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OLF calls on Oromos to “defend” themselves against ethnic Amhara civilians

DECEMBER 6, 2022

Protests erupt across Oromia after latest violence in East Wollega

Civilians who are displaced from Kiremu and Gida Ayana districts in East Wollega. Photo: Gida Ayana Communication affairs office

Addis Abeba – Protests erupted in many towns and cities, including schools and university compounds, in different places across Oromia following the weekend violence in East Wollega zone of Oromia regional state, in western Ethiopia.

The attacks on 25 and 29 of November in Kiremu and Gida Ayana districts of East Wollega Zone, which authorities of the local government and fleeing residents .

Dozens of civilians, including Damtew Kefyalew Gemeda, Kiremu District Court judge, were killed and more than 350, 000 people of the entire Kiremu district were displaced in the two days attacks on 25 and 29.

Over the weekend, several contested accounts of intensified clashes involving federal government and regional security forces on the one hand and armed groups of the Oromo Liberation Army (OLA) on the other were reported with unknown numbers of civilian causalities and mass displacement.

The extent of the causalities from the weekend violence, the exact nature of the violence and who it involved is hard to come by as regional state governments of both Oromia  regions, as well as the federal government remained silent about the reported violence.

But the killings caused outrage as activists and netizens from the Oromo and Amhara national groups took to social media to express their frustrations. On Monday, students in several high schools and universities located in towns and cities across the Oromia region held protests chanting messages denouncing the repeated attacks on civilians in Wollega zone………………..



3 thoughts on “OLF calls on Oromos to “defend” themselves against ethnic Amhara civilians”

  1. Bring fano extremists to justice

    Following the gruesome massacre committed by OLF – OLA,

    Stop killing innocent civilians of all ethnic background.

    Bring all actors of mass killings in Oromia to justice. Rip all those victims!!!

    1. Fano out of Oromia

      you are editting our comments to make it fit your lies and propaganda .
      this fanatic fano website
      Following the gruesome massacre committed by FANO,Amhara is at risk and masss displacement.

      Amhara elites and fanos causing chaos to amhara

      Stop killing innocent civilians of all ethnic background.

      Bring all actors of mass killings in Oromia to justice. Rip all those victims!!!

  2. That country is trying to prove itself to be a land of ‘eternal’ flame. Now peace has finally arrived in the Northern part of the nation but its violence prone miscreant children are itching to start another fire in areas at the center. It has produced children that have refused to grow straight up turning into bigots and monsters. In their sick and twisted mind an Oromo is their sworn enemy no matter what. In their cursed outlook an Amhara is always their unrepentant historic adversary. It was ‘neftegna’ before and now it is ‘Oromummaa’. These two mean death sentence over your head over there and it has proven to be true. Innocent citizens have been chopped up and their Allah meticulously created bodies were shown being thrown into a raging fire and their skulls put on display on spikes. I had said this right after the demise of EPRDF in 2018 and when things seem to be looking up after that. I had said it was it, the last pit stop at a cross road with one leading to The Promised Land where the rights of the individual are protected by the law of the land with no one allowed to be above it and the 2nd leading to irreversible abyss. All credit to its loose lipped and bigoted children it may descend into the 2nd route unless we clean our act altogether.

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