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Abiy Ahmed Ali Must be handcuffed and brought to International Court

August 22, 2023

August 20, 2023
Tesfaye Yigzaw

Fano is a backbone of freedom. Abiy touched the most untouchable, and he will be regretful. Abiy Ahmed Ali is the most dangerous man not only to Ethiopia, but a whole Africa and in particular to the Horn. With only less than five years on power, he waged the most perilous conflict in the northern country that led to a million people death. Yet, hidden from a public and the international media, millions innocent Amhara, unarmed children and elders were mascaraed by his covert forces, called Oromo Liberian Front (OLF – Sheene).This vicious group has been kidnaping, and raping civilians. This group is demanding ransoms by abducting civilians and using road blocks, and taken away passengers, rarely set free though their demand have been met. I believe the ransom money paid is to finance Abiy’s and Shemels Abidsa’s clandestine scheme.

Abiy’s second scheme is employing the country’s army as his own personal servants to wage war against civilians.

Abiy Ahmed Ali has very shrewd personality: his mental instability is one of the factors, he wishes admiration, none except him is expert of every sectors, whether it is health, agriculture, economics, engineering, etc. this psychopathic behaviors are common among known dictators.

Abiy Ahmed Ali surreptitiously made conflicts among religious leaders; within Orthodox, Moslems, and Orthodox against Moslems and then he steps in as a peace maker.

Abiy Ahmed Ali spoke of his mother’s dream that he would be a king. There might be a connection with his ambitions. Retrospectively, in early 1900s, his majesty Emperor Haile Selassie employed a modern air force to bomb the Gojjam farmers, the farmers neither demanded political change nor economic freedom but their demand was leniency on tax hikes. Unarmed farmers were massacred indiscreetly. Gradually, in every part of the country, the student movement reverberated the pain, and later the army overthrew the king. The army led the country into another disaster. Now, Abiy Ahmed Ali came with a dream his mother saw to be a king, but not detailed the bloodshed and the pain he inflicted.

Instead of answering peacefully their demand, Abiy Ahmed Ali like his predecessor employed Air force, drones and mechanized army to bomb the Amhara civilians assuming he would quell the uprising. Which is miscalculation and misunderstanding of the Amhara society of deep heroism that runs in their vein. Fascist dictator Benito Mussolini employed modern aircraft to throw bombs and poison gas, but all that did not stop the Amhara to defend its freedom.

There is no doubt of his Amharic proficiency; Abiy Ahmed Ali and his deputes using his own words; “jil, jilanjil, and jilanfo”, are Shemeles Abdissa, Adanch Abeb and many others responsible for the imprisonment and massacres of Amhara in Addis Ababa and Oromo region. Abiy appointed to his cabinet and officials the most criminals like Shiferaw Shigute and many others that slaughtered many Amhara.


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  1. The so-called Interational Community, euphemism for the Western capitalist conglomerates, will only award their lackey, Abiy Ahmed, for doing a stellar job of destroying the age-old defiant nation of Ethiopia. Already, he had been given a nice advance paycheck (downpayment) for the dirty job of transferring the country’s key economic sectors and displacing millions of its citizens.
    Abiy Ahmed will slip on the blood and tears of the poor Ethiopian farmers and city dwellers that he made homeless and will face justice on the Ethiopian streets.

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