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Over 50,000 Flee Conflict in Northern Ethiopia: UN Ocha

April 24, 2024
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Immediate Assistance Needed: Aid for Victims of Abiy Ahmed’s Authoritarian Military Decre

fascist Abiy Ahmed

Over 50,000 individuals have been displaced following a direct order from the Fascist Abiy Ahmed. According to local authorities, the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Ocha) reported on Monday that the number of individuals forced to flee due to armed conflicts in the northern regions of Ethiopia has surpassed 50,000 since April 13th.

According to a situation report released on Monday by UN Ocha, the majority of the displaced individuals, primarily women, children, and the elderly, are currently seeking shelter in the towns of Kobo and Sekota in the Amhara region. The humanitarian situation is extremely grave, as thousands of women and children require extensive humanitarian assistance in order to survive. Efforts have been initiated by the government and humanitarian organizations to offer food and healthcare services, although the available resources are insufficient to meet the overwhelming demand.

Armed confrontations took place in Alamata town in Northern Ethiopia on April 13 and 14. An unspecified amount of casualties were documented, with numerous civilians reportedly seeking refuge in neighboring Kobo and Sekota, as stated in a prior report by UN Ocha.



  1. How did this happen? How in the dickens 50,000 or more civilians are forced to flee their homes when we are being told that the rebel group in Amhara region is full control of the countryside? Were we also told that TPLF was rendered impotent that could not even be able to defend itself? Such raid that caused the displacement of more than 50,000 civilians could not be carried with just a handful of AK47 carrying rag tags. Now this leads to think that there can be another assault on the ENDF that may force some of them to seek refuge in Eritrea but I don’t think our Eritrean brothers and sisters will have the initiative to whet their appetite to do 2020 Part Deux in coming to the aid of the ENDF. They will treat the wounded but not anything else like they did in 2020. Nobody thanked them for that anyway.
    So where was this rebel group in Amhara region when this took place? What’s up doc?

  2. Regardless of the perspective one might hold, it’s clear that Fano chose not to participate in the mess created by TPLF and Abiy. The government had deployed well-compensated militiamen and ENDF commands in the Amhara region, repeatedly asserting to the public that their approach was the only solution to Amhara’s existential threat.

    However, both the government and TPLF are now disregarding the Pretoria agreement, which they signed without including any legitimate representatives from Amhara. In response to the question of Fano’s whereabouts during this time, Fano was indeed present, welcoming those who wished to switch sides and mobilizing the public.

    This, I think, is a critical moment when the world will witness the unraveling of the so-called Pretoria deal, which appears to have been a conspiracy against the Amhara. Fano chose not to engage in combat, thereby avoiding blame, and instead opted to observe as the conspiracy could no longer be maintained and began to reveal itself to the public and international entities.

    Why would Fano want to be implicated in a poorly conceived conspiracy plot, when it can achieve more by not engaging?

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