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Hiber Radio Special News October 26, 2017

Hiber Radio Special News October 26, 2017

Read Aloud:   The Case of the Sidama People’s Referendum for Regional Statehood in Ethiopia: The Need for Speedy Proceeding!

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  1. The sugar factory in the southern regional state near the OMO river is 110% owned by the criminal, mafia and terrorist TPLF. It was build by displacing, impoverishing, starving and killing thousands of OMO river valley people. So, it is 100% illegal. As such it must be burned to ashes ASAP. The vast majority of the sugar is transported to addis abeba and is sold at a very high price for outrageous profit. Cites and towns between the sugar factory and addis abeba are deprived of sugar since they are poor to afford the outrageous price the TPLF mafias charge. Therefore, all vehicles that transport sugar and ANY TPLP/EPRDF owned products from the factory to addis abeba must be stopped and the sugar/PRODUCT unloaded and distributed among the OROMO and Southern states and region people. If the vehicle drivers refuse the whole vehicle with the sugar/PRODUCT should be burned to ashes ASAP. ANYTHING LESS IS UNACCEPTABLE.

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