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In support of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump

by Getahune Bekele

In support of #Donald #Trump for President!!!!!

How top #Barack #Obama “girls” made themselves consummate allies of head -chopping and liver-eating African tyrants.

GOP Presidential Candidates Debate In Milwaukee

#Susan #Rice coddling one of the 21st century’s merciless killers, the late Ethiopian ruler Meles Zenawi. Was she offered up by Mr Obama to tame the demonic despot?

If not why did she break “protocol” to get so cosy with a man millions detest to touch with bargepole? Since the rumours of her dating the balding terror prodigy surfaced in 2005, did the state department investigate the damaging allegation?

Getting skittish whenever the name of the dead tyrant popped up in the middle of conversations, Rice was further exposed in 2012 when she represented Mr Obama at Zenawi’s funeral in Addis Ababa.

Tears streaming from her eyes and with her speech incoherent, addressing the mourners, Susan Rice described Meles Zenawi as an excellent husband and an amazing father. A controversial statement considered dirty and even sacrilegious.

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Furthermore, Susan Rice wailed lauder than the tyrant’s wife during the lowering of the casket, causing more embarrassment to the US government and the state department.

The lame duck president Barack Obama’s accomplice, the Hilarious #Hillary #Clinton is familiar with this story. That was how the president and the would be president ruled America. Dirty.

Now, it is the duty of Donald Trump to sweep clean the administration with new broom.

How i wish Susan Rice attends the debate, sitting next to #Monica #Lewinsky.

Donald Trump-2016.

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