Debretsion purging top senior TPLF Terrorist commanders after Afar, Amhara defeats

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The leader of the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF) Terrorist Group, Debretsion Gebremichael, is reportedly furious on senior rebel generals who were commanding Terrorist forces in Afar and Amhara regions after earlier orders for them not to step back failed to halt ongoing advance of Ethiopian federal forces.

JUBA – The leader of the Terrorist Group Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), Debretsion Gebremichael, is reportedly furious on senior rebel generals who were commanding Terorrist forces in Afar and Amhara regions after earlier orders for them not to step back failed to halt ongoing advance of Ethiopian federal forces.

Top representatives of the insurgent group to the United States of said ongoing victories by federal forces towards the Tigray region has reportedly caused disagreements between Debretsion and senior members of the group who blamed lack of armaments to thwart the government forces’ advance.

One senior member of the group who is in the US said Debretsion had instructed rebel commanders in Afar and Amhara regions not to retreat, but the advance by the Ethiopian federal forces in recent weeks has led to a chaotic retreat with Debretsion working to replace some commanders who were in the epicenter of the fighting in the two regions.

“There was possibility that the genocidal forces of Abiy Ahmed are going to get mercenaries to Afar, Amhara and other areas in Ethiopia in order to try by all means that they drive us and the people of Tigray out and it is on this basis that Chairman Debretsion ordered the commanders in the front lines not to move back an inch,” the official who requested not to be named, said.

“But the orders by the chairman haven’t changed anything in regards to the morale of the forces on the grounds and the commanders had no choice, than ordering the forces to tactically withdrew for a time being to allow reorganization,” the official said.

Another senior member of the group in Nebraska said the announcement by Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed to move to the front lines had had impacts on the morale of eh forces saying the Prime Minister had come along with forces from outside Ethiopia and a huge armament.

“This has led to morale of the forces being slowed down because Abiy did not come alone, they come with other members of mercenaries from outside Ethiopia and this is why they entered some areas that we recently captured and which we held for several months,” the official said.

“So, the what is on the table now from the chairman is that some of the commanders are to be replaced if the movement is to make a comeback against the genocidal forces of Abiy Ahmed because they withdrew to the extent that they left heavy weapons behind,” he added.


  1. The TPLF leaders are pathological liars and that is why they blame foreign forces for their defeats in the battle field. The so called Tigrayan forces have made rapid and long incursions and overstretched themselves and have become the easy preys of the irregular forces. All the war operations of the TPLF show that they have sent their poorly trained forces to be decimated and not survive. Tigray ethnicity is so fascistic and supremacist that it even does not care about the new generation that is being killed en mass in the war fronts.

    • It is a disaster that so many young people are sacrified by the tplf leaders. Who started this war on november 4.????

  2. Yep, I saw it myself. I was watching with my long range telescope from my back porch for the last 4 days. I located Abiy in Afar and Wello regions and he was accompanied by 15,000 Filipino commandoes, 35,789 Emirate crack units, 25,645 ex green berets from Nebraska and 35 F22 Raptors Angela Merkel loaned just before she left office. I also saw him with my own eyes using nuclear bomb tipped artillery shells secretly given to him by Malaysia. My homeboy Debre just shot me an email and told me that he will hold a press briefing soon to show new POW’s that include Filipinos, Nebraskan Green Berets, Emirates and Navajo pilots. My hommie Debre was just 15 miles from the suburbs of Addis/Finfine when he shot me his email. He also included the video clip he took of his coolie Shene entertaining its master!!!! Winning!!!

  3. Good riddance, it is bluff and entertaining to see that fascist TPLF has lost in their own massive propaganda and empty bride. Poor Debre embraces now on the famous capable Jordeph Stalin phrase of “No Step back” line in utter desperation line as if he can a difference in the battlefield. Abiy egime should not let this precious opportunity untill it reaches to the Tigtain proper border. People have eought of TPLF childish antics.

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