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Amnesty alleges Tigray Terrorist fighters raped, beat women in Ethiopian conflict

Amnesty says Tigray Terrorist fighters raped, robbed and assaulted women in northern Ethiopia’s Amhara region. Photo: AP

Tigray fighters raped, robbed and assaulted women after they captured a town in northern Ethiopia’s Amhara region in August, investigators with Amnesty International have found.

Sixteen women from Nifas Mewcha told Amnesty they were raped by fighters from the Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a group that has been at war with the central government for the past year.



All sides in the conflict have been accused of committing atrocities.

The UN said last week the violations – including torture, mass killings, gang rapes and using starvation as a weapon of war – could amount to war crimes.

Amnesty’s report, released on Wednesday, recounted the experiences of 16 women who said they were raped by TPLF forces after the fighters entered Amhara, which borders the Tigray region, in August.

Fourteen of the 16 interviewed by Amnesty said they were gang raped.

“It is not easy to tell you what they did to me. They raped me. Three of them raped me while my children were crying. My elder son is 10 and the other is 9 years, they were crying when [the TPLF fighters] raped me,” Gebeyanesh, a 30-year-old food seller, told Amnesty.

“[The fighters] did whatever they wanted and left … They slapped me [and] kicked me. They were cocking their guns as if they are going to shoot me.”

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72 drivers who work for the World Food Programme in Ethiopia have been arrested by the government. The UN is also pushing for the release of 16 Ethiopian staff – who are also detained.

In same cases, the TPLF fighters told their victims they were being punished for the rapes committed by federal forces against women in Tigray.

The TPLF and government forces have been fighting since November 2020, a conflict that has cost thousands of lives and led to a dire humanitarian situation in areas of northern Ethiopian.


1 thought on “Amnesty alleges Tigray Terrorist fighters raped, beat women in Ethiopian conflict”

  1. Osbos really timid and to late reaction. Western agencies are not that dumb to realize that TPLF uses rapes and similar methods as weapon in the adversary. It has been doing it from its inception and in broad light in its 27 years of ruling. Countless of individuals who suffer in silence of all type of sexual violence both woman and men are testament to it
    Not sure if people forgot that. Also there is intention by TPLF on freeing tens of thousands of common criminals when it was forced to leave Mekele ayear ago. s well there are crerinle reports that TPLF was dressing it’s assault groups with Ethiopian and Eritrean soldiers uniforms to abide its own people to aliniate them. Alla of this and it’s truth will some day come to light and western reality twisters will wake up form their sleep in bed with criminal TPLF. Nothing withstands time and the ultimate truth.

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