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Abiy’s Official Declaration of War: Unleashing an Open Season of Attacks on Amharas Across Ethiopia

August 3, 2023

By Yimer Ali

The Amhara region endured significant suffering during the years of TPLF rule, which was followed by a two-year-long war. Schools, hospitals, and essential infrastructure were ravaged. The region was in the process of healing when another conflict was ignited by the Abiy administration. This marks a sad chapter in its history. Over the past five years, the Amhara community has endured unparalleled atrocities, mass displacements, and extensive looting within the regions of Oromia.

The unfolding conflict seems inescapable, propelled by a multitude of underlying catalysts. Abiy’s firm undertaking to surrender the territories of Wolkayet and Raya to the TPLF is widely acknowledged, illuminating the foreseen opposition from the Amharas who are hesitant to relinquish their lands. Thus, the imminent possibility of conflict. The Abiy administration is proactively seeking a chance to instigate unrest, potentially exploiting this turmoil as a justification for intervening in the Amhara region Today, the regional government presented that opportunity to Abiy.

Another significant concern arises in the context of the military, where individuals of Oromo heritage have become unwitting victims of distorted narratives spread by the Abiy administration, the Oromia regional government, and the OLF’s anti-Amhara propaganda. Driven by a quest for retribution, this faction has already carried out acts of violence and brutality against Amharas across different areas within Oromia. This gives rise to an alarming scenario where an open season of aggression is declared against Amharas within their own region, characterized by a vicious onslaught of war crimes.

The Abiy administration seems to operate in a reactive manner, shifting from one conflict to another without a discernible strategic direction. Two years ago, after 27 years of TPLF rule, Wolkayet and Raya were rightfully returned to their rightful owners, with Abiy personally affirming these areas as belonging to the Amharas. However, within a span of two years, he has aligned with the TPLF against the Amharas, exploiting inter-community divisions in a bid to maintain his grip on power.. This lack of consistent policy and clear objectives has resulted in the country being torn apart by war. Abiy’s lack of foresight, objectivity, and integrity has paved the way for the continuation of conflict and widespread human suffering.

There are indications from Tigrayan media that the Abiy administration may seek assistance from the TDF to remove Amaras from Wolkayt and Raya. The ongoing state of affairs in Ethiopia bewilders many, presenting a perpetual cycle of disorder and brutality.

Recent events reveal alliances forming among splinter groups of the Oromo and Tigray Orthodox churches, which have now extended into a military coalition. These relationships have been evolving over the course of approximately a year, involving activists, politicians, and governmental entities.

Here is my two cent advice to my people Amahras. To mitigate further harm, Amhara activists and political leaders are advised to refrain from making provocative statements that incite other ethnic groups against Amharas. It is prudent to withhold rhetoric that lacks constructive outcomes and instead opt for pragmatic actions. The broader Amhara community should distance themselves from emotionally charged activists driven by self-interest, seeking momentary gratification and fleeting popularity. The majority of Amharas should redirect their efforts toward endeavors that can bring about lasting positive change.

The Amhara diaspora community holds a profound moral obligation to leverage modern technologies and any available means of communication to raise awareness. It is imperative to shift the focus away from engaging in unproductive activities, such as TikTok and internal social media disputes within the community. This is a critical juncture that demands a concerted effort to disseminate information globally in a thoughtful, purposeful manner.

The time has come for the diaspora to serve as a catalyst for change by shedding light on these grave injustices. By presenting their message coherently, substantiated by facts, and free from internal discord, the diaspora can effectively amplify the voice of the Amharas and mobilize global support to address these pressing issues.


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  1. My phone rings.
    It’s me Ittu.
    Yes, I know you. Af-Mishar.
    Good. I am so exited about what I have accomplished on July 21, 2023.
    What did you do and where?
    At the Ethiopian Diaspora Peace Conference we have drafted and adapted a strict guideline for Ethiopia. You can say it was all my idea. As I told you and the US State Department since I came here as a teenager(17 yr old 42 tears ago) I am the only one who has the right foreign policy for the Horn of Africa. So I was the only one who was speaking sense at the conference. The most important pressing item I included in the guideline is the issue of demarcating boundaries.
    What about boundaries?
    Boundaries must be demarcated using existing historical and legal documents.
    What about historical and legal documents?
    Well, as you perfectly know the historical boundary of my Somalia extends from the Indian Ocean and ends at the Awash River. That is both historical and legal. Since all Oromos in general and your Itu clans in particular were renamed Somali Abos by my late uncle there shouldn’t be any problem. It was one of my happiest days. What is now called Western Hararghe has the space and capacity to resettle close to 2 million Somalis who are the original inhabitants anyway. I was so excited that I ran to the top of the San Gabriel Mountains in less 30 minutes the next day.
    So what was the reaction of those Oromo participants at the conference?
    They nodded their heads in approval. I wish someone tells those two Oromos to speak clearly. They were incoherent and nobody understood what they were talking about. I had to clarify for them.
    Dream on Af-Mishar.

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