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US unveils its military pact with TPLF terrorists to save them from Eritrea and Ethiopia

by Piyush Gupta

Puppet organisations became the talk of the town when US started to use these organisations as proxies for various purposes. But now after the failure of its proxy in Ethiopia, USA has itself overtly come out in the Horn of Africa region in order to maintain its hegemony. Read further to know how.

Regardless of the apparent loss of its proxy, the US continues to employ sanctions as a way to have the final say in the ongoing war between Ethiopia and the TPLF.

The Tigray People’s Liberation Front (TPLF), a US-backed group that brutally ruled Ethiopia from 1991 to 2018, appears to be on the verge of defeat after a two-year battle. On October 30, 2022, Ethiopian and Eritrean forces were in charge of the majority of the important cities in Ethiopia’s Tigray Region. It’s unclear as to whether the Ethiopian forces are inside Mek’ele, the capital of the Tigrayan Region, or have surrounded it.

The West, especially the US, has supported the TPLF politically, diplomatically, and narratively throughout the war, and now they are fumbling. António Guterres, the UN secretary general, as well as Western politicians and NGOs, continue to urge for a “cessation of hostilities,” which appears to be a demand that Ethiopia and Eritrea cease all hostilities before winning.

The aggressive and strident propaganda onslaught against Ethiopia and Eritrea escalate daily. Elizabeth Shackelford, a former US diplomat, wrote in the Chicago Tribune. Since Tuesday, October 25, 2022, peace negotiations have started in Pretoria, South Africa, and according to Reuters, the TPLF delegation has arrived on a US military plane along with Mike Hammer, the US special envoy to the Horn of Africa. This overt show of accompanying along further clears the air about who is the master of TPLF.

Sanction measures over Ethiopia


At the anti-west rally held on Saturday in Addis Ababa, placards with “We Oppose HR 6600 and S 3199 Bills” written had been raised high. These bills are some sanctions which have been hovering over Ethiopia and Eritrea’s heads for almost a year. Ann Garrison spoke to individuals in IDP camps in Ethiopia’s Amhara Region earlier this year, who were aware that the US was threatening them with these sanctions.

The House bill is HR 6600, and the Senate bill is S 3199. Senator Robert Menendez of New Jersey modified S 3199 to make it even more dangerous than when he first presented it in November 2021. These military and economic support of the West especially America to TPLF rightly suggests what we’ve reported in the past as being true, that is “TPLF is a proxy of the US”.

After the overt support of the US in the peace talks and through sanctions now TPLF is stronger than ever on the narrative front but not on ground. The surrounding of the capital of the Tigray region by the Ethiopian troops has proved that TPLF is now suffering from an existential crisis and US has now gone all out after Ethiopia and Eritrea for saving its stooge in the Horn of Africa.

America is using its full force in the Horn of Africa because it realises that it will end with nothing in its hands if there is no Tigray region under TPLF’s control where the US can land its military aircrafts.

It will end with nothing but a proxy government of the region of Tigray people which will exist only on the papers of UN and not on ground and this will set a precedent as to how to kick out the ill Western influence from one’s country.

5 thoughts on “US unveils its military pact with TPLF terrorists to save them from Eritrea and Ethiopia”

  1. A story tals by ancient Egyptian and later by Socrates and Platon about a nation Atlantis betong the pollars of Hericules that Actuelly is Gibraltar. Nearly all merchants went to Atlantis to do their business. But the people of Atlantis became ARROGANT.
    The merchants and others started to avoid. And Atlantis went down. I Danderyd if it is a PROFECY.

  2. with its extreme nationalism and brutal expansionist policy, TPLF is obviously a mini nazi organisation. it has run a proxy war on behalf of Europeans and Americans in Somalia. it has colonised and runsacked Ethiopia for 27 years because the organisation was founded denouncing Ethiopianism.
    Africa should consider to get rid of these rats for once and for all.

  3. The interference of the US in the horn and Ethiopia would only exacerbate the crisis and damage its long term interests.
    Besides, it will lead to increasing anti-US sentiments in Ethiopia and threaten the very survival of the TPLF as a political force. The interference will only result in prolonging the conflict and more losses of lives and destruction in Tigary.

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