29 Ethiopian commando soldiers defect to Eritrea

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Ethiopian commando forces defect to Eritrea and vow to unseat Ethiopian regime
Ethiopian commando forces defect to Eritrea and vow to unseat Ethiopian regime

A total of 29 Ethiopian commando forces, who were trained in Blaten Special Force Institute, have defected to neighboring Eritrea.
The soldiers vowed they will liberate Ethiopia from what they say is an oppressive and ruthless dictatorship, according to their communiqué released on Saturday.
Ethiopia is no stranger to high profile military defections. in 2005, eight Ethiopian air force pilots, who were training in Israel, defected and claimed asylum at an Eritrean embassy in Israel.
Similarly, In 2006, over 300 Ethiopian troops, including Brigadier General Kemal Gelchu, who along with his trusted colonels, defected to Eritrea.

Source: Durame News

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  1. omg,our poor soliders who were abused by idot tigray soliders,God be with u ,be strong and make ethiopia free from the tigray appartide!!!!!!

  2. the woyane ‘tegadalay’ are now the ‘generals. colonels, major generals …’ , the rest of the ethiopians in the army feel they are discriminated and abused.

    defection to eritrea on its own does not achieve anything. these soldiers should join genuine oppostion forces fighting against the ethno-fasisct woyane junta to liberate the country and to achieve the goals of being free from abuse and discrimination.

  3. TPLF: you lead our country/people in wrong direction. Now to overthrough this undemocratic regime my country will pay the price. blood after blood coming by blood and going by blood. the smart demon play his dirty game. please please people is not enough those thousand years lose and distruction? why not like Martin Luther King Jr. and other people loving patriot bring everlasting freedom?. The blacks made the nicest history no one now take their freedom. why not the oppestions stand together hand to hand non violance way thousands of us march on the street? why not we talk discuss first. people not adapt dangerous wild animals, like hyna, tiger and lions why not listen the fear of TPLf? who bring peace by killing who stop injustice by Gun and force? No one it will grow anywhere by it’s own time it was morning now dark and it was dark the morning come again. may God forgive us. cursed demon because of you.

  4. wow they went to Eritrea, what a shame. They must be Amhara or Oromo because they don’t have any commitment for Ethiopia.

    • ethio2020 Peope like u without ounce of brain are oblighed to say that Amhara and Oromo are not commted for ethiopia. By the way how much money Weyane paying ur mother.u must have some kind of benfts from them

  5. if that true thaye are doing good job we are with them shame for agame regem dawn with weyane we shal win!!!

  6. ethio2020 (Agame dreamer)
    It seems that your belly cactus full let you change your name to Ethio after starting eating kitfo and the woyanne thief masters give you some coins to wash your kimal full hair but that does not help you to wasn your koshasha woyanne brain
    so stay tune your days are very numbered to go back to dedebit .

  7. alaha keber the days are coming very soon woyane and its members are ready to go back to dedebit alaha keber

  8. Sorry for this miss informed solders who fled from bad to worst. This is like suiside.
    They are ignorant who can not learn from the past history
    I am sorry for Ethiopians who fled to Arab countries and primitive Eritrea

  9. ethio2020 and alem የዘረኝነት በሽታ ስለጎዳችሁ ወደሃኪም ሔዳችሁ ተመርመሩ

  10. Ante ahiya bekele which country are worst? the country who known by starvation ?
    ands us you said primitiv ask your muster ahiyoch who have been in Eritrea kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  11. Ere…this is a funny news….no matter how they are treated, I don’t think they would escape to Artera….no Ethiopian would do that….knowing how Arterans (lool…it’s funny to say Ar-terawoch) treat Ethiopians and anything Ethiopian, I think this news was made up by some Ar-terawoch loool…yimechachu use it…weradoch…..asedabiwoch….likiskisoch…..loool

  12. Ethiopians ar defecting to Eritrea?Is Eritrea Europe or USA,whre u defected to & talk non sense???u dont have nothing useful 4 ppl.

  13. if you knew each other that much close like defecting as the same time, you could have done a lot more damage to weyane military leaders,or the so called generals you could have at least killed 5 or 6 and make a lot of distructions.now the place where you are it is not better than where you were in weyanes military camp. what a waste,sorry to say it but it is a waste.

  14. when u go to your neighbor country it means that u want to oppose the regime and join the opposition front.be minded all of u please

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