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Dr. Negaso Gudada, Chairman of UDJ expressed his unreserved support for naming Andualem Aragie as the MAN OF THE YEAR

Unedited Full Text of his message is given below!

Saturday, September 14, 2013

Andualem Aragie and his Family

“It is with great joy and gratitude to hear that our sisters and brothers, particularly those who follow access Zehabesha and other Ethiopian Media at home and abroad have chosen Andualem as the MAN OF THE YEAR. I thank all for recognizing Andualm for his wonderful personality, for his contribution for our people and country and for his sacrifices.


I know Andualem since he came out of prison in 1998 (Eth.) particularly during the time we were involved in formulating the Political Program and the by-law of Medrek to develop it to the level of Coalition. He gave uas very fruitful ideas and worked very hard that Medrek could become a Front. He was one of the people in UDJ who wanted to see the success of Medrek and did all his best when he was one of the representatives of UDJ in the executive committee of Medrek and served as the vice chairman of the public relations committee of Medrek. He respected and smoothly worked with Profesor Beyene Petros, the chairman of the Committee. He was, and as far as I know even now, Andualem strongly argued against some negative voices in UDJ concerning Medrek.

Andualem wanted to see the merger of UDJ with AEUP and the UDJ-break away group, now Blue Party. He convinced the executive committee of UDJ to formally establish a negotiation committee which included the Late Woizero LaketchDegefu and Ato Temesgen Zewdie. He was working in this line till the time of his 2nd imprisonment.

Andualem is dedicated peaceful freedom fighter, follower of Mahtama Gandi and Martin Luther. Their teachings were his guide line in his political activity. People who think that Andualem is a terrorist or had relations with terrorists are people who are out of their mind and they themselves terrorists.

He worked day and night for the successes of UDJ in his functions as the general secretary and as chairman of UDJ public relations committee.
He loved his wife and his two children very much. The few hours he had after the long day and evening work for the UDJ he went to his family instead of going for recreation.
Dr.Negaso Gidada president of Unity for Democracy and Justice Party (UDJ),
Personally, Andualem is man of religion, genuinely following the teachings of the Holy Book and was spiritual. He was follower of Christ and his teaching i.e. “If some one slaps you on your face on the left side, give him the right side. Do  not do to others what you do not want others to do to you”. He never offended or insulted people. He could bare insults. He never retaliated insults. He was never aggressive. He did not offend people. He was ready to consul people who were in problem or grief. He gave them time. He was  open and transparent. He had extraordinary ability to hear and heed.Choosing Andualem as “The MAN OF THE YEAR” is the right decision and he deserves it. Thank you all.


Dr. Negaso Gudada,

Chairman of UDJ”

Sat, Sep 14, 2013


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