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PM Abiy confirms the shooting dead of Girma

Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed confirmed the shooting to death of Girma Yeshitila, head of the Amhara region Prosperity Party this afternoon.
The PM said that Girma was a victim of those who could not overcome differences of thoughts with their thoughts and that they “have stolen the soul of our brother.”
Prime Minister Abiy Ahmed expressed his grief over the death of Girma.
In a statement posted on his social media pages, the Prime Minister also said that Girma’s killing came at a time when resolving differences in a civilized manner is a culture.
He blamed the perpetrators as those who espoused “ultimate extremism” to try to persuade everyone who disagrees with them “with a gun” and have committed this “shameful and horrible act.”
Addid Dtandard

15 thoughts on “PM Abiy confirms the shooting dead of Girma”

  1. My family’s condolences go out to the loved ones of the victim of this savage act. Once again I call upon all the level heads to respond to the call of history and rein in those who worship violence. That country has more than enough experience to learn from its history since 1974 that violence begets nothing but more deadly and destructive violence. This victim may be a loving husband and father. Now his children are suddenly orphans and his wife a widow. All I can do is be there at their side spiritually to provide comfort and wipe their tears. Such barbaric act whether it is perpetrated on an Oromo, Amhara, Tigre or any other should not be condoned but must be condemned in the strongest terms. May he rest in eternal peace!!!

    1. Ittu Aba Farda, It is most likely organized and executed by your friend, the criminal phony prime minister, Abiy Ahmed, to use it as pretext to attack the Amhara region and kill more people. A pretext for genocide, that is Abiy Ahmed’s criminal mind at work. It is high time for ICC to issue arrest for the criminal Abiy Ahmed.

      Abiy Ahmed said in his phony pr release after the killing said he was killed by those who couldn’t fight ideas. Wow! What ideas, Abiy Ahmed’s ideas are arresting journalists, and orchestrating the killing of thousands poor Amhara people and others. That is Abiy Ahmed’s ideas!

      So, Ittu, get that old brain of yours going, and think about these things.

      1. You can call me anything you want because you have been given the space and opportunity to do that. It is not because of the freedom of expression but just having the leeway to do that on someone you don’t personally know. If you may, please allow me to ask you for patience and wait for what will come out about this savage act by whoever did it. Have a nice day.

      2. You Mekonen.

        You don’t know what you are talking about. You are one of those trolls who are going around these days attacking everyone they just hate. What is wrong with what Ittu was saying. I am from the area of Menz where Ato Girma was assassinated. I was born and grew up there around Sela Dingay until my teenage years. We always lived in peace and neighborliness with everyone around us. We have been intermarried with the surrounding Oromos for hundreds of years. If you don’t know, Emperor Haile Selassie’s great grandfather was all an Oromo. When Emperor Menelik was besieged as an infant by that murderer Tewodros, where do you think he sought refuge? The Oromos protected him for months until his caretakers decided to surrender him to the bloodthirsty Tewodros. You are just ignorant of our history. You should rather shut your mouth and try to learn our true history from elders like Ittu and Tesfa.

        1. Ato Tadesse,

          Well, well you are saying I don’t know what I am talking about, that is a bit delusional.

          Who did you see me attacking? Are you speaking of Abiy Ahmed and his blind defenders like Ittu and now yourself?

          It is because you both have earned it, defending the indefensible and worst, the criminal Abiy Ahmed regime, a regime killing and displacing its own people, day in and day out, killing the poor the defenseless, that is why, in short.

          As to the killing: the phony, cultural field marshal, Abiy Ahmed’s gofer, came out and gave you detail of what is going to happen, foretelling the killing of Yeshitella. Go and watch the video.

          And then Abiy Ahmed came out and assigned responsibility for the killing and including why and where they came from and so on.

          Details which he could only know if he was the one who orchestrated the killing, as he is most likely is.

          The funniest reason Abiy Ahmed gave for the killing was that he was killed because the killers cannot fight ideas with ideas, some such.

          Wow! Abiy Ahmed should get a Noble Prize for being the STUPIDEST Psychopath in the world!

          A man who is the worst jailer of journalists in the world speaks of the war of ideas.

          Stupido, stop imprisoning those who deal with ideas, Journalists, you idiot, then you might have some credibility!

          Anyway, you are going on tangent to give us a history lesson or some nonsense!

          Our problem is with Abiy Ahmed, the corrupt criminals tribalists including OPDO, ODP, killing Ethiopians, not with Oromos at large,

          Get the difference in your head!

        2. Ittu Aba Farda

          Obbo Tadesse,

          You should be commended for trying to talk sense to those who should listen. But don’t waste your time with this one. Just look at the very rude language he is using against you. That is a street language being used by those who grew up unattended. That is not our value. That is how those eyal-alsouqs talk. Just ignore him. He’s lost his ways and abandoned his form to ideals inclement to the peace and stability for the people we left behind. We have better things to do urging and pushing for harmonious living.

          1. Tadesse Astatke

            Dear Ittu,

            I got your message. I have already decided not to respond to this rude fellow. He is one of those with body of 21st century but with the mind of 1850’s and 60’s. His problem is he does not have and will never get another boy born to a ‘koso shiatch’ socialite to lead him. You know what that ‘yekoso shiatch’ lij/son did to my Menze, Minjare and Shewan Oromos did at one of his lootings in the 1860’s. My ancestors applied a very successful guerilla warfare on his looter and he was lost on how to subdue everyone. He then reverted to what he was known most for. He chopped the hands of every Shewan farmer in his sight. He then went to your Oromos in Yejju and killed every male he came across. Now his descendants have erected a statue for that murderous beast in Gondar. All this atrocities are still being told in enduring folklores in my place of birth Menz and certain areas in Wello. That ‘yekoso shiatch’ lij lived in violence and met his final fate in the most violent ways in 1868. He was a sworn and extremely violent psychopath.

          2. Tadesse Astatke

            Dear Ittu,

            Pardon me for some spelling and grammatical errors in my comment I sent to you. My blood boils up when I think about what that psychopath did to my ancestors in the 1860’s.

  2. Abiy Ahmed: Motive, Means and Opportunity?

    Why? How? When? As key questions to ask to find out who the murderer is, the three questions have been referred to as Motive, Means and Opportunity.
    If Abiy Ahmed is the suspect, we then look if his murder would satisfy the three queries.
    Abiy’s motive, given his current focus to disarm the Amhara would be to use the assassination as a pretext to declare a State of Emergency on the Amhara Region and escalate his war on the Amhara.
    Already, Abiy has a 200 thousand strong army amassed in and around the Amhara Region waiting for his orders. Thousands of special operatives and intelligence personnel have long been reported to have swarmed the Amhara Region. The Amhara forces have so far denied Abiy a pretext to declare a full-scale war on them. So he has the motive to create a believable pretext to upscale his campaign to disarm the Amhara.
    Abiy has the means – from machine guns to drones – to open fire and destroy the entire Girma Yeshitila entourage without leaving any evidence behind. The Amhara region, specially, Shewa has been overrun by OPDO military and intelligence forces including the OPDO-led Mekelakeya.
    Abiy Ahmed has also ample opportunity to commit this crime as Grima Yeshitila was guarded by Abiy’s own Republican Guard (in addition to elite Oromiya Special Forces).
    To these questions we can also add the background history of the suspect.
    In the five-years of his tenure as PM, Abiy has been implicated in several murders:
    1. Amhara Region President Ambachew Mekonnen
    2. Amhara Region Security Head General Asaminew Tsige
    3. Amhara Region Attorney General Migbaru Kebede
    4. GERD chief engineer Simegnew Bekele
    5. Army Chief of Staff General Seare Mekonnen
    6. Artist Hachalu Hundessa
    In one way or another, the above people were seen by Abiy as obstacles to power consolidation. Had Hachalu been alive, Abiy’s dance and cocktail party with the TPLF would have faced a very stiff opposition: the artist had explicitly condemned such political prostitution.
    What are similarities between the murders mentioned above and the murder of Grima Yeshitila with respect to Abiy’s manners?
    In all cases, Abiy was the accuser, the witness and the judge moments after the murders took place.
    He comes out and points who the murderer is, what his motive is and what sentence he deserves. Abiy does this without wasting any time and care for an independent investigation and due process to reveal the truth and exact justice.
    What are similarities between the murders mentioned above and the murder of Grima Yeshitila with respect to OPDO’s characteristic plots?
    OPDO is known to have copied and mastered TPLF’s infamous Hawzenite Strategy. What is the Hawzenite Strategy? This is a sinister strategy that had been first patented by TPLF in the Ethiopian context. The strategy involves attacking your own camp and setting it up to look like the enemy carried out the attack so you can take advantage of the resultant anger, frustration and call for retaliation. The maneuver got its name from the infamous Hawzen Massacre staged by TPLF to rally central and southern Tigrayan people to its cause. The strategy has been used by TPLF several times since.
    As a copy-cat organization hatched and incubated by TPLF, OPDO has used the Hawzenite Strategy very effectively. In fact, given the frequency the organization uses it, we could say that OPDO has become addicted to this ploy. The Errecha Massacre is known as an OPDO Hawzenite plot that was used against the very inventor of the strategy itself.
    Thus, an assassination of Girma Yeshitila by Abiy Ahmed or the OPDO would nicely fit with this Hawzenite strategy of committing a crime and benefiting from it.

  3. It is hard to know who is behind the killing. You can conspire and contemplate as much as you wish, the fact is up until now we do not know who is behind the attack. However, there are a number of scenarios we can look at: Since the dismantlement of the Amhara forces which includes Fano, there have been an up tick in lawlessness in the so called Amhara region. A number of reports we received from eyewitness accounts attest to the fact of daytime robbery, killings and settling scores of past misdeeds to some unexpecting families are happening day and night. In short, the killers of this individual and his guards could well be Armed Amhara groups. Blind hatred and uncontrolled anger with fabricated accusations will lead these people to kill their own without any remorse. For these morons, I say killing does not solve problems. If it is done in the name of Amhara, you are not helping your cause. You are evil and must be found and hanged!
    Second, the other group that can carry such killings is the ethnically drunk Oromo splinter group from the prosperity party. These people have their own agenda and they are led by an underground group. Their plan is simple. To set fire on the country and to gather the ashes later to show to the whole world, the Ethiopian nation is no more and we would like to be recognized as the state of Oromia. That is their goal and they will go extra miles to achieve it. Of course, these are some assumptions laced with a bit of facts we observe on the ground in the current situation of Ethiopian politics. By no means I am sharing these ideas from fact based accounts. They are my own observations only. The idea that, the killing was done by the order of the PM is driven by emotion and without facts. I am not a defender of the PM and his yes men. It simply does not make any sense for the PM to order the killing of such a man who is serving the party with all his might.
    Ethiopian politics is the politics of killing each other in turns. Today we are saying our goodbyes to Mr. Girma. Who will be next? Does any one tell us? I guess not. The idea of settling differences by eliminating an individual is never worth it. It creates more animosities and retribution that will continue with no sign of abating. For fools, killing, displacement, arrest and harassment may seem a way to solve differences or to farther their cause. Such form of thinking is worthless and needs to be purged from any person who thinks settling things with a barrel of the gun is fruitful. Stop the killings of anyone in the country. It does not serve any purpose. Woe to those who fail to heed to ample counsel and continue with their distractive path. Take a lesson form Syria, Yemen, Sudan etc… wake up and rethink your actions. Stop the apartheid system in Ethiopia and let people live and work as they wish.

    1. Tesfa,
      You were saying: “It simply does not make any sense for the PM to order the killing of such a man who is serving the party with all his might.”

      He would serve him even more, now he is dead! Abiy Ahmed would use him to as a pretext to unleash genocide on the Amhara.

      Abiy Ahmed needed an excuse, the dead man was well placed, he used him, so ask, Tesfa, Cui bono? The response is clear.

      Moreover, he has done it before, this is his modus operandi, well established, reflect on that.

        1. Ato Tesfa,

          With all due respect, I disagree. We must not be silent, while Abiy Ahmed is going to commit wholesale slaughter Amhara people. NO, not at all!

          We have responsibility to be voice for the voiceless. We must expose the schemes of Abiy Ahmed and his extremists, he is running the country for the sake of Oromo elites and the US who is clearly standing for the TPLF, to bring them in power either in part of the country, an independent Tigray, or the whole of the country.

          The killing of Girma Yeshitla is a convenient means to bring about these things.

          Girma after being blind slave to the Oromo PP for a long time, he started making a bit of noise against them recently.

          By killing him, they silence someone who was in the process of turning against them.

          They also use the killing to attack Amharas – Fanos and ASF, falsely blaming them for the killing.

          We should all expose these things, we must not be silent, while Abiy Ahmed is slaughtering innocents.

  4. Ittu Aba Farda

    Those of you who incite and urge gullible individuals in the old country to get involved in violent form of struggle from your comfy homes here among the Diaspora, you must be ashamed of yourselves. I want to remind you that there are laws in the books of the countries you have sought refuge or assumed permanent residence or citizenships that prohibit you from acts of violence on friendly nations. USA and Ethiopia are on friendly terms and are not definitely on war footing. There is a law what is called the Neutrality Act that prohibits its residents/citizens from waging war/violence on its friendly nations. Just be aware of that. USA has been a dear friend of Amharas, Oromos, Somalis, Tigres, Afars, Sidamas and every other ethnic group of the old country. Except for Mengistu the leaders of the old country have been in good terms with USA. The two peoples had stood up to murderous commie despots and died together in Korea. They are still airtight partners in the war against global terrorism. Don’t forget about this fact etched in blood and sweat. I am telling this to those who are actively involved to send that country into another abyss of violence and destruction by financing and organizing such illegal activity. I am not talking about those who oppose the current regime there based on ideological differences. They can criticize its policies and laws. That is their inalienable rights. But to call for and get into acts of organizing violence to do harms to others is considered a crime in the laws of all democratic countries. Keep that in mind. Let’s all band together and toil for peace and stability in a spirit of brotherly/sisterly love.

  5. What a love fest! I have got a strong feeling Tadesse and Ittu are one and the same people.

    Just What more evidence would anyone need to understand and accept the criminality of Abiy Ahmed? It is beyond me. He goes out incites against those who are different, other ethnic groups, specifically, Amhara explicitly?

    What do you make of the killing of hundreds of thousands, the displacements of millions, with the arrests of journalists, and anyone who disagree with them, and all the chaos, misery in the country has been through in the last five years, how could anyone still stand with Abiy Ahmed?

    Clearly, the only ones who stand with Abiy Ahmed are extremists and tribalists, who applaud and cheer his, Abiy Ahmed’s criminality, the killing of poor people, the poor Amharas.

    He has lighted yet more fire, this time it would burn him down, the sooner the better!

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