said that the loss of water for Egypt, as a result of the construction of the dam, is estimated between 11 to 19 billion cubic meters. “An idea of what that means, a four million cubic meters of loss could turn a million acres of land into a desert…An expert says that would cause two million Egyptian families to lose their livelihoods. The Ethiopian dam could also affect Egypt’s electric supply by 25 to 40 percent, it is argued, which would leave upper Egypt in darkness.”

It was in this context that the inarticulate Comical Simon, who seemed clueless like a sloth, appeared on Al Jazeera to “refute” the root cause of the problem, i.e. his own bravado that Ethiopia diverted the Nile. The background Comical Simon also chose was also as provocative as pornography. He loomed large over an artist’s impression of the so-called Renaissance Dam.

Comical Simon inarticulately and unconvincingly explained that the dam would result in “more flow of water of the Nile River to downstream riparian countries.” But he obviously failed to show his magic wand.

“We believe in Ethiopia we are doing a lot of conservation works [sic], environmental improvement works whereby we are enriching the underground water of the country [sic]. We will have more water in our streams,” says the Minister of Miscommunication cryptically in a way that even himself can hardly understand.

In Cairo, a different kind of bravado followed. A “secret” war plan was broadcast live on TV confirming to the world that the contention over the Nile is more of a comedy than an issue that calls for a serious dialogue and diplomacy. President Morsi, the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood that is in trouble for hijacking and diverting the popular revolution that toppled Hosni Mubarak, convened a secret meeting with political leaders from other parties including the opposition. But he and his advisers felt that it was an issue to exploit for a populist cause in order to divert attention from the critical internal crisis the regime is facing. But the decision to broadcast the “secret” meeting live on TV was not communicated to those convened at the palace. The politicians were unaware that the secret meeting was on live TV. Their nonsensical discussion rather exposed the lack of leadership in Cairo, as much as in Addis.

Younes Makhioun, Chairman of Al-Nour Party, focused on a conspiracy theory and concluded that Israel and the U.S. were behind the dam. He proposed that Egypt should use rebel groups and, if that fails, the security service should destroy the dam.

The founding chairman of the Ghad El-Thawra Party put forward the idea of spreading rumors that Egypt had obtained advanced aircraft refueling capability that enables her to bomb the dam. One participant was advising everyone that the meeting should be kept top secret, when it was announced a minute or so later to the room that the secret meeting was actually live on TV. Embarrassed with their own folly, the politicians had no choice but to giggle and chuckle.

The Egyptians know full well that insisting on a colonial era fraud never helps their case. When the colonial masters, British officials, were asked if they could help resolve the “dispute” they suggested that the best way forward would be to have a dialogue among the riparian states in the Nile basin. It is quite obvious that no one will be able to monopolize an international river like the Nile as long as equitable share is the only acceptable solution.

It is quite Quixotic on the part of Egyptian politicians to quote an ancient saying attributed to Herodotus now and again: “Egypt is the gift of the Nile.”

“If Egypt is ‘the gift of the Nile,’ then the Nile is God’s gift to Egypt,” President Morsi declared at a recent all-Islamic conference that was aimed at creating more illusion than helping Egyptians live in the 21st century. “We will defend each drop of Nile water with our blood if necessary,” he warned.

Rhetoric aside, Morsi knows the reality that Egypt can do little to stop Ethiopia from drinking its water and quench its perennial thirst and hunger. For most Ethiopians, the issue of the Nile is not a matter of dispute. Ethiopians have a long established consensus that the problem is to do with their moronic regimes that incite tension for little political ends while doing so little to protect our national interests. After all, this is a regime that has willfully made the country one of the biggest landlocked countries in the world.

There are two fundamental issues that remain unanswered. First of all, building a mega dam without even mobilizing enough resources is like putting all eggs in one basket. It is estimated that the dam would cost around five billion dollars. So far between 10 to 15 percent of the total cost has been collected. The regime has no idea where the remaining 85 percent of the outlay would come from.

Ethiopia needs micro-dams across the country not only for hydroelectric power generation but also irrigation to ensure food security for its hunger-stricken population. While starting from small scale projects is a wiser approach, investing all resources and subcontracting EFFORT companies along with their foreign accomplices will not bring about the construction of a mega-dam. It will only sustain TPLF’s mega-corruption industries that have made the selected few filthy rich criminals.

Secondly, and more importantly, the TPLF-led tyranny should also listen to the cries of Ethiopians across the world. It should dam racism and gross human rights abuses before Abay. Most Ethiopians are wise enough to avoid the war of the two morons in Cairo and Addis. They won’t be hoodwinked.

No diversion, please! We need freedom, more than a mega dam!


  1. Was this article written based on hate of the leaders or do you really care about what it could to our nation? P.S Ethiopians journalist need to learn how to keep apart their personal feeling and what they are actually reporting on!

  2. Hnor, Activist and Journalist Abebe Gelaw ! I read ur article! It’s was an interesting article gives us full insight about the issue and quarel b/n two tyrran leaders. Thank you!

  3. Fact is, The Ethiopias government does not care what one power hungry amara individual say or say of, the choice is belong to elected officials of Ethiopia, not some power hungry Amara.

    • ” For most Ethiopians….” ”Ethiopians have long established consensus that the problem is to do with their moronic regims bla bla bla, which Ethiopians are you talking about? The consensus among Ethiopians is that the problem were/are egypt’s covert and overt conspirecy which denied Ethiopia from accessing financial and technical resources owned by international financial institutions and governmnets which could be used by the latter for irrigation and construction of dams purpose

  4. TPLF agents, dont lie we live in information world. The dam is for hydro power to be sold to Sudan and Egypt. Guess who wanna get the hard currency, TPLF and EFFORT. The losers are Ethiopians who might fight internal and external war, the money is also lost to enrich few as the power is for foriegn country sell.


    True HEROS build bridges,railroads, hydro dams and factories to their people and working hard to uplift their people from poverty and starvation. Negative people have no vision thus they always complain and accuse good people in everything
    I am glad that negative people like Abebe Galaw is not in charge of Ethiopia.

  6. Dear Abebe,

    You are a journalist? right? why are you now becoming an engineer and telling us what size of dam we need to build? please deflate your ignorance. The dam is design by Ethiopian engineers and plus international design experts. You are insulting all the expert. you exposing your dictatorial attitude while accusing others as dictators. you are a dictator yourself. You wanted to impose your ignorance on Ethiopian? because you think you are smart? please forget the dam and focus on your journalism or quasi politics. The dam is not designed by Simon and Demeke. Do not associate everything with the people whom you hate please. Please, brother , reduce your arrogance of only my way is the only way. Please do not be an expert in everything. Please have respect for your fellow Ethiopians. You can not build a community leave alone a country by this type barraging. My brotherly advise is to focus on what you are good at. Do not jump everywhere as if you are multiplined expert unless you qualified engineer, economist, journalist or political scientists. Being successful in your field does not grant your permission or entitlemend to meddle in every expertise field. Thank you.

    • Meles the son of tigre died when conforted by Abebe Gelaw right? I do not blame you Gezee for hating Abeb?

      • I do not hate Mr. Abebe; I do not hate anyone; Hate is not in my vocabulary.

        I am just saying he should be respect professionals than trying to tell engineers what to do.

    • ato Gezaee…ofcourse abe is a journalist….he never wrote he is an any case journalists are well informed public servants they do a great research before they shoot an be reminded…regards..

  7. ABE ‘man of our generation’ exact prescription to cure most despised dictators end long standing agonies of innocent citizens. every woyane is panicking when ever your name is shouted. for woYanes educated citizens critical to the apartheid tplf regime is branded as power hungry,other people from the working class are labeled as ‘nefetegna’,EPW party members which cease to exist two decades agoor if you belong to oromo tribe they don’t hesitate to name you olf. where everyou go whether in ethiopia or abroad the mentality of these beasts are typical and barbaric which resulted from inferiority complex coupled with ignorance and jack of civilisation. tplf is not a legitimate government which is elected by the people of ethiopia rather it is a mafia group formed by some evil creatures from eritria and tigray determined to dismantle ethiopian integrity and destroy the nation. its really a cracking jock to have heard in such historical point in time when woyanes areclaiming to save guard interest of ethiopia.

  8. There are real issues. Most of you are ignorant. What happened was after AU, Kerry thanked HD for his antiwar stance after Boston attack (conspiracy attack). Now, while we do not know who was being framed, I suspect Ethiopians were going to be on the media spot light as the marathon runner was Ethiopian and there was an effort by FBI to link that to Egypt or Saudi or may be not, hmmm, may be some Ethiopians. But the events took turns as the event unfolded. Then USA announced Kerry will attend AU meeting. All of a sudden Africa became the buzz word. At any rate, that emboldened Ethiopia and put Egypt at awkward position. Soon afterwards, Ethiopia was given the green light to go ahead with the project. By the way, the Dam is engineered by USA during the Haile era and USA actually is now actively engineering it. Now, why Egypt was put down. Egypt definitely quickly denounced the Boston attack. That put America to not want escort Egypt. Because then, there will be no reason for Egypt to be relevant. The more you get involved in terror the more relevant for Usa you will be. So, Ethiopia came victorious on the scene. The biggest headache for USA was the movement that began in Addis. All of a sudden Egypt withdrew any involvement. Thus, the Dam issue became the national agenda. Connect the dots now. The world at once became against terror. Now, everyone preached peaceful change and Ethiopia became the beneficiary. Kerry soon went to Palestinians and declared peace, (which soon became impossible, for some reasons I won’t day now) but China was invited to LA and the two powers agreed to work for peace. Obama then declared Syria arming of rebels afterward. Now, with Taliban peace agreement. Then we have other peace initiatives. The mistrust seems to have gone for now. And then at UN 61 countries promised not to give ammunition to dictators and terrorist. This puts a hand cuff to any terrorist. So we know that “terror” is impossible without the knowledge of the sellers. The new paradaigm is peace. So, why Egyptians all of sudden changed the tone of peace. One is media. Egypt president also got pushed by media anger over Ethiopian action. So, Mursi got indignant for he will be viewed as weak in the eyes of his people and his revolution.


    Muslim Brotherhood did not steal election. It was the will of the USA and the West that it be given a chance to govern as people fought over the years against secularists and liberalists. Brotherhood leaded did not kill any one as such except some legitimate struggles. Over all Brotherhood is accommodating and do not make him look otherwise. He is just beginning. Being a Muslim should not scare you.

    Other than that we agree that the Dam can be built if lenders or Banks of the West want it. Remember, World Bank declined to approve the loan for fear of angering Egypt. China stepped in and also Israel but that may not be the solution at all as China weighs in the cost of angering Egypt. Plus, England will not support us because the cotton farm in Nile Egypt is for Britain. So, some morons who advocate total Damming are going to be disappointed at Britain.

    By any means, Egypt knows the Dam thing is really no use. Asking help from Africans will anger white British who depend on it. Here you go, African Unity guided by imbecile dictators like Museveni who shout just because they were asked by HD a southern kin, one of the relatives of Africans. The south of Ethiopia people are the people of African close kins as once was Mengstu Hailemarian who now resides in Zimbabwe.
    They think Africans now have a real brother in Addis Ababa palace more than the light skinned semetic Meles who is closer to Arabs more than the Africans of the rest of the continent.

    At any rate, one can tell the bias of the media by watching the interview made by the British journalist against the Ethiopian dictators. @Gezae, you are one of those intolerant people who spin war of words against Arabs of Africa to a degree no sane individual is doing. Get psycho analysis.

    • Gragn, I never ever mentioned war; you are fabricating it. You will never find Gezaee advocating war. However, if you attack me, I will double attack you because that is the fundamental law of nature. If Ethiopians owns the bleu Nile 100% and needs no permission from racist arab means war, then let it be. I do believe Egypt has no right on the blue and I do believe it has to pay for the water and we release water proportional to the amount of money they pay. This is my policy on Egypt. No deal is the best deal for Ethiopia. Ethiopia does not need anything from Egypt.

      South Africa pays for the Losethu river. South Africa never claim to share the water. They just pay the money and take the water. USA pays Canada for fresh water from the Columbia river. My policy is strict ; no free water for anyone unless they pay for it. International law ? there is no international law or international river law. If there was international law? Egypt would not have blocked 100%from getting funds to build any dam in the past 100 years. If there was international law, Egypt would not interfere in Ethiopian affaires and arm EPLF and TPLF to dismantle Ethiopia to control the Nile. The international law is you have to be powerful and say to Egypt back of from back. They are parasite to the Ethiopian people. We do not need them. There is nothing we can get from them. They have nothing to offer than give us headache. It is not Ethiopia’s fault they live in desert land. God put them there and they must drink their oil. I do not like woyane saying we sink or swim together. Woyane banda is giving more legitimacy to the savage Egyptians who tell us we can not use our water? they said we can not use a single drop of our water? negotiating with these savage is not needed. They have to pay for every cup of water. They must learn how to desalinate sea water from Israel, Japanese, both Japanese and Israelis has desalination technology. The shintam Arabs need to throw away their satin white gown and wear shorts and work bloody hard like all men and meet their water needs than crying to die for them. There is no technology of desalination now, Graphene Technology, they must use their brain for good than for preaching terrorism and fighting Israel and America and Ethiopia. Tell them they need to evolve because they are savages of the 21 century. If they were not savages they would not say what they said on live TV and they would not say Ethiopia can not use a single drop from its own water? Yes, I do not tolerate Islamic terrorism.

      • Gezae

        I saw your arthicle which was totaly lost. I don’t like Grange but you were one of those people who talk about war.

    • @Grang

      Muslim brother hood paid people to vote for them and it’s supporters attack people who were against them.this is fact. I think you need to know about Muslim brother hood unless you wand them to be like grang ahmed aginest copt’s

  9. Weyane and their dogs bars and shake whenever anbessaw abe make a move towads them ( abe anbessa ). They know he killed that coward and mean Meles Zenawi only with words.

  10. Abe donot respond to woyane cadres who are out of character that is the way they have been raised (le balege ena leba melse mesetete erasen masanese newu). we are here to deal With them you just carry on with your invaluable task. These people are nothing but Pathological lair. they don’t take any feeling of embarrassment when they are announcing double digit growth in a country of 25 percent of the population relies on safety net food assistance program. they are shameless to say our people are lifted from poverty and extensive infrastructure construction is underway;but all these development drama is to secure international loan which will be left for the generation To come. woyane is killing three generations,the last,the current and the upcoming generations. what we gain from woyane is disease,starvation,huge national debt,prostitution,domestic slavery across arabian countries,illegal and unlawful foreign investment in agricultural sector and state sponsored corruption and too many crimes to mention on the innocent people of ethiopia.

  11. My Amara brother Mr, Abebe we amaras proud of you, even though oromo,Tigre,sidamas,Eritreans do not like you and do not support you and they laugh at you,regardless we amaras love your chimpanzee style scream.

  12. What Ethiopia Need is pragmatic people, not liers.

    If lies and propaganda was to build wealth and success, people like Abebe would have made Ethiopia the wealthiest country in the world, unfortunately lies and self deceptive propaganda can not rise beyond what it is.

  13. አይ አቤ: ብድግ ብለሽ እምቧ ከረዩ ትያለሽ፦ ለማንኛውም የሆነ ችግር አለብሽ አቦ!

  14. Congratulation !

    Finally, Ethiopians blessed with government with backbone, not afraid to stand up for Ethiopians interest in the face of venture old powerful enemy. Yes, unlike the past several Amhara Dominated Governmens, this EPRDF is pro change and pro advancement and proactive.
    I am glad to see an Ethiopian government that is proactive to fight poverty and socioeconomic backwardness, attempting to capitalize in all aspects included on Ethiopias natural resources and rivers. Another 20 years from now Wrhiopia may become the shining star of Africa.

    May God Bless Ethiopia !


    Oh my God! , this Article is full of personal attack and too much negativity.
    You know negativity is contagious disease, please next time be wise and lighting up on you negativity horse.


  16. Mr. Abebe

    EPRDF is building dams,highways etc…., now it’s you turn to show us what you can do, instead of complaining like some retard.

  17. For tplf(tigre) exposing horrific crimes of their destructive conspiracies is nothing more than negativity. but our demand is far beyond that we are saying we have nothing in common with tigrianr rather they are completely the same with eriterans in many aspect. they are speaking the Same language,they are committed to destroy ethiopia, they are cynical towards ethiopians,they are the most evil people on earth who always wish the down fall ethiopia and ethiopians so please leave us alone and enjoy joint life with your blood ties eriterians. leave the abay dam issue to the right owner the people of ethiopia. it is none of tigrians bussiness. at least HERO ABEBE GELAW has got a better right to have his say. because he is grown swimming in abay and he has a lot of childhood memories with a river but tigrians are alien and stop your nonsense propaganda on nile river. give up your power that you grip with gun if not every tigray will pay the price when power slides from your grip. you know that the reaction of mistreated and abused nation would be ‘an eye for an eye’.

  18. @WEY GEZE,

    One thing I know for sure, Tigreans,Eritreans and oromos were smarter than you are, and you are right do not have no commonality with People like you.

  19. Abebe is smart witty and courageous . No one will take this away from him. It is the gift of God given talent. You as well as Demeke Mekonen will burn and burn and Abebe will keep writing educative articles about TPLF. TPLF will die with its AMARA aliesand ETHIOPIA will be free from these bastards. VIVA ABEBE

  20. Abebe,

    How do you expect to be in Ethiopias politics while your message does not appeal to ethiopias majority and when you are totally ignored by Ethiopias majority (Non Amhara Ethiopians. ? ? ?

    I know you are an Amara and trying to represent the Amhara tribe but you know Amhqra is only a tiny minority in Ethiopia, you must broaden your thinking and surroundings beyond your mono tribal thinking.

    Please Do not forget the fact “AMAHARA DOES NOT MEAN ETHIOPIA” , Ethiopia is belong all Ethiopians regardless of tribe-religion-region-gender and what have you.


  21. Even if I do not support the current Ethiopian goverment politics but I do appreciate the changes I saw in the country. We never had any better goverment, so we do not have any reference for good governance in that country. Abebe may feel as a hero by challenging Meles in public, but he himself changed into a monester. How somebody write this kind articles? it is really a shame!

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