40 Ambassadors and Diplomats visit Mekelle

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State Minister H.E. Ambassador Redwan Hussien and 40 resident Ambassadors and diplomats in Addis Ababa have paid a visit to Mekelle city today (March 10).
Upon arrival at Alula Aba Nega Airport, they were warmly welcomed by H.E. Dr. Mulu Nega, Chief Executive of the Interim Administration of Tigray.
Dr. Mulu Nega, and colleagues briefed the Ambassadors about current situations in Tigray, particularly on the rehabilitation and rebuilding efforts as well as security issues in the region.
In this regard, challenges and results achieved in rebuilding damaged infrastructures, reopening public service institutions, rehabilitating IDPs, and delivering humanitarian supports were discussed in detail.
Aid agencies and the international community are requested to provide all the necessary humanitarian support using the unfettered access granted to them by the federal government.
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ethiopia
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  1. I counted 40 people in total on the picture above including the Ethiopian diplomats, so it would be better if the news release reported how many foreign Ambassadors were there and how many foreign diplomats were there and how many Ethiopian Ambassadors were there and how many Ethiopian diplomats were there, if possible with a complete list of their names so we can hold press interviews with them.

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