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Are the ‘Golden people’ represented by Cheap Metal of the ‘Mafia group’?

December 7, 2011

by Teshome Debalke

The desperate Woyane regime continued to dig its grave by coming up with all kinds of drama to divert its unprecedented human right violations and corruptions. The more its true color reviled the more it become deadly and the more it comes up with more drama.

The various Media showing the true nature of the ‘elected representative’ of the people of Tigray and the ruling regime and its gruesome act on the people of Tigray and the rest of Ethiopia. The expose is sending shivers in the spine of the regime’s leaders and cadres. With Genocide charges looming over their head and massive embezzlement of the public resource under their belt, the rogue group figured out the only way out of their predicaments is to come up with all kinds of fiction to divert the attention of the world.

The new revelation about the true color of Woyane and its executioners that spilled countless bloods of the people of Tigray before marching in the heartland of Ethiopia is another blow to the rogue regime. According Ato Mekonen Zelelew, ex-TPLF fighter interview on Ethiopian Satellite Television Network (ESAT) exposed yet, more of the same ruthless group that would not surrender until they waste more lives and resources of the people of Ethiopia.

The genocidal TPLF regime did not start its atrocity and robbery recently. It has an experience stretching from its very beginnings up-to-date, according to the ex combatants. What we failed to understand is Woyane’s genocide act began in Tigray way before it came south in the heartland of Ethiopia.

What remained out of the many innocent combatants that were slaughtered cold blood are the worst of the worst of Woyane’s leaders led by Melse Zenawi. Unlike many combatants that are mortified associating with the crime of TPLF’s ‘Mafia Group’ there remain the worst of the last batch to do what they do now.

Ato Zelelew revelation further showed how the ‘Mafia group’ systematically eliminated innocent Ethiopians as they continue to do so with the same method and intensity. What we learn from his detail and candid interview is the worst of anti Ethiopia and corrupt TPLF leaders emerged by the process of illuminating of those that were duped to fight for a good cause.

For those that knew the inner working of the rogue group it is not new how many innocent lives were lost by the Mafia group but, thanks to ESAT the larger communities of Ethiopians are beginning to learn about the atrocious and corrupt rogue group since their hay days. No wonder Woyane is scrambling to shut-off any alternative Media and chasing independent journalists with vengeance.

What still remained puzzling is the failure of many TPLF’s core leaders that left the front but refusal to come clean with the people of Ethiopia to save lives as Ato Zelelew and a handful patriots are trying to do. From the beginning Ato Gebermedehen Araya, another exTPLF member and a few others dissected the true nature of the genocidal and corrupt TPLF group that is ruling Ethiopia now. The man that showed the highest honor of patriotism by telling the truth about TPLF and its crime against Ethiopians should be a lesson for one and all.

In contrast, the silence of many former TPLF leaders on the terror Woyane inflected on the people in Tigray during their insurgency and later on the rest of Ethiopia is betrayal the second time around. They should be ashamed of themselves for not stepping out of their hiding to tell the truth. As the Mafia group, they are diverting the people’s attention instead of taking responsibility of saving the people and the nation.

Many gullible Ethiopians remain ignorant about the true nature of TPLF and continue to be misused by the genocidal regime to waste more innocent lives and resources of the people.

Lately, the new stooges of TPLF that are used to carry-out the next mission of the rogue group are none Tigrians bribed by positions of power on a short leash and corrupted by financial incentive. These shameless stooges are willing to be used as the tool of ‘Mafia group’ against their own people and nation. Whatever reasons they may have to do what they do they should be exposed to the world to make them responsible when a legitimate government comes.

What is important for every Ethiopian at this moment in time is not to take part in the crime of Woyane against the people and continue to document the crimes of the leaders, operatives, associates and supporters for the Day-of-Judgment. Also, Ethiopians must support independent Media like ESAT not only financially but, telling what they know about the rogue regime and associates’ atrocity and corruption.

The crime of the regime and associates must not be left unpunished. Ethiopians must set-aside their difference and fear of the rogue regime’s propaganda and come together to save the people and country from the ‘Mafia group’.

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