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Yohannes Abraham (TPLF) parents or connected to terrorist organization was named by Biden as the Chief of Staff

I WANTED THE WORLD TO KNOW THAT the main reason why most Ethiopian even Eritrean brothers & sisters voted Republican is Joe Biden is almost 80 years old men and his National security advisors are
Yohannes Abraham
Yohannes Abraham News
  1. Yohannes Abraham (TPLF) parents or connected to this terrorist organization was named by President Biden as the Chief of Staff and Executive Secretary of the White House National Security Council.
  2. SUSAN RICE Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs of the United States work with (TPLF) and play a big role supporting this group of Terrorist. These two run the PRESIDENTS JOE BIDENS WHITE HOUSE.
They try to blocked 120  million people of USAID and other Help from the USA and the world so they can Benneffit there own Friends the( TPLF)the terrorist group.
Joe Biden is directly responsible for Ethiopian civil war and trying to starve more than 120millions between Ethiopia  and Eritrea  .
TPLF is An eastern African terrorist group is supporting by SUSAN RICE AND YOHANNES ABREHAM IN BIDENS White House and it’s a shame.Ethiopia & Eritrea will prevail .Ethiopia is always united as one.TPLF IS A TERRORIST ORGANIZATION .
Bruke Abebe

13 thoughts on “Yohannes Abraham (TPLF) parents or connected to terrorist organization was named by Biden as the Chief of Staff”

  1. Whatever we blame or condemn thus or that external power or factor, it did not , it does not and it will not make any Real sense of making a difference until we get out of our very stupid and self-damaging way of doing politics by getting our own serious home-works Dione !!! The rest like the above very long, redundant, monotonous, and god fir nothing essay is just not only nonsensical but just kind of garbage !!!

    1. “until we get out of our very stupid and self-damaging way of doing politics by getting our own serious home-work done!!!” Way to go TG!

      1. We Ethiopians we don’t need no TIGRE rebels they are very bad people they are killers, MURDERERS . Specially tederos ADHANOM is a TRADER ,LAIR and theft . Thank you

  2. Correction: Susan Rice is domestic policy adviser in the Biden administration.
    However, she probably has influence over US policy in the Horn of Africa because of her past experience as assistant secretary of African Affairs during the Clinton administration and National Security Advisor during the Obama years both during the heydays of Meles Zenawi and the TPLF racial hegemony.

  3. Abebe: Even if Biden has a role in our present situation, what I advise you is to have the balls, go to Ethiopia and fight against woyanes. Complaing does not help much. Everything will be determined by what will happen on the war front.

  4. One of the ways Tplf influenced international politics to favor it was through lavishing useful allies with gifts (read: bribes/kickbacks). Gifts were mainly precious metals (gold, diamond, etc) to foreign embassy workers, to diplomats, to politicians, Senators, lobbyists, to world leaders (such was the case with Saudis gifts for Trump family). And then cash gifts to struggling journalists. Cash also to Tigrayan “scholars” for producing “scholarly” articles.

    Sebhat Nega, Berhane Gebrekristos, and Meles Zenawi’s wife were spearheading it. Embassies in the US and Europe were used as conduits. Someone somewhere knows what has happened. I think they should speak up.

    1. PERFECT COMMENTARY in just eight lines
      It covers it ALL — not only in Ethiopia but through out of our DEAR BLACK AFRICA .
      And if it is any consolation, the same thing goes through out the Wold.
      The difference is that our Black Africans are still honest savages, and not tactful, in the Art of Bribery of the 21st Century. We are still God’s Honest, Naive, Creatures — Unbelievable as it may sound.

      Dear Africans:
      If you are interested to change to our original Africa, start education all over again, after gaining deep hurtful experience from nasty world. Definitely the Western Education system of supplying doctor of philosophy degree, 9 X 11 Inch paper, didn’t amount to any thing >>> as proved by practical experience. Needless to add, you are FREE to deny it and go down to your grave happily ever after. THE END

  5. It is good to expose people who are running US foreign policy for their own personal gain, attachment or agenda instead of serving the people of United States.
    Tigre terrorist group TPLF is always TPLF and never adhere to any ethical manner in any form or shape except running its own greedy and selfish agenda at the expense of others. Before and after TPLF’s terroristic rule TPLF has been squandering Ethiopia’s looted money bribing foreign officials and putting its people in positions.

  6. This is one of the never ending weaknesses among us. This well read young man is being demonized because of his parents and he is of a Tigrayan heritage. It is bordering on wholesale presupposition and has all the hallmarks of prejudice. For me it the same hateful characterization of Amharas as ‘fascists’ and Oromos as ‘extremists’. This is not right.

  7. Dear writer even though it is too late you got the responsible person in white house, Susan Rice, Tedros Adhanom and Yohanes Abrham are the responsible people for all these messes. God will punish them for their wrong doings. Lets wait and see.

  8. Ato BrukeAbebe, You’ve done a sloppy job by miss-identify Ms. Rice’s position in the Biden Administration and Johnny Abraham’s ethnic back ground! I worked with Johnny Abraham during Obama’s presidential campaign. Johnny was director of Operation in Iowa during primary and the general election. After Obama won the presidency, he was assistant to White House Director of the Office of Public Engagement.
    Jonny’s parent are not from Tigray ! His father, Abraham Jotee is from Wolegaa– is heir to the Wollega Royal Family his mother is from the north ( I believe she Eritrean)
    Let us do due diligence prior to name calling people without a fact !

    1. Dharraa did he tell you or saw the document? I don’t think he will tell you he is tegrea nevertheless your word is against the writer word your fact can not be verifiable. I think Alem knows him.

      1. Please trust what I told you. His father Abraham Jottee, is a friend of mine, we belonged to the Oromo Student’s Union in North America during our University days. Abraham met his wife when they were University students… I knew she was from the North, but could not tell you weather she is from Tigrary or Eritrea. They had two kids Jittuu and Johnny. Abraham Jottee is the heir to Wollega Royal family. that is what I tell you for certainty.

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