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“ሌባ… ሌባ… ሌባ…!” What did the Ethiopian regime do to deserve such humiliation?

by Teshome Debalke

Clash of civilization between TPLF/Woyane and the people of Ethiopia is reaching the tipping point. It seems Ethiopians in large number figured out the ruling Ethiopian regime and its partners in crime are common ሌቦች (thieves) disguised as a government. Surprisingly, the regime or its corrupt cadres never denied stealing with impunity. They only try to justify it as a good thing for ‘growth and transformation’. Therefore, their determination to funnel public money through TPLF clandestine businesses earned them the label they rightly deserve. And, their audacity to skirt it as something else isn’t helping to prove otherwise.

Take for instance the sorry Woyane Foreign Minster, Dr. Tedros Adhanom that came up with absurd excuse; portraying the opposition as anti development. Speaking softly to sound an innocent bystander in a staged interview, the poor Woyane said ‘we may have political disagreement but why someone would oppose development of their country?’ Like a broken record; repeating what TPLF cadres’ spew over-and-over again for decades. Fortunately, this is the best the Minster can come up with to convince Ethiopians Woyane’s highway robbery is a good thing. Whoever trained him in public relation to make fool of himself should refund his money. But, how is it a trained PhD comes out in public to tell us, not to give money for TPLF’s thieves is anti development and still qualifies as a Foreign Minster of Ethiopia is a million dollar question he must answer, not on ETV but ESAT? Quite frankly, I don’t understand why Woyane stooges are scared to their pants to come on ESAT and answer the hard questions.

Incidentally, the indictment of Woyane and its partners in crime didn’t come out of the blues. It is based on 22 years overwhelming evidence that showed Woyane and associates’ rampant and organized theft that would make a typical extortion of an organize mob ‘a child play’.

The fact the ruling regime acts as a government; making and enforcing the rules and a merchant; selling, buying and financing as owner of businesses and civic organization; funneling humanitarian assistance through its businesses and non-for-profit tarnish its image beyond repair and earn it a label of ሌባ (thief). This behavior didn’t come just because Woyane wanted to steal for the sake of stealing to enrich itself like many depots do but, to finance its bigger mission of the establishment of the Apartheid system with stolen money and cash-in for itself and cronies at the same time.

In the real world, an average tyrant doesn’t own a business or involve in trade and financing its own business with the people’s money. The most he does is bring a partner to steal and stash his share in offshore account. In many cases, wise relatives setup a business and advance kickbacks to the tyrant and his family. Individual government official also accept bribes or extortion money from one or another businesses to fatten their pocket. But, Woyane put itself in position for grand theft of historical proportion. When a ruling regime owns every conceivable business and eliminate others based on ethnicity and village politics it surly declared war on the people of Ethiopia. When it collects foreign aid and distributes it for its cronies and uses it as a tool of ethnic cleansing it commit the heinous crime against humanity on the people of Ethiopia.

Woyane goes further; claiming it is stealing for the benefit of the people of Tgray, and called its grand theft ‘Endowment Fund for Rehabilitation of Tigray (EFFORT). According to the grand thief and the former Chairman of EFFORT, the wealth TPLF stole from the people of Ethiopia is the largest in the whole country but refuse to revile the figure for the obvious reason. To make matter worst, Azeb Mesfin, the present Chairwomen/owner and the wife of the late Prime Minster and TPLF’s ringleader, known as a Queen of Corruption declared her husband is so poor he lives on few hundred dollar salary with no bank account in his name. She has gone where no Woyane thief has ever gone before; covering up the crime of the century. She may be right about him not having bank account; why need it when you own the bank?

Looking at the so called Woyane intellectuals lying with straight face in public on behalf of Woyane is even worst. Like airheads, they act dumb and dumber talking about growth and development knowing the regime and its stooges they cheer are common thieves that need to go jail. Honestly, they should turn in their diploma and start fresh for being an embracement to their profession, families and whoever they represent.

In the real world, an honest business has no qualm reviling to the public it’s earning and how it came about. Only thieves wouldn’t revile what they stole like Woyane is playing hide-and-seek stealing billions of dollars from Ethiopians. Therefore, 22 years of TPLF thievery remain a secret from the public and the people of Tigray that suppose to be the shareholders of the robbery. Under this background is where Woyane wants more public money to build The Grand Dam [scum] by selling ‘government’ (TPLF) bond. It is like asking people to give money for the Mafia to prevent crime and catch thieves; it won’t happen. The most expected out of a Mafia is to hire more hit men to do more extortion.

Modern tyrants are becoming savvy and blunt enough to use public relation techniques to change the act of daylight thievery as acceptable behavior to cover up their crimes and appease their international apologist from nagging them not to steal. As long as they don’t haul the cash in suitcases and run with it to Swiss Bank or mass kill in broad light the international community seems to accept it as normal behavior for little dictators like the late Melse running around doing their bidding. In fact, they praise and wine and dine them for doing a good job throwing pennies on the dollar for the ‘poor’.

Therefore, laundering stolen money through front companies and organization became the new Millennium Development Theft as long as it included words like growth and transformation, development, investment, infrastructure building, financing grand dam… and the rest.

Woyane and it small time cadres also understood the power of modern Media to cover up their tracks. In the name of a make believe development and ethnic federalism they manage to organize their own Media; pushing falsehood at a speed of light to cover up Woyan’s robbery and atrocities. Therefore, the average Woyane Media and its mindless badmouth journalist also earn the repetition of ውሸታም (liars). Like father like son the entire Woyane establishment turned out to be rotten apple with no redemption value. Like selling damage good or tarnished brand Woyane badmouth Medias ended up pleading with or threatening people to take their Millennium bond propaganda seriously instead of investigating the corrupt diplomats and cadres ripping-off Ethiopians in Diaspora.

The recent demonstration in Norway and through out the world against Woyane rule and extortion; dispaching its officials to sell TPLF (‘government’) bond in the name of building the Grand Dam tuned out to be a disaster. The regime clueless ethnic officials accompanied by TPLF cadres want to get their hands on Ethiopian’s money and ended up running for life when Ethiopians call them ‘ሌባ…ሌባ…ሌባ…’ and chased them out of town. Why go through all the humiliation on something proven to be fraud?

In all honesty, the poor Woyane’s ethnic Diplomats have no idea what they are getting in except taking order form their TPLF kingpins for the perk provided. When Ethiopian Satellite Television reported this week the Ministry of Foreign Affair led by the new Minster Tedros Adhanom announced more perk for its ethnic Diplomats not to run away from Woyane wasn’t a surprise. We should feel sorry for hapless sellouts to choose between Woyane over their own people bribed to serve ethnic tyranny. The offer includes cars, houses and lifetime pension as if they have a life worth pension. By the way, that is what they call sharing the loot for good behavior of serving Woyane.

The sorry Diplomats should know better when used to do the dirty bidding of TPLF to divide the Diaspora in the name of raising fund for the Grand Scum. Deep inside they know it isn’t going to be built and the little fund collected from mostly TPLF’s cadres posed as regular Joe is to entice others to come so that they disfranchise Ethiopians.

For some unknown reason the village boys think they are smart enough to outsmart everyone. The whole scum like many before it is to instigate conflict and division among the Diaspora not to come together and bring down TPLF from robbing the people in the name of development.

የሌባ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያደርቅ?

To its credit, Woyane with the help of its clandestine elites pulled the biggest heist in history of Africa, if not the world; robbing, not a bank, an industry or a sector but a whole nation. Not only that, the gang of Adwa, Tigray mange to make 90 million people watch each other while they pulled the biggest heist and came out with a straight face to blame the same people they rob in daylight. If you think about it, the scum is brilliant work for thieves many thought couldn’t change a light bulb properly. You got to get most of the credit for the Woyane’s stooges in Diaspora too. If they didn’t cover up not only the robbery of the nation but defrauding Western donors they would have ended up in jail where they belong for a long time. Let’s face it, they are professional thieves.

My people, if you are familiar with some of the biggest heist in the history of the world Woyane’s come on the top. After all, there is no record of a thief stealing a whole nation, and claiming it is an elected government by the people and still walk free. Woyane not only steals but sells what it stole in broad daylight. Though, receiving stolen items is a crime by itself in nations governed by rule of law, in Ethiopia, where Woyane is the law, many Ethiopians knowingly participates in the robbery of their people by calling themselves ‘investors’. What kind of investor invests where the regime itself is an investor unless s/he is a partner with the regime?

The gullible international community are also victims of Woyane; systematically cleaning their pocket with the help of well positioned cadres in Diaspora.

Disorganized, divided and distracted, Ethiopians are watching Woyane clean our pocketbook dry and sell our country for the highest bidder while the Merchants of Death are laughing at us on the way to the bank (their own bank) because we aren’t organized to catch a dog let alone Woyane’s thieves. It is indeed a tragedy of historical proportion.

If you ask me, ‘ሌባ…ሌባ…ሌባ…’ is the right label for Woyane and its dedicated cadres. The question for us is how we became spectators when the thieves posed as government robe us blind and do noting about it?

Before I go there, it is important to put the loud mouth TPLF thieves in their place from making too much noise of noting to distract us from doing what needs to be done; catching thieves. Their empty propaganda repeated over-and-over again from top to the bottom is becoming irritant and background noise. As our people say, ‘የጎርጊስን ግብር የበላ ያስለፈልፈዋል’ they keep on crying as if we don’t know how they conspired to rip-off the people of Ethiopia. They are simply running their mouth for nothing like ‘ፈስ ያለበት ዝላይ አይችልም or የሌባ ደረቅ መልሶ ልብ ያድርቅ or ሌባ ለአመሉ ቅቤ ይልሳል…, we just have to wonder; how a rational person associates with the elaborate daylight robbery of Woyane and thinks s/he can fool the public unless s/he is complete dim-witted or a thief of the century?

When a famous bank robber was asked by a reporter after he was captured why he robes banks? He, amused by the stupidity of the question said, that is where the money is.

The question is where is the money Woyane and its entourage robbing?

The phrase “Just follow the money trail”, that essentially means if you want to look for the motivation behind an action, look to see who stood to profits. Therefore, in a poor country like Ethiopia it isn’t difficult to find out where the money trail leads. Surprisingly, all the robbery leads right on the Woyane foot step.

Ethiopians in all walks of life must join the struggle without hesitation and organize…to dismantle the organized extortion of TPLF and catch the thieves wherever they may be. Freedom and democracy demands thieves and the corrupt shouldn’t roam the street free but in jail. The challenge is how to put the criminals in jail and the innocent free.

It isn’t enough to write and talk behind close doors about it. We must form organizations or help the existing organization in many ways than one to catch thieves.

Ethiopians will be free from thieves; it is a question of when not why. As to Woyane stooges running with their pants down, you can run but you can’t hide.

This article is dedicated for the innocent Ethiopians in the dungeons of Woyane waiting for our action to be free. Our apathy is costing lives and resources of our people. The more we wait the more the loss.

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