Zehabesha Daily Ethiopian News September 20, 2018

Read Aloud:   Pictures: Andinet (UDJ) demonstration in Dessie (Millions of voices for freedom)

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  1. Hi Yo’all!!!

    Have you seen the latest total on the Gofundme/Burayo? It had 250,000 for breakfast and just took 300,000 as a snack before lunch. The meanest badgers of harmony with big hearts for those who were done wrong are let loose on the despicable bigots. I see left hook and lethal Sunday punch landing right on the kisser, man!!! We have been telling all the bigots of the world not to even think about messing with us. They have now 399,999 is the new goal but I emphatically say that is not high enough. A 1,000,000 sounds music to me!!!

    I am reading now that the regime there has rounded up those who were exposed by the people of the area to have committed the crime. I shed no tears for them. But now you watch some loud mouths moving their jaws with ‘foul’!!! You just watch!!! Ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

    Yo’all Anti bigots mean badgers!!!! Let’s go!!! Our sisters and mothers were violated!!!! Our brothers, sons and brothers were butchered in the most savage ways we find it very hard to comprehend! Let’s assume our daughters were, mildly put, violated by bigoted eyal-al-souqs!!! Think about that!! Your only home is torched to the ground by racist vagabonds just because you are suddenly ‘not theirs’!!! But you are not like them. You are the true products of those glorious and harmonious people on this good earth. You are most cultured a human can be. By this generosity you have decisively triumphed over sworn bigots!!! You are hearing this from this unapologetic, stubborn as mule, beyond-repair Afro-Ethio-Centric nut. Let’s take it to a 500,000 soon on the way to a 1,000,000. Let’s go!!!!

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