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An Open Letter to António Guterres, Secretary-General of the United Nation and President Joe Biden


Your Excellency

Your Excellency President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris.

Regarding: Noble and practical peace talk in Pretoria, South Africa.

Dear Excellencies:

Our special thanks go to U.N., the U.S.A. government, the African Union, the Horn of Africa envoy, former Nigerian president Olusegun Obasanjo, the Kenyan and South African governments, and all U.S.A. delegates.

We, the Ethiopian people, sincerely honor and congratulate your effort to end an almost two-year bloody war caused by ethnic federalism of internal conflict civil war in Ethiopia. Also, we would like to thank all U.S. delegates involved in peace talks in Pretoria, South Africa. This peace talk is a noble achievement to find a peaceful solution for the Ethiopian people who were devastated for two years by internal conflict and bloody war that has killed thousands, displaced millions, and left hundreds of thousands of families with empty hands.

We, the Ethiopian people, understand this result came from the most incredible role-play of the U.S. effort with U.N. pressure on the Ethiopian government and TPLF rebels. Moreover, we, the people of Ethiopia, can understand America never betrayed Ethiopia and the Ethiopian people. At the same time, additionally, the American government stood for Ethiopia’s territorial integrity and for the Ethiopian people’s unity as a country to achieve democracy and the rule of law as a lasting and permanent solution for peace and harmony for the Ethiopian people to make a national dialog for democracy. Yes, that has come from the century-old Alliance and friendship of the United States of America since 1903/1904, starting from President Roosevelt and the Ethiopian King Menelik’s treaties consecutively several times up to 1973.

Nevertheless, we, the Ethiopian people, never take this opportunity of compelling Pretoria peace talk for granted silently without changing the source of the Ethiopian internal conflict and bloody civil war constitution of TPLF/OLF. The primary source or the root cause of the Ethiopian internal conflict and bloody civil war is the 1994/ 1995 fraudulent pseudo-constitution of TPLF/OLF.

We, the Ethiopian people, demand swiftly to remove the 1994/1995 fraudulent pseudo-constitution of TPLF/OLF and replace it with a new constitution the Ethiopian people discussed drafting on hand for five years. We, the Ethiopian people, are currently demanding to use the “Yes, or No Vote” national referendum on a new constitution and 1994/ 1995 fraudulent pseudo-constitution of TPLF/OLF before the next election, perhaps in 2025, under U.N. and International pressure helped as the same as Ghanain in 1992, or Kenyan people in 2010.

Furthermore, Abiy Ahmed’s government in Ethiopia is lying and working hard to sustain his primary solid tool, which is the ethnic federalism of the 1994/1995 fraudulent pseudo-constitution of TPLF/OLF to survive. However, this Nobel peace talk will become valueless because it will never bring sustainable peace solutions in Ethiopia as long as ethnic federalism exists in Ethiopia. The 1994/1995 fraudulent pseudo-constitution of TPLF/OLF was ratified by TPLF only and imposed on Ethiopian people by force in 1995, which remained in Ethiopia for 32 years as a source of conflict and genocide.

Moreover, we, the Ethiopian people, intensely demanded the U.N., the U.S.A. government, the African Union, the E.U., and all International communities pressure on the Ethiopian government to set free the Ethiopian people from ethnic federalism imposed by TPLF on the Ethiopian people in 1995 by force.

Therefore, the Ethiopian Survival and Salvation Association (ESSA) cooperates with hundreds of Ethiopian civic organizations, civil societies, women’s associations, and youth associations to hold dialog and advocacy campaigns to make their national referendum for a new constitution before the next election, perhaps in 2025.


We’re looking forward to your prompt reply supporting our democratic effort in Ethiopia.


Sincerely yours

The Ethiopian survival and salvation Association (ESSA) Committee.

Mekonnen Doyamo Ph. D. candidate.

Chairperson of Ethiopian survival and salvation Association.

Contact: 612-702-2899


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  1. This letter will be dead on arrival just for this crude language. In one paragraph it has this sentence.
    ‘Furthermore, Abiy Ahmed’s government in Ethiopia is lying and working hard…’ It could have been put in a much better way, in our legendary dignified and cultured way. You just can’t communicate with Western and UN officials with letters written using street language. This use of discourteous language has become the mode of communication by opposition groups since 1960’s. It is an imported good wrongly consumed.

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