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Amhara Genocide in Haro Addis Alem (Oromia, Ethiopia)

October 12, 2021

The Amara massacre.
Neither the Federal nor the Oromiya Regional governments couldn’t protect the Amara people. Rather they are trying to cover up the massacre. For the past 3 years, thousands of Amaras are killed and displaced from Wellega, but no body tried to stop it.
Abenezer B. Yisihak

Amhara Genocide in Haro Addis Alem (Oromia, Ethiopia)


  1. Well, it is the right thing to at least morally express our deepest sorrow to those innocent citizens who have been and continued to be victims of a political system of ethnic identity and hatred that had been lead by TPLF for a long period of time and now by ODP/ Oromuma with a much more ugly and cruel manner ! However , to keep going with this cry and decry way of doing things without any effective way of bringing about a true democratic system does not make sense by itself ! Yes, blaming one faction of the same criminal political system but praising the other faction in Arat Kiko Palace is not simply wrong but a very stupid political way of thinking !

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